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With the NHL in full swing, I think attention is due. Shootouts are some of the best highlights to pull from. When it’s just 1 on 1, skater against the goalie, it opens the door to so much creativity. Here’s the best shootout goal in a real game situation I’ve ever seen.

What can you do if you’re that goalie but hope that he misses the net wide or something? Not only an amazing goal, but the game winning goal. That takes guts to take a non-conservative shot in that situation. Great goal.


There are some things in sports that just bring you joy. One-handed receptions, overtime breakaway goals, and one of my personal favorites, the ankle breaker. Here are some of the best.

I love it so much.

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With the NHL Winter Classic game being played between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals today, I thought this clip appropriate.

So cool.


If there’s one sport on the rise right now, it’s MMA.

Mixed martial arts’ biggest stage right now is the UFC. In its humble beginnings back in 1993, UFC 1 was a tournament style martial arts competition that featured all different types of fighting styles from boxing, to sumo wrestling.

The sport has evolved from a side show to a blockbuster main event. Here are some reasons why.

MMA slams, according to “Sport Science” register as the hardest hits in sports, including hockey checks, football tackles, etc.


I spent a while trying to find a good NFL clip to show. This one definitely is worthy.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been under scrutiny this year for their aggressive helmet-to-helmet type his on defense. Steelers WR Hines Ward might be more guilty than anyone of this on his blocking assignments. He is an all-star at disguising them, though.

Goodnight! That is some lights out blocking…literally.