BYU recently released Brandon Davies, starting center for the Cougars’ men’s basketball team. Reason given, “honor code violation”.

Now, growing up in Utah and being Mormon myself, I’m more than familiar with BYU and their honor code, which stems loosely from standards expected of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I also happen to be a fan of BYU’s rival school, the University of Utah, so I find myself in a life canundrum. On the one hand, I respect the Church for standing by their rules and guidelines and am completely in agreement with Davies being kicked off the team and possibly out of school.

On the other hand, I hate BYU…fans. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting a BYU fan during a down year for their current sporting program, nicest people you could ever meet. Now, if you meet that same fan during a year where their team (football or basketball) is having a great season, or in this case, the best year they will ever have…ever, the story is the exact opposite.

BYU fans have trouble handling success. If you think this statement is false or biased in any way…watch this video of a mass celebration in the streets following BYU’s victory over then ranked Oklahoma week 1 of the 2009-10 season.

Week 1. Over a team ranked #3 in the preseason before ever playing a game. These fans act like they just won the BCS National Championship game. Fast forward through the season, Oklahoma losses 5 games and ends the season unranked. BYU gets slaughtered on their own field by Florida State, TCU, and ends up 2nd place in the Mountain West with yet another invite to the “illustrious” Las Vegas Bowl.

Arrogance, self-righteousness, having a sense of entitlement, all great ways to describe the Cougar fan-base. Ever since BYU started to get recognition, or should I say since Jimmer Freddette started to receive recognition, the rumblings started again for the team down south.

“We will win the tourney this year”. “Jimmer Freddette is the best shooter ever to live”, and of course “Jimmer is gonna be unstoppable in the NBA” are all ridiculous comments I have heard personally from friends of mine that attend BYU. Don’t even get me started on the comments I’ve read online.

Because the Cougar fans can never seem to learn to hold off talks of greatness until they actually acheive it, I am thrilled at the prospect of another early exit for the “kitties”.

Once upon a time, there was a modest sports program out of Salt Lake City that went undefeated and shook the college football world in 2004. They liked it so much, they did it again in 2008. As an added bonus, their school was invited to the PAC-10 to play with the big boys.

BYU, meanwhile, went on to lose in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament. They also lose Jimmer Freddette to the NBA, Jackson Emery to graduation, and Coach Dave Rose to a higher paying position. They move on to “solitary” in football and the West Coast Conference for basketball and a few other sports, where they strengthen their rivalry with increasingly competitive Utah State and fade into obscurity.The End

Good story huh?

  1. Zach Barney says:

    Dan I am throwing the BS flag on this one. You are generalizing BYU fans. Before Davies was kicked out of school I thought BYU was elite eight material at best, now sweet 16 at best, likely 2nd round loss. I am not alone in this view.

    Why shouldn’t BYU have been happy about beating Oklahoma? They were playing the 1st football game ever in Cowboys Stadium, against the #3 team in the nation and reigning Heisman winner. If you think Utah fans would not do this, dare me to find similar videos (a la TCU victory 2009-2010.)

    Love you bro and most of your posts, but this one is a generalization. Something that you would hate if I said it about Utah.

    • Dan Condie says:

      “BS flag has been thrown on the play! Challenging the inappropriate generalization.”

      After further review, the generalization is necessary.

      I condone Max Hall’s comments because that really is what the guy thinks. Would he have said that if he could do it again? I doubt it, but that doesn’t mean what he said isn’t what he thinks just because he apologized. That is what makes it a rivalry. You need to stop reading “BYU fans” and personalizing it buddy. You guys are so sensitive. When I say “BYU fan” or even just “BYU” or “the team down south” you can’t think that I think those same negative things when I think about you or any of my other BYU friends individually. The self-righteous, nerdy, sheltered stereotype is what the U students tag BYU with to irk you, just as BYU tags Utah with the classless, stupid, heathen stereotypes that i KNOW can be justified among U students just like nerdy kids . There are stoner drunkards at the Y and every other college.

      Generalization, in the context of a rivalry is not only necessary, it’s the cornerstone.

      That’s why guys that fit the stereotype we have for BYU (Max Hall, Austin Collie, etc.) are the guys we hate the most. (:

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    You didn’t grow up in Utah.

  3. Tanner says:

    Hey man beating the number 3 team is exciting. You don’t agree? I was there in Provo. I personally have been humble about sports success, not to say I haven’t celebrated. What I mean is I don’t do on the “overrated” chants when we beat a good team, or anything. BYU has had lots of success, just because we haven’t gone undefeated or win many tourney games doesn’t mean it’s in vain. A 3-5 loss season is a major achievement in basketball.

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