Highlight of the Day 1/16/11

Posted: January 16, 2011 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football

It’s always bitter-sweet when your team is on the receiving end of a poster dunk, crushing tackle, or…well, check it out

How can you be mad about that? I watched as he did this to my Avs live on TV and I stood up and clapped. It’s not like the goalie Craig Anderson had a shot at it. I have never seen someone “cherry bomb” a goal like that. I’ve seen baseball swing goals, sure, but to smack the puck with your hand and wait for it to fall below the cross bar so it can legally be hit, and not only that, the puck beat a waiting goaltender over the shoulder, top shelf.

Simply unbelievable.

  1. Chris Condie says:

    Yeah…and he is naturally a right-handed hitter. Looks like he’s a decent switch-hitter.

  2. Jeri F. Howe says:

    The only think that is ridiculous about MATS is that he refuses to politely rule out MTL or another team. The fact is that he is stringing along 5 or even all 6 teams who need to make alternative plans for next season. Everyone can at least move on if he says Montreal is not in my plans How hard it that you Swedish meathead! ..Take as much time as you need Mats as long as you are are not stringing along the Habs.

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