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Saturday, January 12th, 2013

***(4) Baltimore Ravens at (1) Denver Broncos: 4:30 PM ET (CBS)***

The Baltimore Ravens handled their business against the Indianapolis Colts at home Sunday afternoon, winning 24-9. With Ray Lewis spotlighted in an emotional return, after tearing his left arm triceps muscle mid-season, the Baltimore defense shined most brightly, allowing zero touchdowns and 3 field goals.
This week the Ravens travel to Denver to play perhaps the one team no one wants to face: the Broncos. Denver is well rested, enjoying a much deserved first round bye. Considering they played the Kansas City Chiefs in their season finale, they really have been off for two weeks.

Prediction: Because the Ravens played such a stellar game against the Colts, they will likely play the Broncos down to the wire. That said, Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. Denver wins 27-21.

***(3) Green Bay Packers at (2) San Francisco 49ers: 8:00 PM ET (FOX)***

The Green Bay Packers rolled over the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field Saturday, winning 24-10. The score of this game doesn’t explain much about how it went. The Vikings put the first points on the board with an early field goal, but fell behind 17-3 by halftime. Green Bay managed just one more score in the second half, going up 24-3 in the third quarter. Minnesota capped the game with an essentially meaningless touchdown late in the fourth quarter.
Standing in the Packers way this week are the San Francisco 49ers, perhaps the remaining NFC team most feared. The 49ers beat the Packers on the road in Week 1, however, both teams are far from where they were. The “Niners” are led by a different quarterback, altogether.

Prediction: 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is under a major microscope this week, as his decision to swap Alex Smith out for Colin Kaepernick was a hot topic. If Green Bay beats San Francisco when Smith beat the Packers earlier this season…don’t check your email/texts/mailbox Jim. San Francisco wins 35-20.

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

***(5) Seattle Seahawks at (1) Atlanta Falcons: 1:00 PM ET (FOX)***

The Seattle Seahawks are the only wild card team left in the playoffs and are rolling. In Washington D.C., the Redskins went up early 14-0 in the first quarter and looked to be in control when Robert Griffin III suffered another knee injury and wasn’t the same.
The Atlanta Falcons have the NFC’s best record (13-3) but seemingly have yet to earn a consensus respect the #1 team usually commands. With an unmatched passing attack, Atlanta will put up a formidable test for Seattle’s gritty secondary.

Prediction: Seattle needs to make sure they don’t get behind to Matt Ryan or they might not escape again. That said, Seattle wins 28-24.

***(3) Houston Texans at (2) New England Patriots: 4:30 PM ET (CBS)***

In a less than stimulating opening game, the Houston Texans held off the Cincinnati Bengals 19-13 at home to slip into the divisional round and must now face the Patriots in Foxborough, MA.
The Patriots have wonderful memories of facing the Texans in Week 14 in their house to the tune of 42-14.

Prediction: Expect a similar outcome to Week 14, as the Patriots will be itching to get back to the Super Bowl. New England wins 38-17.


Every fan base has them. Those awkward, gangly, dorky fans that embarrass the heck out of the rest of the crowd. Fortunately for me, my rival fan base has no shortage of such fans that I can point out with joy.

These are the top 10 most unfortunate moments for BYU fans:

10. BYU Touchdowns Are No Laughing Matter

This moment starts off our list and is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. #1 – Who is dense enough to suddenly scream around babies in a relatively quiet atmosphere. #2 – That moron filming was ecstatic that this child (possibly his son) was scared spit-less while he was rolling. The one upside to this is that this video was from the 2010 BYU/Utah game so the kid only went through this once. (And only once the next year)

9. Good Ol’ Wholesome Flash Mobbin’

Now, this video comes in at #9 because I’ll admit, it’s impressively executed. That being said, the video is a tad unfortunate in what it says about life at BYU. Very roughly estimated, this is easily over 1000 students who have this dance memorized…which raises the question how in the name did they get this many students together long enough and often enough to stick the choreography? Did they get credit for this? My word…

8. How Could They Lose This Time?!

I gotta say, I love watching this video but I feel awful for this kid. Really, he has no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes. If he’s cries about a losing effort during BYU’s best basketball season they’ve had for 50 years, let’s hope his Jazz turn things around…

7. That’s a Fair Question Actually

Ok, just a couple of questions of my own. Uh why did it take so long for this “seasoned” veteran to come up with the word games? “I pretty much go to all the football……..” I wonder if questions such as “When are we going to beat a team with a winning record?” came up…but I don’t think so.

6. Chumba-what-the…?

Well, this video is clearly unfortunate for you Y fans. Tubthumping? That’s your pump up song? I get it, you have kids in the back of the car, (as Provo enforces a very strict 3 child minimum in vehicles) so I don’t expect DMX or Tech N9ne on blast but dude! You don’t even know the words to the crappy song you decided to rock to. Bad taste seems to be the resounding theme to this whole situation.

5. It’s the Biggest Somethin’…

I didn’t know Jimmer Freddette could fake such a horrible Australian accent…and I learned something from this.

4. HI HO!!!!!!!!

That’s my coach! Good heavens, man. The only thing missing from that all-time low moment was the messy conclusion. Although, I’m actually glad they cut away because in my mind, I’ll always know…he ate that booger, and you can’t tell me he didn’t.

3. That Did Not Go Like I Planned In My Head…

Your dumb fan got whooped by our cheerleader. The End.

2. Oblivious: Not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one.

Oh, oh, oh, I got it. Music major! Is this guy for real sittin’ next to her? This girl is now synonymous with every Jimmer Freddette fan I know/meet in the future. Wow…your team.

1. You Lost Me At #1 Wear Blue…

This is unacceptable behavior. There’s a reason 3/4 of the “fans” you rounded up/tricked/drugged into being in this monstrosity look like they are 12. And did you really have to spend an entire minute singing the song? My favorite part about this video is “Franken-drummer” standing behind “MC Chucky Cheese” staring off into what had to be laughing camera guys. Also interesting to note that this video had 10 “like” votes and 95 “dislike” votes and maybe 105 people involved in the video….just saying.










The NFL owners and the players have been in discussions regarding the collective bargaining agreement. Many fans have been preparing for a lockout and an NFL-less 2011 season.

Meanwhile, the NCAA is licking their chops.

Just picture how much more popular college football will become if there is a lockout. Every die-hard NFL fan will now focus all their football attention to NCAA football. Andrew Luck is now Tom Brady, LaMichael James is Chris Johnson, etc.

You thought the sports agents’ meddling was bad before?

The up side? This will unite the country. Name a state that doesnt have a college football team. Alaska. Yeah ok, but they’re always left out. Who else? Yeah, no one. Everyone can get behind one team or two. Almost everyone has some sort of tie to one University of another.

Look for NFL analysts to take over some of the duties that NCAA football analysts once held. Look, also, for more off the field issues with kids not used to the fame and exposure.

I’m a little more than excited about the release of the Utes‘ Spring schedule for football practices and scrimmages. Now I just have to plan my work schedule accordingly…

Utes Spring Football Schedule <— Click Here

Players to watch:

WR Reggie Dunn #14 – Dunn was used primarily as a decoy on play-action plays and kick returns for his blazing speed. The kid can stop on a dime and then burn defenders with crazy acceleration. A great replacement for last year’s departed senior “Shaky” Smithson.

Play video at 1:15.

WR Kenneth Scott #2 – Scott was a big 4-star recruit for the Utes last season but suffered an ankle injury during fall camp. If this kid stays healthy, his height (6’3″) and hands make him a great weapon for Wynn. Play-action, corner end zone go up and get it receiver? Make it happen Norm.

DL Joe Kruger #99 – Name sound familiar? Joe is the third of his brothers to play on the DL for Utah. Paul now plays in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens. Dave, will be a junior this season and a likely starter. Joe is said to be the most athletic of the 3. At 6’7″, this kid’s a monster at 270 and still filling in.

DB Conroy Black #9 – This kid can flat-out fly. Last year’s team fastest 4.30 40-yard dash time and 2nd highest vertical on the team (39 Inches). With those stats, you’d think he would be the #1 overall receiver, so there must be a hands issue. He got a lot of experience last year for the Utes as backup to both Lamar Chapman and Brandon Burton and at nickel back, so he should be top dog at CB going into Spring ball a senior.


What a year 2010 turned out to be in sports. From the Alabama Crimson Tide winning the national championship to the Giants winning the World Series.

2010 saw Tiger Woods’ first full calendar year without notching a single victory, neither in majors nor non-major events.

2010 was host to both the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the World Cup in South Africa. Surprisingly, South Africa seemed to handle the role better with seemingly less to work with. Really, the only negative throughout the World Cup were those Vuvuzelas (they haunt my dreams).

2010 was the year of the media. Endless talk of where LeBron James would play the ’10-’11 season and beyond hijacked every sports radio station, column, channel, etc. until finally, it built up to “the Decision”, a poorly thought out plan by the LeBron James group to publicly announce his contract plans live on ESPN.

“The Decision” badly backfired when James chose against returning to Cleveland, where he was drafted 6 years ago, and left to play in Miami with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The backlash was instant in Cleveland and soon even the media, which profited greatly from “the Decision” threw James under the bus, calling his actions classless, selfish, and pretty much all the things the audience was wanting to hear.

Nearing the end of the year, and with the season under way, many of the media are forgiving of James and are more focussed on his play on the court.

2010 was a shaky shaky year for college football. It started with expansion rumors out of the Big East and the Big 10. The Big 10 fired first, inviting Big 12 member Nebraska into their ranks. Nebraska accepted the invite. The PAC-10, not to be outdone, fired next. They invited Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M. Colorado was the only school to accept. They later invited the University of Utah, who gladly accepted.

BYU, being passed over and no longer sharing a conference tie with rival Utah, left for far greener pastures as an Independent in Division 1A football, and far browner pastures in everything else, joining the West Coast Conference in all other sports.

TCU left for the Big East, and the top half of the WAC in football shifted over to the Mountain West Conference, to fill the holes left by the power trio that had, for nearly a decade, ruled the top of the conference.

Cam Newton burst onto the scene, dominating all in his way to winning the Heisman trophy and leading the Auburn Tigers into the national championship game. Looming over his accomplishments, however, were allegations that he was involved in a pay for play scheme with his father and an agent. Cam was ruled eligible for lack of evidence that he knew anything about the scheme. Let’s hope 5 years from now that we don’t have another Reggie Bush situation.

2010 was the year of the pitcher in the MLB. Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, Cliff Lee, and numerous others were in the spotlight this season. The Giants’ pitching staff received praise all season and they showed why. Solid pitching and late season play from Rookie Buster Posey led the Giants into the playoffs and hot bats at perfect times in the World Series sealed the deal for them.

The Lakers won their 2nd straight title, beating the Celtics and avenging their 2008 defeat in the finals to that nearly identical Celtics team.

Jimmie Johnson won his 5th straight Sprint Chase for the Cup title in a row (first ever to do so).

The UConn women’s basketball team broke the once thought impossible win streak record of 88 wins, set by the UCLA men’s basketball team under coach John Wooden. The lady Huskies’ record ended at 90 games.

All in all, a very crazy year. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.


I think disappointing would be adequate to describe BYU’s season in football this year.

Bantering with a few of my BYU fan buddies before the Twenty-10 season, I heard nothing but “Heaps, Heaps, and more Heaps.” Although many of my BYU friends would scoff at this, I even heard Heaps would be better than Hall last season right out of the gates.

Although Heaps showed specks of brilliance throughout the season, he didn’t have a go-to receiver like Hall had had the last 3 years.

Honestly, I thought BYU would start with 3 losses (Washington, Florida State, and Air Force) and then to TCU and Utah of course. I never thought that Utah State would stomp them.

To cap off the worst season, record-wise, since 2004, they get a default spot in the New Mexico Bowl, where that gem of a photograph up top was taken.

All I can say as a Ute fan is thank you BYU, for making this season so memorable in a good way.

BYU: The Best Football Team in Utah

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That’s right, I said it. BYU is playing lights out right now and deserve all the credit in the world.

Bronco Mendenhall made the decision to fire defensive coordinator Jaime Hill after BYU lost to Utah State in week 5.

Since then, BYU’s defense has been solid, and Jake Heaps has become very comfortable.

True, BYU is now into the soft part of their schedule and haven’t beaten a team they shouldn’t have, but they aren’t winning by 3 either. The last 2 weeks, BYU has won their games by an average of 43.5 points.

Sound like another team around here?

I seem to recall another Utah team that was averaging a 30+ margin of victory through 8 games. AVERAGED!!! And that was with a 3 point win and a 5 point win.

The Utes struggles can be tracked with pin-point accuracy to their game against Air Force. Utah thinks that they need to change their entire identity due to their sheer fear of the Falcons.

Every tiny trace of momentum the Utes had gained with their new found offensive success this season was thrown out the window by the coaching staff.

They switched their defensive scheme to match Air Force’s run game (which was already top 5 in the nation stopping the run).

They switched from the relentless passing attack that had carried them to the top 10.

Watching the last 2 Utah games following the Air Force game, has been excruciatingly painful. Dave Schramm, offensive coordinator for Utah, has returned to the stagnant check down passing scheme that destroyed the Utes’ offensive production in 2009.

Until Utah realizes that their issues are directly the result of HORRIBLE play calling and lack of courage to make changes, they will continue losing.

I know I’m not alone here when I say I am calling for the head of Dave Schramm on a cheap, wooden, plaque.

College Football Pick 10: 11/6/10

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So, I was out-picked by 2 points last week by my buddy Team Moblin. This week, we have some more big games. The 10 closest potentials this week:

1. Hawaii at #4 Boise State
2. #6 Alabama at #10 LSU
3. #8 Oklahoma at Texas A&M
4. #15 Arizona at #13 Stanford
5. #18 Arkansas at #19 South Carolina
6. #21 Baylor at #17 Oklahoma State
7. #25 NC State at Clemson
8. North Carolina at #24 Florida State
9. #3 TCU at #5 Utah
10. Texas at Kansas State

The teams picking this week will be:

Team Moblin:
1. Boise State over Hawaii – 10 pts
2. NC State over Clemson – 9 pts
3. Kansas State over Texas – 8 pts
4. OK State over Baylor – 7 pts
5. Florida State over North Carolina – 6 pts
6. South Carolina over Arkansas – 5 pts
7. LSU over Alabama – 4 pts
8. Stanford over Arizona – 3 pts
9. Texas A&M over Oklahoma – 2 pts
10. Utah over TCU

Team The Real Situation:
1. Boise State over Hawaii – 10 pts
2. Oklahoma over Texas A&M – 9 pts
3. Arkansas over South Carolina – 8 pts
4. OK State over Baylor – 7 pts
5. Florida State over North Carolina – 6 pts
6. TCU over Utah – 5 pts
7. Stanford over Arizona – 4 pts
8. Texas over Kansas State – 3 pts
9. Alabama over LSU – 2 pts
10. Clemson over NC State – 1 pts

Team Charlie “Wildcard” Kelly:
1. Oklahoma over TX A&M – 10 pts
2. Oklahoma St. over Baylor – 9 pts
3. Boise St. over Hawaii – 8 pts
4. Bama over LSU – 7 pts
5. Arizona over Stanford – 6 pts
6. Arkansas over South Carolina – 5 pts
7. FSU over North Carolina – 4 pts
8. Kansas St. over Texas – 3 pts
9. Clemson over NC State – 2 pts
10. Utah over TCU – 1 pt

Team 4th and 1:
1. Boise State over Hawaii – 10 pts
2. Stanford over Arizona – 9 pts
3. Alabama over LSU – 8 pts
4. Florida State over UNC – 7 pts
5. NC State over Clemson – 6 pts
6. Oklahoma State over Baylor – 5 pts
7. Arkansas over South Carolina – 4 pts
8. Texas over Kansas State – 3 pts
9. Texas A&M over Oklahoma – 2 pts
10. Utah over TCU – 1 pt

Team Red Rockets:(Rookie Round)
1. Boise St over Hawaii – 10 pts
2. Oklahoma over Texas A&M – 9 pts
3. Florida St over UNC – 8 pts
4. Texas over Kansas St. – 7 pts
5. Baylor over OK St. – 6pts
6. Arkansas over South Carolina – 5 pts
7. LSU over Alabama – 4 pts
8. Utah over TCU – 3 pts
9. Arizona over Stanford – 2 pts
10. Clemson over NC State – 1 pt

There ya have it. Should be another close week.

Week 7 Predictions: AP Top 25

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Ok, I know, there was already a top 25 game Thursday night and now its Friday. But I was busy with work, and it was the least predominate team of the bunch #25 West Virginia facing South Florida. Snooze.

Last week was a very good week for me. Here are the highlights and not so much picks from last week.

The good:
Nebraska vs Kansas State
Oregon State vs Arizona
Indiana vs Ohio State
USC vs Stanford

The not so good:
Alabama vs South Carolina
Florida vs LSU
Miami vs Florida State

This week only features 2 games with both ranked opponents. There are, however, many potential upsets this week.

Without further ado…

#24 Oregon State at Washington – Oregon State is coming off the “upset” over #9 Arizona last week. Although Arizona was highly overrated at 9, they are much better than the Huskies and Oregon State should win 31-17.

#23 Air Force at San Diego State – Talk about a tough one to call. Air Force has been on a tear recently. San Diego State also looked good until last week losing to a down BYU team on the road in Provo. Even though Air Force will be on the road, San Diego State couldn’t even accomplish the task of stopping BYU RB JJ DiLuigi  when Utah State could. How the heck are they gonna stop Air Force’s run game? Air Force wins 35-21.

Mississippi State at #22 Florida – Florida, florida, florida…how far you have fallen. LSU’s defense is top notch, no question. But Tennessee played as well against this terrible Tiger offense. Thats inexcusable for a Florida defense. Good thing it’s Mississippi State at home. Gators win 38-14.

#21 Missouri at Texas A&M – This will be the week that Mizzou gets exposed. Not that anyone expected greatness. Aggies win 28-21.

#20 Oklahoma State at Texas Tech – This game is another hard one to call. I think Texas Tech can win, but they won’t. Cowboys take it 42-31.

#19 Nevada at Hawaii – Nevada runs a fast paced offense that puts up numbers on teams fast. Hawaii doesn’t have anything to stop them and no weapons to match in a shootout. Nevada wins 35-24

#17 Arizona at Washington State – Arizona got a little reality check last week. They are not PAC-10 contenders like they thought. They will, however, beat lowly Washington State this Saturday. 24-17

Boston College at #16 Florida State – Florida State proved they’re for real as they demolished the Hurricanes of Miami. They’ll have no problems here, winning 38-10

#15 Iowa at Michigan – The Wolverines let me down last week. Michigan State did well shutting down Denard Robinson for the first time this season. Iowa has a good defense, so even in the “Big House”, Iowa pulls this one out 31-28.

Illinois at #13 Michigan State – Michigan State have shown they are for real. They have beaten Notre Dame and Michigan and this week, they’ll beat Illinois 35-17.

#11 Utah at Wyoming – Utah is back in conference play this weekend when they take on the Wyoming Cowboys in Laramie, WY. Utah absolutely embarrassed Iowa State this week and Wyoming was absolutely embarrassed by TCU 45-0. This should be a great chance for Utah to use this game as a measuring stick to where TCU is playing. Utah wins this game in cruise control 49-10.

#10 South Carolina at Kentucky – Now, keep in mind, this is the same Kentucky team that almost beat Auburn last week. South Carolina could find themselves in a trap game. That said, I think they get the “W” 27-24.

McNeese State at #9 LSU – Congratulations LSU! You won cupcake of the week. McNeese State? Who? Man, LSU wins in a barn-burner 38-7.

Mississippi at #8 Alabama – I wanna be the first to welcome Alabama back to Earth. Hope you had a blast on the #1 train again. Now that South Carolina put you in your place last week, you can get back to beating on your opponents. Alabama wins 42-17.

#12 Arkansas at #7 Auburn – This game is interesting. It will definitely be a shootout. Whichever QB can pull out a Heisman performance should pull the victory. Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton are 2 electrifying gun slingers. With Newton’s agility and threat as a runner, I give the home team the advantage here. Auburn 42-35.

Iowa State at #6 Oklahoma – This is yet another measuring stick game. The #11 Utes crushed the Iowa State Cyclones 68-27. If Oklahoma doesn’t dominate this game, we should have a better idea how good the Utes are. Oklahoma should win this one. I’m thinking 45-21.

Texas at #5 Nebraska. I think Nebraska is overdue for a surprise upset. Even though Nebraska has revenge on their minds with last year’s heartbreaking loss to Texas in the conference championship game, being ranked #6 and Texas needed a big win to turn their season around, it has the makings of a trap game. Texas shines and wins the shocker 35-24.

BYU at #4 TCU – BYU was riding high after beating tough San Diego State last week. TCU is riding even higher after crushing Wyoming 45-0 and retaining their #4 rank. BYU has struggled against TCU the last 2 years. This year will be even worse as TCU has one of the fastest running games in the country. BYU might be within a TD of TCU until the Horned Frogs get 2 possessions. TCU wins 45-17.

#3 Boise State at San Jose State – This should be a cake walk for Boise. Broncos win easily 50-10.

#1 Ohio State at #18 Wisconsin – Ohio State is finally clicking better on offense. Wisconsin has been lucky not to have 2 or 3 losses already. Ohio State wins 38-28.

Bye weeks – #2 Oregon, #14 Stanford

There you have it. Let me know your upset picks in the comments below. (if any)

The State of the Ute-ion Address

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Catchy title right? Pretty self-explanatory, I will be giving an overview of the Utes thus far in the 2010 season.

The Utes have now played 4 games and had their bye week. They will head to Ames, IA to play the Iowa State Cyclones on the 9th of October.

Utah is currently ranked 10th in both the AP poll and the coaches poll, which is the quickest ascent to the top 10 ever for the Utes.

Stat leaders for Utah are as follows;
Passing – Terrance Cain  (486 yards, 5 TD, 0 INT) Jordan Wynn (407 yards, 5 TD, 1 INT)

Rushing – Eddie Wide (210 yards, 3 TD) Matt Asiata (187 yards, 2 TD)

Receiving –  Jereme Brooks (307 yards, 4 TD) Devonte Christopher (224 yards, 2 TD) Shaky Smithson (67 yards, 1 TD)

Special Teams – Joe Phillips (24/24 PA att/made, 3/3 FG att/made)

Rankings – Utah’s passing game is ranked 61st and its rushing game is ranked 45th overall. Utah is ranked 6th in the nation in points for, averaging 44.3 points per game. They are ranked #7 in the nation in points allowed per game allowing an average of just 12.8 points per game. They are tied as the #1 defense in the country in total TDs allowed this season with Arizona and Alabama giving up just 3 total (1 rushing and 2 passing).

The middle third portion of the season will feature the following games; @Iowa State Oct. 9 / 7pm EST, @Wyoming Oct. 16 / 6pm EST, vs CSU Oct. 23 / 6pm EST, @Air Force Oct. 30 / 7:30pm EST

The Utes O-line is solid, not having given up a sack yet this season.

The defensive line is talented and deep. Currently, about 10-11 players are getting good playing time.

The TE position is deep as well. 3 players are getting snaps and receptions there.

The linebacking has been superior for the Utes this season. Chaz Walker, Matt Martinez, and Chad Manis are team leaders in tackles so far this season.

Conference Outlook – Utah is playing in the Mountain West Conference for the last season before joining the PAC-10 in 2011.

The state of the Ute-ion is good as ever as the Utes head into the second third of their season. As they improve each week, they look more and more like a combination of both previous undefeated Utah teams (the offense from ’04 and the defense from ’08).

If the Utes can remain unbeaten through the second third of their season, they are likely to be ranked somewhere around 7 or 8 in the nation.

Until then, we’ll fight for dear old crimson for…