NCAA Football 2011: BCS Gets It Right Again

Posted: December 8, 2011 by Dan Condie in Alabama, Iowa State, LSU, NCAA Football, Oklahoma State
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The announcement that LSU and Alabama would represent all of college football in the national championship game came with a lot of scrutiny and complaints.

No one denies that LSU is absolutely deserving to be in the title game. They swept the season schedule and blew out Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

Alabama’s inclusion, however, was met with disdain and gnashing of teeth.

How could Alabama receive an invite to play LSU when they already had their chance, having hosted the Tigers November 5th in an overtime losing effort?

Why doesn’t Oklahoma State deserve the spot and chance to prove themselves against LSU?

The BCS ranking system has no obligation to assure no rematch occurs in the national championship game. The fact that LSU and Alabama have already played each other, ironically strengthens Alabama’s case for a NC bid.

LSU scored an average of 38.2 points per game this season. The reason this average is so low, is because Alabama held them to 9 points (3 of which were scored in OT).

Alabama was the #2 ranked team in the nation heading into that game and, had they won, the argument would likely be “Why #2 LSU does not deserve a rematch against undefeated #1 Alabama.”

The fact that Alabama already “had its shot” against LSU does not in any way discredit the rest of their season.

If Oklahoma State had handled their business against Iowa State the way they were expected, instead of being embarrassed, there would be no argument. Two undefeated teams, two spots in the title game, happy nation.

But, the facts remain. Oklahoma State lost to a 6-6 Cyclones squad by 6 in double overtime. Alabama lost to the undisputed #1 team in the nation by a field goal in overtime.

OK State gets the shaft – Alabama gets the nod – Justice prevails.

  1. a lombardi says:

    Here is the problem I have with the rematch: Alabama lost to LSU at home, came in second in their division and did not win their conference but was still given an easier road to the championship game than LSU, who had to play Georgia and win the SEC or be bumped from the championship game altogether. Because of that, it seems more fair that only conference champions should play in the championship game.

  2. Dan Condie says:

    While I agree it sucks because Ok State is an amazing team, in this case, I agree that the BCS has the best 2 teams in the country.

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