ESPN radio host Mike Greenberg in Jets helmet on air



I love sports radio. Unfortunately, sports radio loves the New York Jets.

Most every talk show host on ESPN700 Radio is a Jets fan, it seems. Starting with Mike Greenberg of “Mike and Mike in the Morning” 4am-8am, to Spencer Checketts of the “Bill and Spence Show” 2pm-6pm, to Jason Smith of “All Night with Jason Smith” 11pm-2am.

With the Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan predicting a Super Bowl victory this season, the New York Jets have been the subject of almost every NFL conversation all season long.

Now that the Jets are actually winning playoff games as the underdog, these hosts are having the time of their life. Jets this, Jets that. Mark Sanchez this, Darrelle Revis that. I am beyond over the Jets.

Sports radio hosts had a heyday with all the trash talk before the Patriots game last week. They could focus on nothing else. True, the things that were said would have been front page news no matter what team had said it, but the fact that it was the Jets made the news that much more popular.


Rex Ryan speaks out at a press conference

When the Jets beat the Patriots…”2nd best day of my life after the birth of my daughter.” – Jason Smith. And that was one of the milder comments.

Now, with the upcoming AFC title game against the Steelers, forget about listening to a half hour of radio without mention of the Jets.

Don’t get me wrong. The Jets are an outstanding team. Hands down, Rex Ryan is one of the best coaches in the league right now. The Jets defense is air-tight, and really is the reason for their success thus far. Because I’m more than ready for the biased views and giddy reactions to Jets’ victories to end, I find myself cheering against the Jets in spite of the radio hosts. I shudder to think what the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl will be like should the Jets represent the AFC in the big game.

I quietly keep asking myself, “Are the Jets out yet?” And sports radio repeatedly confirms “No…no they are not.”


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