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The 2012-13 NBA season has concluded and the playoffs are on the near horizon.

Here are the Western Conference first round series:

(1) Oklahoma City Thunder vs (8) Houston Rockets

(2) San Antonio Spurs vs (7) LA Lakers

(3) Denver Nuggets vs (6) Golden State Warriors

(4) LA Clippers vs (5) Memphis Grizzlies

Breakdown and Predictions

(1) Thunder vs (8) Rockets:


Almost one full year removed from the Thunder’s defeat at the hands of the Miami Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder stand as the top contender and No. 1 seed in the Western Conference entering the 2013 playoffs.

Arguably, the biggest off-season move made in 2012 was the Thunder’s trade of James Harden to the Houston Rockets, after failing to reach an agreement to extend the sixth-man-of-the-year’s contract.

Harden has proven himself among the NBA’s elite, ranking fifth in points per game over the season at 25.9. On an interestingly ironic side-note, Harden scored a career-high 46 points against the Thunder Feb. 20th 2013.

The Rockets may need four of those games from Harden in order to pull out a series victory though.

The Thunder won the regular season series against the Rockets 2-1. Without any player capable of shutting down Kevin Durant, Houston will need to score 125 points a game this series to compete. I can see that happening possibly once at home, but that’s it.

Prediction – Thunder win series 4-1

(2) Spurs vs (7) Lakers:


There’s something about this series that screams “coin toss.”

A month ago, this match-up would likely have been dubbed an “easy sweep” for the Spurs. However, with the Lakers winning five straight games entering the postseason and the Spurs losing seven of their last ten, LA isn’t looking quite as outmatched.

Even without Kobe Bryant (out with Achilles injury), the Lakers have had success shooting the ball and big men, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, have been solid.

The coin flip aspect of this series, I feel, stems from the feeling that both the Spurs’ bad recent play and the Lakers’ stellar recent play are both anomalies, that could swap back at any time.

Only because I think it would be humorous to see the Lakers advance without the help of Kobe Bryant, will I give the Lakers the benefit of the doubt.

Prediction – Lakers win series 4-3

(3) Nuggets vs (6) Warriors:


With two of the up-and-coming teams in the West, this series between Denver and Golden State may be the most high-flying and action-packed.

Both the Nuggets and Warriors average over 100 points per game. Alternately, they both allow over 100 points per game, so prepare for some classic offensive battles.

Heading the Warriors’ offense will be rising star Stephen Curry, who just broke Ray Allen’s single season 3 point field goal record. Leading Denver will be Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried, and Corey Brewer.

Denver won the regular season series 3-1 with the lone loss coming on the road 106-105. I anticipate similar results.

Prediction – Denver wins series 4-1

(4) Clippers vs (5) Grizzlies:


This series is an intriguing one in that the L.A. Clippers are the poster children for in-your-face, highlight-reel style basketball, while the Memphis Grizzlies are the prototype for flying under the radar with consistency and defense.

The Grizzlies are first in the NBA in points allowed at just 89.4 points per game allowed. I doubt the Clippers will worry much as they tend to gravitate towards the high percentage shots (A.K.A. the alley oop)

Memphis has their work cut out for them. We’ll see if they can use their size and defense to slow the game and make the Clippers beat them with range. I expect they will.

Prediction – Clippers win series 4-2

There you have it. Enjoy the Western Conference first round match-ups.


Week 11 Predictions: BCS Top 25

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So, another week is upon us and I am ready to move past that rough patch in my Utes’ otherwise great season.

This past week has been full of drama, both on and off the field. Utah and Alabama kicked themselves out of the national championship discussion, while LSU and Stanford further solidified their BCS cases.

My picks last week were pretty split between good ones and bad ones.

Minnesota at Michigan State
Arizona at Stanford – this was my best game this week
Texas A&M over Oklahoma

Utah over TCU – humbling
Missouri over Texas Tech
South Carolina over Arkansas

And now…week 11’s picks

#25 Texas A&M at Baylor – Tough one here. Baylor was ranked higher than Texas A&M the last 2 weeks, so I have issues saying Baylor winning would be an upset. Baylor wins 31-24.

#23 South Carolina at #22 Florida – Florida is making a steady return to winning football games. South Carolina has been very inconsistent  but clearly capable of beating big time teams in big time games. Florida is too good in the swamp and wins 35-21.

#21 Nevada at Fresno State – Nevada has worked its way back from their heartbreaking loss to Hawaii a few weeks ago. They still have that Boise State game coming up soon and they can play spoiler to the Broncos. Nevada wins at Fresno 28-24.

#20 Virginia Tech at North Carolina – The Tarheels took care of business last week against Florida State. Virgina Tech has won 7 straight and UNC will not likely stop them. Hokies win 42-27.

USC at #18 Arizona – If there is a team that can surprise Arizona, USC is it. USC’s offense is a sleeping giant and defensive minded legend Monte Kiffin has had 10 weeks shaping their schemes and coverages breaking in all the young players. I like USC if Matt Barkley has a good game against that Arizona defense. Trojans win 28-24.

#24 Kansas State at #17 Missouri – Missouri has not had a great past 2 weeks. First, losing to Nebraska, and then, losing to Texas Tech last week. Kansas State is coming off a big win  over Texas. Whoever can keep their momentum will have the best chance here. I give the advantage to Missouri. Tigers win 31-17.

Texas Tech at #16 Oklahoma – Oklahoma was embarrassed on the road by A&M last week. They will look to rebound in Norman this week. Oklahoma wins 42-24.

UTEP at #15 Arkansas – Arkansas is riding high after laying a big whooping on South Carolina. UTEP has a whooping comin’ 45-10.

#14 Utah at Notre Dame – Talk about needing the rebound game of all time. Utah may have laid an egg last week against TCU, but luckily, the Utes play in the Mountain West and the biggest game in their history was broadcast on CBS College Sports channel, therefore, no one saw the game. Saturday’s game, however, will be broadcast on NBC all over the nation. As Coach Whittingham said, “you could say this is a ‘golden’ opportunity.” Utes win 35-17.

#13 Iowa at Northwestern – Iowa has shown signs of greatness and weakness this season. I foresee a Hawkeye victory. 35-28.

#19 Mississippi State at #12 Alabama – Mississippi State has been a surprise this season. Not as big a surprise as if they get the win over Alabama, though. Tide Rolls 28-14.

#10 Oklahoma State at Texas – Texas is…uh…horrible. They have now lost 3 straight to the likes of Iowa State, Baylor, and Kansas State. Turns out the Nebraska win wasn’t a rebound, it was a fluke. Oklahoma State wins 45-21.

Penn State at #9 Ohio State – Joe Paterno just got his 400th win last week. Let’s hope that he celebrated big, cuz he will have nothing to celebrate Saturday. Buckeyes win 38-17.

Kansas at #8 Nebraska – Nebraska is back on track and have put the Texas loss behind them. Let’s hope Kansas doesn’t think it can repeat Texas’ feat. Nebraska wins 42-14.

Indiana at #7 Wisconsin – Wisconsin may not be flashy, but they are the most balanced and efficient team in the Big 10 this season. Slow and steady will win this race. Wisconsin wins 34-21.

#6 Stanford at Arizona State – Stanford is Rose Bowl bound and there’s nothing anyone, especially not Arizona State, can do about it. Stanford rolls 35-17.

Louisiana Monroe at #5 LSU – The Tigers are coming off a huge win over Alabama last week and now can relax against awful LA Monroe. LSU wins 28-7.

#4 Boise State at Idaho – Boise State will continue its dominance over the weak WAC and stomp the Vandals 63-17.

San Diego State at #3 TCU – This game is going to be TCU’s last challenge of the season. After Utah completely laid down and allowed TCU to simply walk past them without so much as an argument, TCU is on easy street. Frogs win 49-13.

Georgia at #2 Auburn – The outcome of this game will be determined by how distracted Cam Newton and the rest of the team have been over the allegations surrounding Newton. The outcomes are both Auburn winning, but by how much is the question…Auburn wins 35-17.

#1 Oregon at Cal – This will be a great game…for Oregon, is the end of that sentence. The Ducks cannot be stopped, derailed, or even inconvenienced it seems on offense. Oregon may not be the best team in college football, but they are, however, the most unbeatable team in college football. They will continue their national championship campaign by beating Cal 59-28.

Inactive teams this week: #11 Michigan State.

There ya have it. I am beyond ready to move forward with the season. Go Utes!!!


I have thought of little else other than college football this week (which is normally the case, but more than usual this week). True, most of my thoughts drift toward ESPN’s “Gameday” coming to Rice Eccles Stadium for the second time in 6 years. It seems that when Utah faces off against another big time non-AQ team, it draws attention (Utah/BYU ’04, TCU/Utah ’09, and Utah/TCU ’10).

Last week was very decent as far as picks go. I was wrong on quite a few games in the higher teens and 20’s but the top 10 picks were spot on.

Here are the good and not so much:

Good –
Tennessee at #20 South Carolina (3 points from perfection)
Colorado at #9 Oklahoma (3 points from perfection)
#2 Oregon at USC (7 points from perfection)

Not so much:
Florida State over NC State – oops
Texas over Baylor – oops
Kentucky over Mississippi State – oops

There are so many big games. It’ll be hard to keep up with all of them. Here are my predictions for the upcoming week.

#25 NC State at Clemson – Clemson is missing CJ Spiller in a bad way. While Spiller is making a splash with the Bills in the NFL, Clemson is making a splash in the ACC…cuz they’re drowning. NC State wins on the road 35-28.

North Carolina at #24 Florida State – Florida State really has not been bad this season, but they are completely off the radar. After the whooping they took at the hands of the Sooners in week 2, forget about it. Crazy thing is, if they had beaten NC State last week, they would be 5-0 in conference play and 7-1 overall. Florida State wins at home 31-21.

#23 Nevada at Idaho – Idaho always has the ability to catch fire and surprise a team up in Moscow, ID. Nevada is used to playing the Vandals, though, and I doubt they will be tripped up. Nevada rolls 42-31.

Georgia Tech at #22 Virginia Tech – Virginia Tech has been on a roll since their losses to Boise State and Div. 2A James Madison. They are 4-0 in conference play and looking in good form. They did give up a few big running plays against Boise State in game 1, though, and they can’t let that happen when Georgia Tech’s triple option comes to town. Virginia Tech wins 38-17.

#18 Arkansas at #19 South Carolina – This game intrigues me. With the way South Carolina played against Alabama, they will have to play a great game to be able to beat Arkansas. However, being at home and with the SEC East Division within their sights, Gamecock fans will be very loud and supportive. I think South Carolina will win 38-35 possibly in overtime.

#21 Baylor at #17 Oklahoma State – Oh man, I really don’t know what to do with this one. I really thought that Baylor would be exposed, or at least stopped, last week at Texas but the Longhorns couldn’t do it and added to their pitiful loss column. Oklahoma State, however, is a much more capable and unified team and I think they should have no issues with Baylor. Sorry Baylor, I’m not sippin’ your Kool-Aid quite yet. Win this one, and I’m a fan. OK State wins 38-35.

#16 Iowa at Indiana – I have a special place for Iowa in my heart right now. They removed one of Utah’s road blocks (Michigan State) last week. For that, and because Indiana is horrendous, I vote for Iowa to win 42-21.

Minnesota at #14 Michigan State – I really feel for Minnesota here. They just can’t catch a break. Got whooped by Ohio State 52-10 in their own house, and now they have to go on the road to face another disappointed team that let the national championship bid they were fighting for slip through their fingers. I don’t think this game will be too different from last week except maybe not so many points from Michigan State as Ohio State. Spartans win 35-14.

#15 Arizona at #13 Stanford – I don’t think this game will be as good as advertised. Stanford is too balanced on both sides of the ball for Arizona to hang. The Wildcats’ defense should be able to slow Andrew Luck a little bit, but Stanford’s defense, I think, will prove to be the difference. Stanford wins 42-24.

#12 Missouri at Texas Tech – Man, Texas Tech has been struggling. Even at home, they don’t stand a chance against a ticked Missouri team looking to prove they belong in the 1-loss elite conversation. Missouri wins 35-28.

#9 Wisconsin at Purdue – Wisconsin is looking to show who the real Big 10 champ is this year. They are the front runner for now and seem to be in the driver’s seat on the way to the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin wins here 35-17.

#8 Oklahoma at Texas A&M – Upset alert? It’s possible. Texas A&M brings a mean crowd and Oklahoma could find itself in a trap game. A&M is coming off a win over rival Texas Tech last week, and will be riding that momentum. I’m calling this one. Texas A&M 38-35.

#7 Nebraska at Iowa State – I gotta say, I am a huge Iowa State fan this week. A win from a team Utah dismantled over a #7 ranked Nebraska team would help us immensely. That being said, Nebraska is the best team in the Big 12 this year and shouldn’t have trouble beating Iowa State. Huskers win 45-17.

#6 Alabama at #10 LSU – LSU has some friends in high places to still be in the top 10. Here are some  major stats for you guys to see where…LSU’s Average Tota Yards/game – 317.9 (101st nationally), Average Passing Yards/game – 152.5 (113th nationally), Avg Rushing Yards/game – 179.1 (35th nationally), and Total Average Points/game – 25.5 (78th nationally). Yeah, that sounds like a #10 team in the nation to me. I don’t care how good your defense is, you cannot be a top 10 team if you aren’t in the top 100 in 2 major statistical categories. I hate the SEC sometimes.

Hawaii at #4 Boise State – Possible shootout alert. I would say upset alert, if this game were being played in Hawaii. Instead, it will be played on camouflage field and because of that, I think Boise will win this one 49-31.

#3 TCU at #5 Utah – The biggest, most anticipated, most important game in all of college football is being played this Saturday, 3:30 PM EST. The ramifications of this game could potentially mean the first ever non-AQ team being eligible and selected to play in the national championship game. Utah was the closest team do accomplishing that task in ’09 when they defeated Alabama and ended the season as the only unbeaten team in the nation. I really hope that if Utah loses, the game is at least close. TCU has the ability to take momentum and run with it Because I have to stay positive here and I know just how big the “MUSS” factor is, Utah either holds on or steals one by the score of 28-27.

Chattanooga at #2 Auburn – Yeah…this one is the no brainer this week. Auburn wins decisively 56-7.

Washington at #1 Oregon – No one can stop Oregon. Stanford’s defense couldn’t do it. USC’s offense couldn’t do it. And when Jake Locker comes to town, because he wins/loses games on his own, will not be able to stop them. Oregon runs all over the Huskies 49-17.

Inactive teams this week: #11 Ohio State and #20 Mississippi State.

There you have it! Another exciting week of football ahead of us and we could very well look back at this week and remember it as the beginning of a revolution in college football should the winner of TCU/Utah eventually play for the title of champion of the nation. I think I speak for al fans of college football when I say that midseason games like these are what makes college football the greatest sport on earth.

College Football Pick 10: 10/28/10

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I am very pleased to announce the first week of Pick’em between myself and some of the readers. Here’s how it’ll work: Each week, I’ll select 10 of the more premier games with a smaller probable margin of victory (aka barn-burners, upset alerts, good games).

Every person/team selects the winner of each of the 10 games that week and then ranks their choices in order of how confident they are in that pick, 1 being the highest confidence down through 10, least confident. For predicting your most confident pick correctly, it scores 10 points, second, 9 points, etc. all the way to 1 point for the least confident pick. (more…)


Oh my, oh my, what a week we have coming up in college football! So many big games with potential to shake up the BCS race. Now, Last week was far from flawless I’ll admit. I went for a few upsets that didn’t happen and vice versa. Here’s the good and the not so much from last week (more…)

Week 8 Predictions: BCS Top 25

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For all the faithful readers, you might have noticed that AP Top 25 changed to BCS Top 25. That is due to the fact that, like it or hate it, the BCS is the only thing that matters when it comes to college football from here on out.

Lets take a glance back to last week‘s good and not so much.

Iowa over Michigan
McNeese State vs LSU

Florida over Miss St…whoops
Air Force over San Diego State…yeah no, that didn’t happen either.
Texas A&M over Missouri…and strike 3

Not a great week last week for me so I need a rebound right here. Swingin for the stars.

This week is gonna be HUGE. Auburn/LSU, Wisconsin/Iowa, Nebraska/Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma/Missouri just to name a few. I cannot wait.

Duke at #25 Virginia Tech – The Hokies are on a tear after starting 0-2 and have worked themselves back into the top 25. Duke has quite the passing game though, and could surprise VT…but I don’t see it. Hokies win 38-24.

UAB at #24 Mississippi State – Mississippi State is coming off a huge win over Florida last week. UAB has been able to outgain Mississippi State, yards-wise, but Miss St. has actually outscored UAB so far this season. Hopefully for Florida, Miss St. doesn’t slip this week. Miss St. 28-21

Mississippi at #23 Arkansas – Luckily for Arkansas, the 2 hardest challenges on their schedule (Alabama and Auburn) are behind them. Unfortunately for Mississippi, that also means Arkansas wins this game 35-21.

#22 Kansas State at Baylor – Upset alert! Both teams enter 5-2. Baylor hasn’t looked great this year, but they are improved. Because they are at home, I give the edge to Baylor 28-27.

#21 South Carolina at Vanderbilt – South Carolina has hit a speed bump here and there, losing to both Auburn and then upset by Kentucky just a week after beating #1 Alabama. They win on the road 31-14.

Syracuse at #20 West Virginia – These 2 teams, on paper, are almost identical on offense, averaging the same amount of rushing yards per game and within 15 yards of each other’s passing average. Gotta favor home field advantage. Mountaineers win 28-24.

Iowa State at #19 Texas – Its been a rough couple weeks for the Cyclones, losing to Utah 68-27 and then to Oklahoma 52-0. Texas on the other hand, is on a rebound right now, finding itself back in the top 25 after a 2 game skid ousted them. Texas should win easily here 38-10.

Washington at #18 Arizona – Arizona took a step backwards losing to Oregon State 2 weeks ago. They were able to rebound, but Washington seems to have found their groove, beating both USC and Oregon State the last 2 weeks. With home field advantage, I think Arizona’s defense can keep Washington in check. Wildcats win 31-24.

#16 Nebraska at #14 Oklahoma State – I didn’t see OK State coming this season. Through the first few games, Oklahoma State hadn’t beaten anyone great. Well, here’s their chance. We’re gonna see what type of team they have this week I think. I give the edge to the team that’s averaging 49.5 points a game…that’s OK State. Cowboys win 28-27.

#13 Wisconsin at #15 Iowa – Oh man, this should be quite the game. Iowa’s only loss came in a game where 3 big plays for Arizona equated to 3 TDs and Iowa couldn’t complete the comeback. Since then, they’ve been great. Of course, Wisconsin is coming off a huge victory  over then #1 Ohio State last week. I think Wisconsin will have enough sense not to let it go to their heads with a loss under their belts already. Iowa wins a close one 35-31, possibly on a last second play.

Washington State at #12 Stanford – I gotta say, whenever Washington State shows up against a top 25 team, and that’s quite often with how the PAC-10 is playing this year, I only concern myself with HOW bad they’re going to lose. Because they’re at Stanford, I think the damage will be somewhere in the neighborhood of Stanford winning 45-17.

Purdue at #10 Ohio State – I would really hate to be the Boilermakers this week. If you saw Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel’s face while Wisconsin had the Buckeyes behind the woodshed, you’d agree with me. Because of the hell week of practice that face foreshadowed, Purdue will be spending Saturday afternoon behind Ohio State’s woodshed. Buckeyes win 38-14.

Colorado State at #9 Utah – This will be Utah’s last cupcake of the year before hitting the Air Force, TCU, Notre Dame, and San Diego State gauntlet. This will be a great opportunity for Utah to put up gaudy numbers and grab attention before hitting that stretch. The Utes have Vegas’ respect as the Utes are a 31.5 point favorite. (The Utes were only 23 point favorites against a much worse New Mexico team). Utah wins easily 42-17.

#8 Alabama at Tennessee – Last week, Alabama started its comeback tour by beating Mississippi. Tennessee hasn’t looked great, and if Alabama can look as good as ’08 Florida did, after losing to Ole Miss, they might make a case by the season’s end for a National Championship bid. Bama wins 38-10.

#7 Michigan State at Northwestern – Northwestern started the season 5-0 but were obvious pretenders as they lost to Minnesota a couple weeks ago. Michigan State has beaten quality teams and should walk through Northwestern 35-14.

Air Force at #5 TCU – Keep an eye on this one. “But Air Force lost to San Diego State last week!” Pipe down. Air Force was the one team last year, during the regular season, that almost beat TCU. Although I think TCU can handle Air Force’s rush game, (TCU held BYU to -1 rushing yards in the first half) they could find themselves losing to a ticked off and highly motivated Air Force team. TCU should win 28-24.

#6 LSU at #4 Auburn – This is gonna be a rough day for LSU. I’ve said from day one, LSU has a great defense. Their offense is garbage. Beating Florida 2 weeks ago suddenly doesn’t seem like such a big accomplishment as the Gators have lost 3 straight. Auburn has the type of offense that can score on anyone. I think the Auburn Tigers win 28-21.

UCLA at #2 Oregon – I think Oregon got shafted with Oklahoma jumping them in the first BCS rankings. Oregon may not have played as hard of an out of conference schedule as the Sooners, but they also haven’t had as many games be decided by a 1 possession score…0 in fact. Oh, and what’s the lowest score Oregon has registered through 6 games? Yeah…42 points. And that was a game where they struggled against Arizona State, against Stanford, 52 points. Yes, UCLA is in big, big trouble. Oregon wins this one at home 56-17.

#1 Oklahoma at #11 Missouri – Another battle of unbeatens here. Oklahoma has showed that they are able to play challenging out of conference games, so, for that, I must give credit. That being said, beating Utah State by 7, Air Force by 3, and Cincinnati by 2 does not merit the #1 rank in the nation. Best case scenario, Oklahoma beats Missouri, Missouri loses to Nebraska, Nebraska loses to OK State, OK State loses to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma loses to Missouri in the Big 12 Championship. That way, it’s utter chaos and Oklahoma gets knocked off RIGHT before the national championship. Got that? Sooners win 42-35.

Inactive this week: #17 Florida State and #3 Boise State.

There ya have it. Leave comments on upset picks of your own.

Week 7 Predictions: AP Top 25

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Ok, I know, there was already a top 25 game Thursday night and now its Friday. But I was busy with work, and it was the least predominate team of the bunch #25 West Virginia facing South Florida. Snooze.

Last week was a very good week for me. Here are the highlights and not so much picks from last week.

The good:
Nebraska vs Kansas State
Oregon State vs Arizona
Indiana vs Ohio State
USC vs Stanford

The not so good:
Alabama vs South Carolina
Florida vs LSU
Miami vs Florida State

This week only features 2 games with both ranked opponents. There are, however, many potential upsets this week.

Without further ado…

#24 Oregon State at Washington – Oregon State is coming off the “upset” over #9 Arizona last week. Although Arizona was highly overrated at 9, they are much better than the Huskies and Oregon State should win 31-17.

#23 Air Force at San Diego State – Talk about a tough one to call. Air Force has been on a tear recently. San Diego State also looked good until last week losing to a down BYU team on the road in Provo. Even though Air Force will be on the road, San Diego State couldn’t even accomplish the task of stopping BYU RB JJ DiLuigi  when Utah State could. How the heck are they gonna stop Air Force’s run game? Air Force wins 35-21.

Mississippi State at #22 Florida – Florida, florida, florida…how far you have fallen. LSU’s defense is top notch, no question. But Tennessee played as well against this terrible Tiger offense. Thats inexcusable for a Florida defense. Good thing it’s Mississippi State at home. Gators win 38-14.

#21 Missouri at Texas A&M – This will be the week that Mizzou gets exposed. Not that anyone expected greatness. Aggies win 28-21.

#20 Oklahoma State at Texas Tech – This game is another hard one to call. I think Texas Tech can win, but they won’t. Cowboys take it 42-31.

#19 Nevada at Hawaii – Nevada runs a fast paced offense that puts up numbers on teams fast. Hawaii doesn’t have anything to stop them and no weapons to match in a shootout. Nevada wins 35-24

#17 Arizona at Washington State – Arizona got a little reality check last week. They are not PAC-10 contenders like they thought. They will, however, beat lowly Washington State this Saturday. 24-17

Boston College at #16 Florida State – Florida State proved they’re for real as they demolished the Hurricanes of Miami. They’ll have no problems here, winning 38-10

#15 Iowa at Michigan – The Wolverines let me down last week. Michigan State did well shutting down Denard Robinson for the first time this season. Iowa has a good defense, so even in the “Big House”, Iowa pulls this one out 31-28.

Illinois at #13 Michigan State – Michigan State have shown they are for real. They have beaten Notre Dame and Michigan and this week, they’ll beat Illinois 35-17.

#11 Utah at Wyoming – Utah is back in conference play this weekend when they take on the Wyoming Cowboys in Laramie, WY. Utah absolutely embarrassed Iowa State this week and Wyoming was absolutely embarrassed by TCU 45-0. This should be a great chance for Utah to use this game as a measuring stick to where TCU is playing. Utah wins this game in cruise control 49-10.

#10 South Carolina at Kentucky – Now, keep in mind, this is the same Kentucky team that almost beat Auburn last week. South Carolina could find themselves in a trap game. That said, I think they get the “W” 27-24.

McNeese State at #9 LSU – Congratulations LSU! You won cupcake of the week. McNeese State? Who? Man, LSU wins in a barn-burner 38-7.

Mississippi at #8 Alabama – I wanna be the first to welcome Alabama back to Earth. Hope you had a blast on the #1 train again. Now that South Carolina put you in your place last week, you can get back to beating on your opponents. Alabama wins 42-17.

#12 Arkansas at #7 Auburn – This game is interesting. It will definitely be a shootout. Whichever QB can pull out a Heisman performance should pull the victory. Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton are 2 electrifying gun slingers. With Newton’s agility and threat as a runner, I give the home team the advantage here. Auburn 42-35.

Iowa State at #6 Oklahoma – This is yet another measuring stick game. The #11 Utes crushed the Iowa State Cyclones 68-27. If Oklahoma doesn’t dominate this game, we should have a better idea how good the Utes are. Oklahoma should win this one. I’m thinking 45-21.

Texas at #5 Nebraska. I think Nebraska is overdue for a surprise upset. Even though Nebraska has revenge on their minds with last year’s heartbreaking loss to Texas in the conference championship game, being ranked #6 and Texas needed a big win to turn their season around, it has the makings of a trap game. Texas shines and wins the shocker 35-24.

BYU at #4 TCU – BYU was riding high after beating tough San Diego State last week. TCU is riding even higher after crushing Wyoming 45-0 and retaining their #4 rank. BYU has struggled against TCU the last 2 years. This year will be even worse as TCU has one of the fastest running games in the country. BYU might be within a TD of TCU until the Horned Frogs get 2 possessions. TCU wins 45-17.

#3 Boise State at San Jose State – This should be a cake walk for Boise. Broncos win easily 50-10.

#1 Ohio State at #18 Wisconsin – Ohio State is finally clicking better on offense. Wisconsin has been lucky not to have 2 or 3 losses already. Ohio State wins 38-28.

Bye weeks – #2 Oregon, #14 Stanford

There you have it. Let me know your upset picks in the comments below. (if any)


Its time again! Even though there’s no Thursday game featuring a top 25 team, I figured it would be ok to do the predictions every Thursday morning regardless.

Week 5 is all about “5”. 5 games with both opponents in the Top 25, 5 ranked teams have bye weeks, and it’ll be 5-0 for a lot of champion contenders.

As always, let’s reflect on last week‘s predictions.

First off, the “not so much” picks. Gladly, I’m in good company with these. First and foremost, UCLA at Texas. Yikes. Way to show up Longhorns.

Miami at Pitt was another unexpected outcome. I thought Miami would win but good grief. Miami’s defense is outstanding.

PEAY at Ohio State was interesting. I guessed the spread pretty much dead on, but missed the scores by 2 TDs each.

Now, the money picks from last week.

Penn State vs Temple, Ball State vs Iowa, Stanford vs Notre Dame, San Jose State vs Utah, and the crown jewels from last weeks picks, Oregon at Arizona State and TCU vs SMU.

Without further ado, this week’s picks!!!

#25 Nevada at UNLV – I’d like to extend a special welcome to the Nevada Wolf Pack into the top 25. It’s been a little over 50 years since they were last ranked. Im hoping they can stay for a while and beat Boise at seasons end. For now, let’s just focus on this week. Nevada wins easily 42-21.

Virginia Tech at #23 NC State – NC State based on the last few weeks? Or, Virginia Tech based on tradition, talent, and hype? Russell Wilson (NC State QB) is the real deal. NC State wins 31-28.

#19 Michigan at Indiana – It may be a battle of unbeatens, but Indiana has beaten nobodys. Worse than that, they’ve beaten nobodys unimpressively. Michigan wins comfortably 42-28.

Washington at# 18 USC – This is it. This is the week USC falls out of the top 25!!! Washington desperately needs a victory right now or they’re done. After being completely embarrassed by Nebraska in the 56-21 loss (at home), Washington has had time to to just sit and get more angry. You lose to BYU by a mere 6 points after blowing your lead and comeback drive, only to watch them go 0-3 their next 3 games. You get trashed by Nebraska in your own house, then watch them struggle against South Dakota State AT HOME! Trust me, Washington has something to prove and they better do it this week, or roll over. Washington wins 42-35.

#22 Penn State at #17 Iowa – Man tough game to call. Both teams are 3-1 with tough road losses to ranked opponents. Penn State hasn’t been impressive enough to give a road win to. Especially when Iowa lost a fluke game to overrated Arizona. Iowa wins 35-17.

#16 Miami at Clemson – If Miami brings the defense from last Thursday against Pittsburgh to Clemson, they will be leaving 3-1. Miami 38-21.

Tennessee at #12 LSU – LSU’s offense hasn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders but with their defense, firing on 2 or 3 has earned the “W”s. The same holds true this weekend as the face the awful Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee needed double-OT to beat UAB at home. LSU gets the “W” 31-10.

#11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State – Michigan State almost snuck into the Top 25 unnoticed, except for their thrilling victory over Notre Dame in OT in South Bend. I thought Wisconsin looked weak early this season and thought this could be the first opponent to turn that weakness into the Badgers’ first loss. However, I don’t care if it was PEAY, 70-3 is rape. Wisconsin wins a close one 35-31.

Louisiana-Monroe at #10 Auburn – A funny thing happens in the SEC that doesn’t happen anywhere else. Auburn was ranked #17 last week heading into their game at then #12 South Carolina. SC was greatly overrated but because they are in the SEC, that happens. Well, after the #17 ranked SEC team beats an overrated #12 ranked SEC team, they move inexplicably to #10, becoming the next overrated SEC team. Fortunately for them, ULM lacks the talent to expose that fact. Auburn destroys 42-13.

#21 Texas vs #8 Oklahoma – I doubt the Red River Rivalry has meant less in the last 10 years. Both teams are rebuilding (not reloading), both teams have ranking mistakes (Texas should be high teens at season’s end while Oklahoma is lucky to be ranked). #8 is a joke. And not a funny joke. Not even a pity laugh joke. A #8 ranking for this Oklahoma team is that offensive, baby-killing, puppy drowning, get fired from your job for uttering it at the water cooler type joke. The saddest part is that beating Texas proves NOTHING, yet, the media will praise them and push the National Championship campaign should they win. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Texas should win 31-28.

#5 TCU at CSU – CSU is garbage and will finish 2-10/3-9 at best. TCU rolls the Rams 49-10.

#9 Stanford at #4 Oregon – Man! This game is going to be electric. Stanford has the defense to slow Oregon and the offense to score a lot of points. But can they put those things together at Autzen Stadium? I don’t believe they can. Oregon wins 42-31.

#3 Boise State at New Mexico State – Boys and girls, this is the first backward step Boise State will take this year in the rankings if Oregon beats Stanford (unless Boise can win 100 to -50). Boise State will win 63-6.

#2 Ohio State at Illinois – This will be OSU’s first road test. It will also be their first road victory this season. Ohio State wins 35-17.

#7 Florida at #1 Alabama – Anyone else have the chills? I thought so. This is like early Christmas! You know Coach Meyer and the Florida Gators have had one single thought since last December and that’s October 2, 2010. They will have their shot at revenge for being beaten handily by the Crimson Tide last season in the SEC conference championship game. The Gators spent the entire season, prior to that game, ranked number 1 and they are improving quickly this season. Alabama just might be too strong on defense and they win 35-24.

There you have it. Can’t wait for week 5 football..

Week 3….more like weak 3. Am I right guys? Right?
Anyway, week 3 was a tad heavy on the cupcakes. Although, it made my predicting job a lot easier, and it showed in the results from last week.
This week has me excited. Unlike week 3’s solitary game with 2 ranked opponents, week 4 boasts 4 ranked vs ranked games, and even more ranked vs unranked but talented enough to end up ranked teams.
So without further ado…the 4th and 1 week 4 predictions!

Northern Colorado at #25 Michigan State – This game is intriguing to me. UNC proved they can score on the road, putting up 47 in a losing effort at Weber State. Michigan State head coach recently suffered a heart attack after last Saturday’s win over Notre Dame. I think Mich State wins this one 42-21.

Temple at #23 Penn State – Poor Penn State. They lose to Alabama week 2 and despite beating on Kent last week 24-0, moved back a spot. Temple might not be top 25, but they are no pushover – beating Villinova, Central Michigan, and UConn. Penn State wins 27-17.

Bowling Green at #21 Michigan – Like Penn State, the Wolverines also dropped a rung on the top 25 ladder. Michigan is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the field. Their offense is the most exciting I’ve seen since Michigan was a BCS bowl calibre team. This will be their last chance to clean up their defense and special teams (which have absolutely been horrible) before Big Ten play starts. Michigan wins 46-28.

#20 USC at Wash State – Another team moving in reverse is USC. Trojan QB Matt Barkley put up gaudy passing numbers in week 1. Fewer in week 2 and even less week 3, passing for 192 yards with 2 TDs and more importantly first 2 INTs. Couldn’t ask for a better conference opener if you’re Lane Kiffin. USC wins it 31-17.

#19 Miami at Pittsburgh – I am stoked for this game. High preseason expectations for both these teams hit speed bumps early, Pitt losing a close game in OT at then unranked Utah. And Miami losing badly to Ohio State in week 2. Now, road losses to the #2 and now #13 teams in the nation are not season enders but this game is critical as the winner will become/remain in the top 25 while the loser will fall to 1-2. Miami wins late 28-24.

Ball State at #18 Iowa – Iowa is looking the bounce back from a heartbreaking loss to the Arizona Wildcats last week. Iowa rolls 42-10.

#16 Stanford at Notre Dame – Big game for both teams. Stanford looking for continued respect and success, Notre Dame desperately needing this home win after dropping 2 straight (to Michigan and Mich State). Stanford’s incredible offense is going to smash the Fighting Irish defense. The question will be how well the ND offense plays. Could see another shootout at South Bend. Stanford wins 41-24.

#22 West Virginia at #15 LSU – This game will be good. Both teams have had similar offensive success. LSU has played better competition thus far. LSU squeaks by 28-27.

California at #14 Arizona – I think a few teams have been exposed this year and Iowa is one of them. I don’t think Arizona should have jumped this far but Cal’s strength is clearly the running game. If Cal gets Shane Vereen his touches and can produce, Cal wins 31-28.

San Jose State at #13 Utah – Utah’s 3rd straight cupcake (2 unavoidable conference foes) comes into Salt Lake for the Utes’ homecoming game. If Utah continues to improve at all from last week, this could get ugly fast. Utah rolls 50-10.

#12 South Carolina at #17 Auburn – I think this is the week South Carolina gets exposed for being a tad overrated. Auburn is looking to build on last week’s win over Clemson. Auburn wins 31-30.

PEAY at #11 Wisconsin – Outcome here shouldn’t be surprising. Wisconsin 45-14.

Kentucky at #9 Florida – Florida still looked sloppy last week but they have shown improvement each week. Playing Kentucky at home should be easier than last week’s road game at Tennessee. Florida wins 35-20.

#8 Oklahoma at Cincinnati – Oklahoma ended last season 8-5, lost their star quarterback to the NFL, along with many other great players, ended the season unranked, and still start the 2010 season ranked in the top 10. Its ridiculous. Maybe more ridiculous, is that they have almost lost to Utah State and Air Force and have stayed in the top 10. Oklahoma is Native American for “overrated”. Lucky for them, Cincinnati is garbage this year. Oklahoma wins another, unimpressively 45-27.

UCLA at #7 Texas – UCLA is coming off a huge victory over Houston last week. Texas, however is not Houston. Texas wins 42-13.

South Dakota State at #6 Nebraska – After what Nebraska did to Washington last week on the road, this could easily turn out to be the most lopsided game this week. Nebraska cruises 56-3.

#5 Oregon at Arizona State – Oregon has been an offensive powerhouse. Or maybe lightening bolt is better. This team is fast but their defense is generally untested thus far. Arizona State is capable of putting points on the board. Oregon should win, though, 45-28.

#4 TCU at SMU – This will be TCU’s first road test this season against in-state rival SMU. I can see this game being a liitle more competitive than other TCU games (and by that, i mean it’ll be a 2 TD spread instead of 4-6. TCU wins 38-24.

#24 Oregon State at #3 Boise State – Oregon State is taking this game seriously. How seriously? Well, they painted a practice field blue. Thus, adding to the case of how ridiculously cheap and low the” Smurf Turf” is. Oregon State will have to come out firing. Behind the Rodgers brothers’ big performances, Oregon State wins 28-27.

Eastern Michigan at #2 Ohio State – Hmmmm another cupcake for Ohio State. Eastern Michigan will be lucky to score on OSU’s 2’s or 3’s. Ohio State rolls 56-6.

#1 Alabama at #10 Arkansas – Without question, the game of the week right here. The SEC conference schedule is unrivaled. The hype both teams have received makes for an exciting game. Arkansas nearly saw its victory over Georgia turn to a loss when Georgia tied the game at 24 late in the fourth. Ryan Mallett led the ensuing drive for the winning score. Don’t expect an Arkansas comeback against this Bama defense. Alabama wins on the road 35-27.

There ya have it. Leave comments with which picks you would have made differently below.

Week 3 Predictions: AP Top 25

Posted: September 16, 2010 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football
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Another weekend of college football is about to begin. To me, it really takes about 3-4 weeks for teams to start showing their true colors. Its hard to fluke that many in a row.

Week 2 was full of action, for some, taking the easy road (I’m lookin at you TCU), and there were even some ground shaking upsets. I impressed myself with a few of my picks last week (see TCU, Texas, Oregon, and Arkansas) and embarrassed by a few (Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and USC) but overall not too shabby.

With that, let’s get down to it shall we? Drum roll please…
Ladies and gentlemen, the 4th and 1 week 3 predictions.

Louisville at #25 Oregon State – OSU hasn’t played since their season opening loss to TCU and will have something to prove with having to go Boise State next week. Oregon State wins 38-21.

#23 Houston at UCLA – This one’s tough since Case Keenum is questionable for this game. UCLA hasn’t gone 0-3 to start a season since 1971 but they will this year. Houston 42-17.

Kent at #22 Penn State – Do I really need to explain this one? Penn State wins 35-10.

Maryland at #21 West Virginia – This is a tough one. This is a rivalry game and both teams enter 2-0. Maryland looks tough though and I think their defense wins it. Maryland 17-13.

UMass at #20 Michigan – Michigan gets a nice little cupcake for a job well done against Notre Dame last week. Look for my man Denard Robinson to put up even better numbers this week. Michigan 49-14.

Wake Forest at #19 Stanford – Stanford broke into UCLA’s house last week and violated the Bruins 35-0. I expect the same, if not, better results offensively. Wake put up 54, albeit against Duke so Stanford won’t pitch a shutout again. Stanford 56-14.

#18 USC at Minnesota – Well, USC embarrassed me last week only sneaking by a horrid Virginia team and they’ll get theirs…but not this week. USC wins 38-10.

Clemson at #16 Auburn – Clemson has looked decent in their first 2 games but both were at home. Auburn wins 28-21.

Miss State at #15 LSU – MSST lost a close game to Auburn last week at home 14-17 but I think LSU’s defense will prove too much for them. LSU 31-10.

#14 Utah at New Mexico – Like last week, unfortunately for UNM, this will be a question of how much the Utes will win by. I’ll say Utah wins 59-6.

Furman at #13 South Carolina – SC is overrated but they won’t look it this week. South Carolina wins 30-3.

#12 Arkansas at Georgia – Georgia absolutely owns Arkansas going back to ’93. Assuming AJ Green returns this week, Georgia wins 28-27.

ASU at #11 Wisconsin – The Badgers will need to fix a lot of issues to be able to hang with ASU. Even though it is on the road, I say Arizona State takes it 21-20.

#10 Florida at Tennessee – Man! This will be game of the week. Tennessee is coming into this game after being utterly embarrassed last week by, then #7, Oregon last week. Florida hobbles into this game after a slightly better performance against USF last week than in their opener. I want to see Tennessee pull it off but i think, like last week, they’ll hang for the first half and fade. Florida 35-21.

#9 Iowa at #24 Arizona – This the only game that features 2 ranked teams and it couldn’t be less exciting. Both teams have played 2 cupcake games to get their 2-0 records. Iowa has allowed 14 points thus far and Arizona has allowed just 8. Iowa played both games at home and Arizona has gone road and home. Arizona edges Iowa 24-21.

#8 Nebraska at Wahington – Washington would be 2-0 entering this game had it not taken them till game 2 to get their offense firing. Nebraska brings a highly touted defense to the table, though, and will take this one 31-21.

Air Force at #7 Oklahoma – Oklahoma already had a near upset to a mid-major school (Utah State) in their opener and Air Force has never started stronger in recent memory. However, the Sooners are too talented through the air (no pun intended). Sooners win it 35-13.

#5 Texas at Texas Tech – I don’t know if you can call this a trap game for Texas but it sure isn’t going to be easy. If Texas sticks to their game, they should win 28-14.

Baylor at #4 TCU – This shouldn’t be as ugly as last week’s performance against Tennessee Tech by TCU but Baylor won’t have a good time in Ft. Worth Saturday. TCU rolls 35-7.

#3 Boise State at Wyoming – Wyoming should give Boise a fight. For how long? I don’t know. Boise wins convincingly 31-14.

Ohio at #2 Ohio State – Yikes. Just yikes. Most lopsided rivalry in the history of the world. Ohio State 50-6.

#1 Alabama at Duke – Duke can put up some offense…then again, so could Penn State supposedly. The Tide rolls again 42-6.

There ya have it. Leave your comments below on which games you think are way off or show some love for the ones you think are on the money.