Round 1 Bracket Breakdown: Southwest Region

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Dan Condie in NCAA Basketball
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I have gone over and over my Southwest region and get the same result. I can’t get any confidence when picking the Notre Dame/Purdue game and then when picking the Kansas/winner of previous game. Oh well, that’s the madness aspect of March Madness.

Game 1: Kansas is another favorite to win the whole tournament and I fully expect Kansas to be on cruise control past Boston University.

Game 2: UNLV and Illinois was a tough pick, but I think UNLV’s quickness and toughness in the paint will prevail over Big 10‘s Illinois.

Game 3: I know this game is going to destroy me since I seem to be the only one picking Vanderbilt to win, but 30 wins against nobody is not enough to push Richmond over the top but we’ll see.

Game 4: Louisville has not been the same powerhouse from the last couple years, but Coach Rick Petino has been to the dance many times before and will get through the 1st round safely.

Game 5: VCU won a spot in the field of 64 and has been yapping to the media about how deserving they are to be in the tourney for beating USC in their play-in game. Well, beat Georgetown and we’ll talk, but I don’t see that happening.

Game 6: Purdue had a lot of success this season in the Big 10 and even though they lost guard Kelsey Barlow to misconduct, St. Peter’s will not be able to cool the Boilermakers.

Game 7: Another tough game to pick was Texas A&M over Florida State. The Seminoles have been gaining a lot of steam in pick popularity but I think the Aggies pull this one out. Either way, winner of this one loses to Notre Dame next round.

Game 8: As mentioned before, Notre Dame will not have any trouble with Akron. I fully expect the Irish to make an appearance in the “Elite Eight”.


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