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Dakarai Tucker (Utes #14) drills 3-pointer with 40 seconds left to give Utes 63-60 lead.

Dakarai Tucker (Utes #14) drills 3-pointer with 40 seconds left to give Utes 63-60 lead.

The Washington Huskies pushed Utah to the edge, overcoming a 12 point first half deficit, but the Utes hold out late and beat UW 67-61 in the first game of the opening round of the Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

This win locks up Utah’s second round matchup against No. 1 seed Arizona tomorrow.

The turning point and play-of-the-game both came on a clutch 3-point basket made by Dakarai Tucker with 40 seconds left to give the Utes a 63-60 lead over UW.  After that, Utah hit four free throws to Washington’s one.

Utah’s player of the game was undoubtedly Delon Wright who recorded 15 points, seven rebounds, four assists, three steals and 2 blocks.

The Utes led early, getting out to a 30-18 lead with 4:37 remaining in the first half.

That lead was chipped away at by the Huskies behind 16 points off the bench from Darin Johnson, who led all scorers, until Washington eventually took a 41-40 lead with 11:34 remaining on a Johnson layup.

It was back and forth from that point until eventually the game was tied 60-60 with just over a minute remaining.


Every fan base has them. Those awkward, gangly, dorky fans that embarrass the heck out of the rest of the crowd. Fortunately for me, my rival fan base has no shortage of such fans that I can point out with joy.

These are the top 10 most unfortunate moments for BYU fans:

10. BYU Touchdowns Are No Laughing Matter

This moment starts off our list and is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. #1 – Who is dense enough to suddenly scream around babies in a relatively quiet atmosphere. #2 – That moron filming was ecstatic that this child (possibly his son) was scared spit-less while he was rolling. The one upside to this is that this video was from the 2010 BYU/Utah game so the kid only went through this once. (And only once the next year)

9. Good Ol’ Wholesome Flash Mobbin’

Now, this video comes in at #9 because I’ll admit, it’s impressively executed. That being said, the video is a tad unfortunate in what it says about life at BYU. Very roughly estimated, this is easily over 1000 students who have this dance memorized…which raises the question how in the name did they get this many students together long enough and often enough to stick the choreography? Did they get credit for this? My word…

8. How Could They Lose This Time?!

I gotta say, I love watching this video but I feel awful for this kid. Really, he has no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes. If he’s cries about a losing effort during BYU’s best basketball season they’ve had for 50 years, let’s hope his Jazz turn things around…

7. That’s a Fair Question Actually

Ok, just a couple of questions of my own. Uh why did it take so long for this “seasoned” veteran to come up with the word games? “I pretty much go to all the football……..” I wonder if questions such as “When are we going to beat a team with a winning record?” came up…but I don’t think so.

6. Chumba-what-the…?

Well, this video is clearly unfortunate for you Y fans. Tubthumping? That’s your pump up song? I get it, you have kids in the back of the car, (as Provo enforces a very strict 3 child minimum in vehicles) so I don’t expect DMX or Tech N9ne on blast but dude! You don’t even know the words to the crappy song you decided to rock to. Bad taste seems to be the resounding theme to this whole situation.

5. It’s the Biggest Somethin’…

I didn’t know Jimmer Freddette could fake such a horrible Australian accent…and I learned something from this.

4. HI HO!!!!!!!!

That’s my coach! Good heavens, man. The only thing missing from that all-time low moment was the messy conclusion. Although, I’m actually glad they cut away because in my mind, I’ll always know…he ate that booger, and you can’t tell me he didn’t.

3. That Did Not Go Like I Planned In My Head…

Your dumb fan got whooped by our cheerleader. The End.

2. Oblivious: Not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one.

Oh, oh, oh, I got it. Music major! Is this guy for real sittin’ next to her? This girl is now synonymous with every Jimmer Freddette fan I know/meet in the future. Wow…your team.

1. You Lost Me At #1 Wear Blue…

This is unacceptable behavior. There’s a reason 3/4 of the “fans” you rounded up/tricked/drugged into being in this monstrosity look like they are 12. And did you really have to spend an entire minute singing the song? My favorite part about this video is “Franken-drummer” standing behind “MC Chucky Cheese” staring off into what had to be laughing camera guys. Also interesting to note that this video had 10 “like” votes and 95 “dislike” votes and maybe 105 people involved in the video….just saying.









Well, ladies and gentlemen, every BYU football fan’s favorite time of the year has finally arrived – preseason!

This is the time of year when the Cougar faithful reminisce of 1984 and let-downs of yesteryear long forgotten. This is the moment in the college football season when there are no losses in the right hand column. This is the year that BYU goes undefeated and stake claim to an illustrious BCS bowl game.

Talk filled with speculation and hear-say, “if this”s and “if that”s and, of course, the ever so popular “if only”s.

According to the current roster, this year’s Heisman winner will be Jake Heaps and according to the number of games on this year’s schedule, the regular season record will be 12-0 (13-0 if you include the national championship game).

Just based, plainly, on general BYU fan consensus of preseason expectations, the Cougars are the nations most successful team of all time.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!! Stop the car. Reality check time.

First and foremost, Ute fans are more than aware of the hype around Jake Heaps. In fact, a fair number of Ute Nation refer to Jacob as Jake Hypes (or my personal favorite, Joke Hypes. Look, give me the list of teams Hypes has beaten as the starting (and only) quarterback. In all reality, you know… that world of fact and matter, Jordan Wynn had a much, MUCH more impressive freshman season (albeit much shorter).

Both Wynn and Heaps lost in the Holy War their freshman year, so that’s a wash (although Wynn did lose to senior Max Hall and Heaps to Wynn himself). Both had in-conference wins that were inconsequential and also a wash. The comparison lies truly in their losses to TCU and bowl victories.

Wynn and Heaps each faced TCU on the road in a year when the Horned Frogs went undefeated on their way to a BCS bowl game. Wynn, in his second ever start and third game, got rattled early by the Frogs, but got dusted off and led the Utes offense to 28 points and finished the game as the game’s leading passer over Andy Dalton. Heaps, in his fourth start and seventh game, led the Cougars to one field goal and that’s it.

The Holy War and TCU losses were the only on Wynn’s record that year, Heaps piled two more in Nevada and mighty Utah State.

Wynn beat an 8-4 Cal team out of the Pac-10 while Heaps whooped on a 6-6 UTEP team out of Conference-USA (in which, they had a 3-5 losing record).

Explain it away any way you like, it really makes no difference. Even if Heaps is the better quarterback, a reception is a two-way street. You know what made Max Hall so amazing? Collie and Pitta. Heaps is a Ferrari engine in a car with 4 flat tires. So until Heaps actually does something, quit yapping.

Speaking of talking after completion takes me to my second point. How ’bout we cut with all the BYU BCS predictions because, frankly, it’s insulting.

Every year since 2004, it seems BYU fans have had dreams of BCS bowl victory and the national glory they once enjoyed (key word once). Y fans are literally starving for national success and attention. You think I’m exaggerating? Simply take a look at how the city of Provo reacted after beating Oklahoma by one point in the first game of 2009. You don’t need to watch the entire video as my point is made almost immediately, but I suggest you turn down the volume (there’s a lot of squealing).

I would venture to say that the literal starvation for national spotlight and glory is so severe that any speck of success will throw the entire city into a state of delirium. As you’ll recognize, this was the very first game of the season. How did these teams end up? Oklahoma beat Stanford in the Sun Bowl and BYU beat Oregon State in its fifth straight Las Vegas Bowl.

Speaking of bowls, which bowl game sprung off its hinges to pick up an affiliation with the Cougars this past year? The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (A.K.A. the 3rd most prestigious Mountain West Conference bowl game). If only the Cougars had snagged something akin to the Las Vegas Bowl or Poinsettia Bowl (A.K.A. the fourth and fifth most prestigious Pac-12 bowl games).

Jake Heaps will no doubt explode onto the scene at some time or another (I’m guessing once the Y gets into the WAC portion of the schedule). Once that happens, please, tell me how great Heaps is. I would love to chat about his pocket presence, throwing motion, whatever your little blue heart desires. Until then, zip it.

Once BYU goes undefeated, gets a BCS bowl invite and victory, please, tell me how amazing the team was that season. Until then, zip it.

Heck, Jimmer is still fresh enough, I guess. Keep talking about Jimmer leading the Y to the “Sweet 16.”

Lastly and most importantly, PLEASE stop talking about going independent as if you weren’t backed into it and went independent in spite of BCS Conference affiliation invites. Notre Dame went stag to the prom, despite numerous suitors seeking to escort them because it benefits them more to dance with whomever they choose. BYU went stag to the prom because nobody asked them but their dad is rich and enjoys encouraging their child’s nostalgia of their popularity in 3rd grade.

Utah is the kid BYU picked on that year in 3rd grade and grew into one of the hottest kids in school and got asked to the prom by one of the popular crowd. That’s reality.

Have a great fall camp. We’ll see ya Sept. 17th.

I have gone over and over my Southwest region and get the same result. I can’t get any confidence when picking the Notre Dame/Purdue game and then when picking the Kansas/winner of previous game. Oh well, that’s the madness aspect of March Madness.

Game 1: Kansas is another favorite to win the whole tournament and I fully expect Kansas to be on cruise control past Boston University.

Game 2: UNLV and Illinois was a tough pick, but I think UNLV’s quickness and toughness in the paint will prevail over Big 10‘s Illinois.

Game 3: I know this game is going to destroy me since I seem to be the only one picking Vanderbilt to win, but 30 wins against nobody is not enough to push Richmond over the top but we’ll see.

Game 4: Louisville has not been the same powerhouse from the last couple years, but Coach Rick Petino has been to the dance many times before and will get through the 1st round safely.

Game 5: VCU won a spot in the field of 64 and has been yapping to the media about how deserving they are to be in the tourney for beating USC in their play-in game. Well, beat Georgetown and we’ll talk, but I don’t see that happening.

Game 6: Purdue had a lot of success this season in the Big 10 and even though they lost guard Kelsey Barlow to misconduct, St. Peter’s will not be able to cool the Boilermakers.

Game 7: Another tough game to pick was Texas A&M over Florida State. The Seminoles have been gaining a lot of steam in pick popularity but I think the Aggies pull this one out. Either way, winner of this one loses to Notre Dame next round.

Game 8: As mentioned before, Notre Dame will not have any trouble with Akron. I fully expect the Irish to make an appearance in the “Elite Eight”.

It begins…

I decided to post each region of the bracket as the tournament draws near, starting with the East Region.

Game 1: Ohio State is a favorite among many analysts to win the tournament. They secured the #1 overall seed and should have no issues running through either U of Texas San. Antonio or Alabama State.

Game 2: This was a hard one. One the one hand, you have Villanova. Big East member and perennial tournament participant. Villanova is battle tested and experienced. George Mason, however, is on a tear. They have been very impressive going 11-1 in their last 12 games. Their defense will be key in this game.

Game 3: West Virginia secured a 5 seed as an at-large out of the Big East and beat both Purdue and Notre Dame during the regular season. UAB and Clemson will have to play each other for the chance to play West Virginia in the first place. This will prove to be either a huge disadvantage with exhausting players, or a huge advantage where UAB/Clemson can get a rhythm going and nerves under control. I don’t think West Virginia should have issues moving on.

Game 4: Princeton stamped their ticket to the dance by beating Harvard in the Ivy League Championship Game on a buzzer beater, shattering Harvard’s hopes of playing in their first “Big Dance” since 1946. Kentucky is no Harvard, and it’ll take more than Princeton has to beat them.

Game 5: Xavier/Marquette is another matchup between a mid-major conference champion against a middle of the pack Big East team. I feel like this one could go either way, depending on which team can sustain momentum, but after Dayton ousted Xavier in the first round of the Atlantic 10 Conference Tournament, I’m hesitant to think they will beat a Big East team.

Game 6: This one is an open and close case. Syracuse is a better team than Indiana State and barring a miracle, will move on to the second round.

Game 7: Washington and Georgia is another tough one to call. Not because the teams are equally good, but because they are equally inconsistant. Washington won the PAC-10 tournament with a victory over top seeded Arizona but lost to Kentucky, a team that Georgia defeated earlier in the season. That said, Washington is the hotter team and should have the edge going into the first round.

Game 8: Another open and shut case. North Carolina is playing at a high level that Long Island can’t handle.

Let the madness begin!!!

(Coming soon – West Region)

As usual, there will be a play-in game between 2 lower tier automatic qualifying teams for a final spot in the NCAA Tournament as a 16 seed. This season, however, the NCAA has chosen to include 3 more teams into the tournament that normally would have been on the outside looking in.

So this year, there will be a total of 4 play-in games instead of 1, but the strange thing is, 2 games will be for #16 seeds, the other 2 will be for a #11 and a #12 seed. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand that the 3 extra spots are at-large bids that normally would not be given so they should have to play their way in to the tournament. Well, if that’s the case, how come the last 2 #10 seeds to get in, under the old rules, don’t have to play their way in and 2 bottom tier auto-qualifiers from the Big Sky or the Sun Belt do?

So, what I think they should have done is to take the teams that normally would be #16 seeds and have them play against the (would be) #15 seeds for the last 4 spots as the #16 seeds and the new at-larges just take their spots as #11 seeds and everyone else slides down.

This way, the #11 seed that normally would have made the cut last year isn’t penalized by having to play another at-large team of equal talent before the tourney even starts.

I’m sure this will be realized and rectified by next season.


The NFL owners and the players have been in discussions regarding the collective bargaining agreement. Many fans have been preparing for a lockout and an NFL-less 2011 season.

Meanwhile, the NCAA is licking their chops.

Just picture how much more popular college football will become if there is a lockout. Every die-hard NFL fan will now focus all their football attention to NCAA football. Andrew Luck is now Tom Brady, LaMichael James is Chris Johnson, etc.

You thought the sports agents’ meddling was bad before?

The up side? This will unite the country. Name a state that doesnt have a college football team. Alaska. Yeah ok, but they’re always left out. Who else? Yeah, no one. Everyone can get behind one team or two. Almost everyone has some sort of tie to one University of another.

Look for NFL analysts to take over some of the duties that NCAA football analysts once held. Look, also, for more off the field issues with kids not used to the fame and exposure.


I think disappointing would be adequate to describe BYU’s season in football this year.

Bantering with a few of my BYU fan buddies before the Twenty-10 season, I heard nothing but “Heaps, Heaps, and more Heaps.” Although many of my BYU friends would scoff at this, I even heard Heaps would be better than Hall last season right out of the gates.

Although Heaps showed specks of brilliance throughout the season, he didn’t have a go-to receiver like Hall had had the last 3 years.

Honestly, I thought BYU would start with 3 losses (Washington, Florida State, and Air Force) and then to TCU and Utah of course. I never thought that Utah State would stomp them.

To cap off the worst season, record-wise, since 2004, they get a default spot in the New Mexico Bowl, where that gem of a photograph up top was taken.

All I can say as a Ute fan is thank you BYU, for making this season so memorable in a good way.

It started at birth…

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I knew the Utah fight song “Utah Man” by the time I was 3. I heard it from birth, sung to me by my parents, while my Dad attended the University of Utah Law School.

Oh no, that’s just the trunk of my “Ute fan” tree. My roots go much, much deeper.

My maternal grandfather got his Ph.D. in medicine at the University of Utah. He was also a Professor at the U.


My paternal grandfather played for the University of Utah basketball team in the early 50’s.

These roots helped me to endure life as a fan outside the comfort of Salt Lake.

Being LDS (Mormon), and growing up outside of Utah, I was surrounded by BYU fans my entire life. 50 Mormon kids graduated in my  High School class with me, only 2 of us went to the University of Utah. Probably 40 went to BYU or one of its satellites. That’s a 20:1 ratio reflecting the BYU to Utah fan, aka my friends/enemies to myself.

You wanna know how I come up with snide BYU comments, harsh criticisms, and cutting comebacks on the spot? I trained my whole life standing up for myself when associating with my BYU fan friends.

With how passionate I am about the U, you can bet I was never spared any abuse from those live-right gentlemen from down south. The Sunday church proceedings, following a Utah loss, were filled with smirks and an air of boastful haughtiness that made your blood boil.

The combination of all these things equates to the person I am today. When people ask me how I can like a team/school so much, I really can’t convey how instilled and intertwined the University of Utah and Dan Condie are.

“Who am I, sir? A Utah man am I. A Utah man, sir. I will be till I die…so fill your lungs and sing it out, and shout it to the sky. We’ll fight for dear old crimson, for a Utah man am I.”

Go Utes

Reggie Bush Jr.

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Hands down, he was the most electrifying player on the football field all season. He lead his team to the national championship game and had the ability to take any game on his shoulders and make magic happen. He required a spy on defense every play to ensure he didn’t run all over your defense.

I am of course referring to Cam Newton.

You thought I meant Reggie Bush? Interestingly enough, in 3 years time, I think these two explosive campus legends will be inseparable in the minds of college football fans. Just as the name Barry Bonds is tied to Roger Clemens, Mark McGuire, and Sammy Sosa.


Because those men have all admitted to or have been accused of cheating in baseball through steroid use.

Reggie Bush’s final year at USC ’05-’06 was surrounded by rumors that he had accepted money under the table from agents.

That season, Reggie Bush also received an overwhelming majority of the Heisman voters’ 1st place ballots.

After 3 years of Bush playing in the NFL, the NCAA concluded their investigation into whether or not Reggie Bush and the USC athletic director, football program, and coaching staff were in compliance with NCAA standards regarding player eligibility. They deemed USC out of compliance and made an example out of the them by revoking post season eligibility for 2 seasons. USC also forfeited 30 scholarships over that two season span.

After these bans and sanctions were placed, Reggie Bush returned his Heisman Trophy to the Heisman Trust and made mention, during the accompanying press conference, that he was returning the Heisman and apologized for covering for his family, referring to the money scandal.

Well, all signs point to that same situation repeating itself.

Cam Newton will go in the late first round or early second round of the NFL draft (I could see Miami taking a chance on a mobile quarterback with an arm to fit their system). After the NCAA concludes its investigation on the Newtons, Mississippi State, and Auburn, we will once again be dealing with a Heisman Trophy winner with his skeletons dug up and on display. Maybe even a tainted 2011 national championship will enter the conversation.

Will Cam get up to the podium and return his Heisman in 2013, after the NCAA places sanctions on Auburn like those USC received (including return of its national championship), and apologize for covering for his Father Cecil Newton’s attempts to solicit a bribe?

I hope not. But I see it coming people.