Jazz’d out…of the playoffs

Posted: March 22, 2011 by Dan Condie in NBA, Utah Jazz
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There was a time (actually 20 years) when year in and year out, the Utah Jazz were contenders for both their division and often the conference title. How far the mighty have fallen.

This season saw Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer leave for the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Sloan throw in the towel, and Deron Williams traded to the New Jersy Nets.

Even after Karl Malone and John Stockton left, Sloan was able to piece together playoff seasons, but this year will take years to recover from.

Just more evidence that jumping the Jazz ship in ’99 was the right thing to do.

  1. alombardi says:

    Don’t get too down on the Jazz, they’re a victim of the new NBA where teams aren’t marketed, cities aren’t marketed, only players with celebrity appeal are marketed. There’s no reward for having a team make the playoffs for 20 years straight- that won’t get the Jazz on national television anymore. But a terrible team like the Knicks (embarrassed by the Celtics in the 4th quarter last night) who may be the worst run fanchise in pro sports and will have no shot at a championship, will have a few nationally televised games each week because the NBA believes Carmello scoring 40pts is the better way to market the league. Unfortunately the players all see this and understand that playing in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Salt Lake City may soon be the equivalent of entering the witness protection program.

    • Dan Condie says:

      Oh believe me, I am not a fan of the Jazz and have quite enjoyed the lack of enthusiasm around here that normally lasts until the early rounds of the playoffs…too soon Jazz fans?

      My loyalty lies with the villain, King James.

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