NBA trade deadline dust has cleared: Who came out on top?

Posted: February 25, 2011 by Dan Condie in NBA, New York Knicks
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There were so many moves this season before the NBA trade deadline. All-Stars were moved (Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams) and draft picks changed hands like playing cards.

Some of these trades were expected. Carmelo Anthony, for instance, was the center of trade talks this past season due to ‘Melo’s contract expiring the end of the season and Anthony’s concern with leaving potential money on the table with the collective bargaining agreement.

Other trades, however, were blindsides. For instance, the Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets trade.

Now that the deadline is passed, there are clearly teams that did better than others when it came to improving through trades. I’ve come up with the 3 top teams as far as strengthening themselves.

#3 – New Jersey Nets

Ok, we all know that Deron Williams will leave the Nets after 2012, just like he would have left Utah. Of course there are exceptions to every situation, and if New Jersey can pull off a makeover of the century on the current Nets team and maybe pull in a huge free agent or two this summer, Williams could change his mind. I just don’t see it.

The reason I put them at #3 is the sheer improvement this makes in the Nets line-up. A facilitator like Deron Williams has been making very average players very productive with his play-making and passing abilities. Problem is, there won’t be a lot of players capable of finishing the assist for Williams. Lucky for the Nets, he can shoot too.

#2 – LA Clippers

The Clippers come in at #2 for making the most lopsided trade on the board. They successfully traded Baron Davis, who has lost all motivation in LA, and a first round draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Jamario Moon and Mo Williams. The Cavs must be trying to break their recently set record for consecutive losses.

#1 – New York Knicks

This one was easy. After LeBron James announced he would go to Miami the Summer of 2010, many people wondered whether or not the Knicks would be able to land a player good enough to make the Knicks competitive in the East. Although Carmelo Anthony is no King James, he was absolutely a key addition on the pathway back to not just relevancy, but dominance. This move makes the Knicks a very enticing place to play now for free agents. For the first time since the ’80’s and ’90’s, the Knicks are the hottest ticket in the Big Apple.

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