Silva vs Belfort: Legend of “The Phenom”

Posted: February 2, 2011 by Dan Condie in MMA, UFC
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What better way to open Super Bowl weekend than with a championship bout between 2 legendary fighters Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort? I can’t think of one either.

There are 2 types of MMA fans. Those that started liking the UFC during or after Chuck Liddell‘s champion years, and those that know who Vitor Belfort is, aka real fans.

Belfort was born in Brazil and started fighting MMA professionally at the age of 19. Because of how dominant he was at his young age, he earned the nickname “The Phenom”. He has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo with some of the fastest hands in the UFC. This is a highlight from when Belfort fought fellow Brazilian Wanderlei Silva. You’ll see what i meant about the quick hands.

Yes, this was 12 years ago, I’ll give you that. But this is what he is capable of. It’s been a while since Vitor has fought a current contender, let alone a champion so I don’t know what to expect. However, his last fight was against former middleweight champion Rich Franklin and ended with Belfort knocking Franklin out in impressive fashion.

Maybe I’m writing Vitor off undeservedly. The guy is only 33 years old. Sure, he’s been around forever but Randy Couture is pushing 45 and he is still top 10 in the heavyweight division.

Vitor Belfort was the reason I became a fan of the UFC back when UFC 16, 17 etc. were current (1998). I’ll be watching this fight hoping for a Belfort victory, which would make him former heavyweight, light heavyweight and current middleweight champion of the world.


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