Round 1 Bracket Breakdown: Southeast Region

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football


I know I’m squeezing this one in so I’ll rush it.

Game 1: Pitt will roll UNC-Ash.

Game 2: Butler may have had an amazing run last year but I think Old Dominion is too good and Butler too depleated. OD wins.

Game 3: This one pains me. I picked Kansas State, but my heart is with the Aggies. “I believe that they might win.”

Game 4: This is my crazy upset pick. Belmont over Wisconsin. Why? Call it a hunch. We’ll see.

Game 5: St John’s vs Gonzaga is another tough one to call but I have to go with the Big East here. St. John’s has proven it can win big games this season. Gonzaga has been inconsistent but playing well lately. Again, we’ll see.

Game 6: Although it would be a sweet ending to another losing Utah season to see BYU again struggle in the tourney by going out first round, but the Y is better than Wofford with Jimmer alone, and according to the national media, he is.

Game 7: UCLA and Michigan State definitely have the most tournament and program history of any first round match up. I like Michigan State for head coach Tom Izzo’s experience in the dance.

Game 8: Open and shut case. Florida rolls UC Santa Barbara.


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