No NFL? No problem.

Posted: March 5, 2011 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football, NFL
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The NFL owners and the players have been in discussions regarding the collective bargaining agreement. Many fans have been preparing for a lockout and an NFL-less 2011 season.

Meanwhile, the NCAA is licking their chops.

Just picture how much more popular college football will become if there is a lockout. Every die-hard NFL fan will now focus all their football attention to NCAA football. Andrew Luck is now Tom Brady, LaMichael James is Chris Johnson, etc.

You thought the sports agents’ meddling was bad before?

The up side? This will unite the country. Name a state that doesnt have a college football team. Alaska. Yeah ok, but they’re always left out. Who else? Yeah, no one. Everyone can get behind one team or two. Almost everyone has some sort of tie to one University of another.

Look for NFL analysts to take over some of the duties that NCAA football analysts once held. Look, also, for more off the field issues with kids not used to the fame and exposure.

  1. Zach Barney says:

    this is making me excited!

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