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College football is drawing to a close. With just the BCS National Championship left (of the games we care about) it’s time for another edition of 5 things to remember and forget.

5 Things to Remember:

1. Cam Newton is not out of the woods.

If you’ll all remember the Reggie Bush saga, there were accusations and speculations regarding whether or not Bush had accepted payment for his abilities while still at USC. It wasn’t until 5 years later, long after Bush had been in the NFL, that the investigations were concluded and the sanctions laid down.

If I were the NCAA, I would have done the same thing regarding Newton with the amount of evidence present at the time. Remember, it’s much better to hold off on punishment until all skeletons are uncovered than to discipline in anticipation of finding said skeletons.

Believe me, Cam’s case is being prepared and thorough investigations are in order, even if the NCAA hasn’t gone public with each step of the process. Besides, the NCAA is benefitting greatly from Newton playing just as they did Bush. Just saying.

2. The landscape of college football changes drastically next season with the expansion of conferences.

Nebraska to the Big 10, Utah and CU to the PAC-10, TCU to the Big East, and BYU moving independent. The moves alone would be big enough, but now throw in 2 new conference championship games, the Big 12 losing their championship game, and you have a huge shake-up.

The Mountain West Conference, in essence, has become the WAC but with better lower tier teams than the WAC had. Boise State Community College will remain a BCS buster while Utah and TCU vie for an automatic bid (TCU more than likely will be conference champ favorite off the bat).

3. The SEC will remain the most elite conference.

I know, I know, the SEC gets more respect than it deserves before the season even starts, but let’s just take a quick glance at the conference rundown. The SEC has won the national championship the last 4 years in a row and has a contender in Auburn in the game this year.

The 7th ranked team in the conference was Florida. The 7th best teams in the other “elite” conferences are as follows; Big 12 – Kansas State, ACC – North Carolina, Big 10 – Michigan, Big East – Cincinnati, PAC-10 – Arizona. The best part is that only 2 teams in the SEC were not bowl eligible by season’s end. Impressive to say the least.

4. USC still isn’t post season eligible.

The reason I mention this is that Utah will be a member the PAC-12 South Division, made up of USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and CU. Of these teams, the only one I’m concerned about is possibly Arizona, because Utah plays them at Arizona. Since USC will be ineligible for postseason play, Utah gets the conference championship slot even with second place in the division under USC.

5. Remember Boise State and Notre Dame will be the only teams likely to be BCS busters next year.

Although Boise State got a rude awakening as to how far 1 loss will drop you when you play in the WAC, having to play in the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl while other one loss teams received BCS invites, they will certainly remain a force in their new home, the Mountain West Conference.

Brian Kelly finally started getting things clicking for Notre Dame, as they destroyed Miami in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX. Freshman QB Tommy Rees had a great game and will be returning next season to Kelly’s offense. Should be interesting to see what he can do next season.

5 Things to Forget:

1. Forget about the WAC.

Even though they found a few teams to fill holes, they’re pulling no-names. University of Texas San Antonio, Texas State University, and Denver University will replace Boise State, Nevada, Fresno State, and Hawaii…totally balances out.

Hard to believe that the WAC used to be home to Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, TCU, and BYU at one time or another the last 35 years.

2. Stanford can forget about the success they’ve seen the last few years.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is likely headed to the NFL, and starting QB Andrew Luck is surely headed to the NFL as well. Likely destinations for Harbaugh include the Denver Broncos, working under Stanford alum John Elway, the 49ers in nearby San Francisco, or even the Miami Dolphins.

Luck will be the #1 overall pick in the 2011 draft in all likelihood. Sorry Stanford.

3. Forget about the SEC national championship streak.

Oregon plays at a pace Auburn hasn’t seen yet. Sure, Auburn will get theirs, but as I’ve said all season, Oregon might not be the most completely balanced team (like TCU) but they are the nations most unbeatable team. Their offense is outstanding and they don’t slow down. Even if Auburn can keep it close through 3 quarters, they won’t for 4.

4. BYU can forget about long-term independence.

The minute the Big 12 decides to replace Nebraska and Colorado, BYU will be at the top of the short list of candidates.

If not for weakness in all categories other than football, Boise State would be considered with the Cougars but the Big 12 does have SOME pride in it’s academics and sports outside football. Can you picture Kansas vs Boise State as a basketball conference game? Yikes.

5. Forget about the good old days when college football news consisted of stories and reports on the game itself.

With ESPN Sportscenter, 24/7 news and blog updates, Twitter, Facebook and endless other media outlets, the stories that get the most face-time are the scandals, firings, and drama. Fans can only read about the game itself so many times before needing to search out other forums with more debatable topics than the stats and highlights.

In reaching the final chapter of this college football season, hopefully we can all remember the history and memories made in 2010 and forget our teams’ struggles and move forward with hopes of a brighter twenty-11.



What a year 2010 turned out to be in sports. From the Alabama Crimson Tide winning the national championship to the Giants winning the World Series.

2010 saw Tiger Woods’ first full calendar year without notching a single victory, neither in majors nor non-major events.

2010 was host to both the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the World Cup in South Africa. Surprisingly, South Africa seemed to handle the role better with seemingly less to work with. Really, the only negative throughout the World Cup were those Vuvuzelas (they haunt my dreams).

2010 was the year of the media. Endless talk of where LeBron James would play the ’10-’11 season and beyond hijacked every sports radio station, column, channel, etc. until finally, it built up to “the Decision”, a poorly thought out plan by the LeBron James group to publicly announce his contract plans live on ESPN.

“The Decision” badly backfired when James chose against returning to Cleveland, where he was drafted 6 years ago, and left to play in Miami with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The backlash was instant in Cleveland and soon even the media, which profited greatly from “the Decision” threw James under the bus, calling his actions classless, selfish, and pretty much all the things the audience was wanting to hear.

Nearing the end of the year, and with the season under way, many of the media are forgiving of James and are more focussed on his play on the court.

2010 was a shaky shaky year for college football. It started with expansion rumors out of the Big East and the Big 10. The Big 10 fired first, inviting Big 12 member Nebraska into their ranks. Nebraska accepted the invite. The PAC-10, not to be outdone, fired next. They invited Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. Colorado was the only school to accept. They later invited the University of Utah, who gladly accepted.

BYU, being passed over and no longer sharing a conference tie with rival Utah, left for far greener pastures as an Independent in Division 1A football, and far browner pastures in everything else, joining the West Coast Conference in all other sports.

TCU left for the Big East, and the top half of the WAC in football shifted over to the Mountain West Conference, to fill the holes left by the power trio that had, for nearly a decade, ruled the top of the conference.

Cam Newton burst onto the scene, dominating all in his way to winning the Heisman trophy and leading the Auburn Tigers into the national championship game. Looming over his accomplishments, however, were allegations that he was involved in a pay for play scheme with his father and an agent. Cam was ruled eligible for lack of evidence that he knew anything about the scheme. Let’s hope 5 years from now that we don’t have another Reggie Bush situation.

2010 was the year of the pitcher in the MLB. Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, Cliff Lee, and numerous others were in the spotlight this season. The Giants’ pitching staff received praise all season and they showed why. Solid pitching and late season play from Rookie Buster Posey led the Giants into the playoffs and hot bats at perfect times in the World Series sealed the deal for them.

The Lakers won their 2nd straight title, beating the Celtics and avenging their 2008 defeat in the finals to that nearly identical Celtics team.

Jimmie Johnson won his 5th straight Sprint Chase for the Cup title in a row (first ever to do so).

The UConn women’s basketball team broke the once thought impossible win streak record of 88 wins, set by the UCLA men’s basketball team under coach John Wooden. The lady Huskies’ record ended at 90 games.

All in all, a very crazy year. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.

No News Is Good Grief

Posted: August 23, 2010 by Dan Condie in BYU, NCAA Football
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Well?! We’re waiting….
Rumors seem to be the theme this summer. In all honesty, as a writer, I love it. All the speculation and rumors give me a constant topic.
Its been almost a week since rumors and “news” about BYU going independent leaked. The end of last week was a media frenzy full of “news” from quoted “sources” and yet I can’t help but notice, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.
As an avid college football and especially Utah Utes fan, I consider myself fairly invested when it comes to rival BYU. I believe BYU going independent is a great move for them. Risky, but overall smart.
Its known that the faces of the MWC overall are easily Utah and BYU. Utah has had the greater peaks the last decade as far as national spotlight goes. On the other hand, BYU (excluding the Crowton years) has had arguably the more consistent success in the same span.
Now, with Utah gone, BYU is left the loan ruler of the MWC….but they seemingly don’t want the title, and for good reason.
BYU stands to make a lot of money breaking off from the pack and broadcasting through ESPN and BYU-TV. We have heard every argument as to why they should/shouldn’t go independent. But the longer it goes without any news regarding BYU’s decision, I find myself wondering if maybe the WAC crumbling is what caused the delay, or if its actually Utah State’s surprising loyalty and declination of the MWC invite to join for the 2011 season that’s causing BYU’s silence.
As previously mentioned in the “aggies save the day” article, I’m thinking the MWC, BYU included, expected Utah State to accept the invitation to join the MWC along with Nevada and Fresno State, making the MWC 12 teams strong and in position to make a bigger BCS splash.
Its now being said that Utah State is trying to work its way back to an invite into the MWC (which leads me to believe the WAC has thrown in the towel)
All I know is that SOMETHING is holding decisions back and I’m ready for some solid news on the situation.

Written by Dan Condie

Let’s step back and take a breath. Ok, Utah to the PAC-10, Boise State, Fresno State and Nevada to the MWC, BYU undecided.
Those are the facts. Now its time to break it down. (keep in mind, this is all speculation) but this is how I think it all went down.
Craig Thompson, MWC commissioner, had heard rumors about Utah leaving for the PAC-10 for months before the invite was extended. What happened before Utah was invited and bailed? Boise State randomly gets invited to the MWC? Wrong! Thompson knew EXACTLY what he was doing bringing the broncos in.
A conference with their top 3 schools being Utah 2-0 BCS record, Boise State 2-0 BCS record and TCU 0-1 (with its only loss coming against Boise State) has an amazing shot at becoming an automatic qualifying conference for the BCS.
But…speculation and hopes and dreams weren’t enough to keep the Utes from accepting that invitation when it came. But, Thompson effectively replaced the Utes football-wise with the broncos.
Fast forward to a week ago.
With training camps underway and focus on the 2010 season, you’d think Thompson could relax right? Wrong! Rumors arose once again. This time with BYU going independent in football and joining the WAC in all other sports.
Freeze. This is where I want to speculate what went on behind the scenes.
First of all, let’s get in the head of Craig Thompson. He had to have been thinking “ok, I added Boise State to the conference as a way to keep Utah but it didn’t work. Now BYU wants to leave and join the WAC in all sports but football. Well, we’ve got Nevada and Fresno State in our pockets for just this situation so we’ll take the remaining football cred AND 2 good basketball teams from the WAC before BYU can get there”
But the best part about this whole thing is that news came that Utah State had the biggest role in this whole move and they totally pulled the loyalty card and ruined the last and best chance BYU had at being part of an AQ conference.
If that doesn’t make any sense, let’s take a look at what the MWC narrowly missed out on. Had Utah State accepted the invitation, the MWC top to bottom would have been
1. TCU
2. Boise State
3. Air Force
4. Fresno State
5. Nevada
6. Wyoming
7. San Diego State
8. Colorado State
9. Utah State
10. UNLV
11. New Mexico
12. BYU
That’s an incredible conference that would stand up against any. That’s 7 bowl eligible teams in 2009. There is no way on earth that the BCS could deny the MWC an auto-bid. Not to mention, the MWC would then have 12 teams (including BYU) and are eligible to host a conference championship game.
Not only did Utah State deciding against joining the MWC stop them at 11 teams, it also leaves BYU in limbo. Now the MWC has to pay out 11 teams on the same crappy TV deal they’ve always had. BYU wants to ditch the horrid TV deal most of all. And on the other hand, they aren’t going to send their teams to play with the 6 remaining WAC teams (an FBS conference must have a minimum of 8 teams)
The best part is that in order for the MWC to extend an invite to another school, all the university presidents must vote in favor of it. You following me here? BYU HAD to have voted in favor of inviting Fresno State and Nevada. Why would they do that knowing that that would weaken the WAC maybe irreparably so? The only conclusion I can come to is that they didn’t just vote on 2 schools but on all 3.
Utah State declined the invite and in so doing, has caused more delay in BYU’s decision and has left the MWC and WAC in awkward positions.
Thank you Aggies!!! Go Gary!!!

Written by Dan Condie

BYU Pumps the WAC Brakes

Posted: August 19, 2010 by Dan Condie in Boise State, BYU, NCAA Football
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This article was written by Pat Forde of
This is why I love reading Pat Forde.

Written by Dan Condie

With NCAA football fall camps opening up around the country the next few weeks, it’s time to get pumped and ready for college football people!

I gave my MWC predictions last week for which place each team would finish in the 2010 season. Now, with media days for all the conferences this week, and all the attention being given to college football, I figured I’d give my predictions for who will be conference champ at season’s end in each BCS and mid-major conference in the FBS.

So lets cycle through the BCS first shall we?