Estrogen Corner – McKenzie: Oregon edition

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Dan Condie in Auburn, NCAA Football, Oregon, Utah
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It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. Estrogen Corner has returned and this time, it features McKenzie Dean. McKenzie runs long distance track for the University of Utah and is an avid fan of the Oregon Ducks football team. She is studying sports broadcasting and wants to be working as an analyst or reporter one day. Needless to say, she knows her stuff. Here’s the interview.

Dan Condie – Ok, so first of all, what have you been most impressed with the Ducks this season?

McKenzie Dean – Most certainly the season they had, going undefeated, and making it to the national championship for the first time ever in University of Oregon history.

DC – What was the biggest reason for Oregon’s success?

MD – I think a major reason was what Oregon calls “WTD”, win the day. Focusing on each practice and each game one at a time, ignoring what the media and rankings had to say. Certain athletes definitely had to step up and be leaders on both sides of the field, especially Darron Thomas after losing [Jeremiah] Masoli to run Kelly’s fast paced offense.

DC – Do you know what any of those picture signs mean?

MD – (laughs) Sadly, no, even ESPN has been trying to crack Kelly’s way to communicate with his players. I made a “gameday” sign representing the play board, however.

DC – So what is the biggest threat that Auburn poses?

MD – One word. CamNation. Cam Newton definitely is a stud and Auburn carries a strong offensive line up that Oregon’s defense will have to stop.

DC – But if Oregon hangs 50+ the defense won’t have to do much more than get in the way of Newton right?

MD – If Oregon scores that high in the “natty” against Auburn that’d be quite the accomplishment. Oregon’s offense is impeccable, not being biased, (laughs) but I still think it will come down to who has the stronger defense to either stop the Ducks or stop Cam. With the offensive, Auburn is gonna go in wanting to stop [Jeff] Maehl and [LaMichael] James, and Huff and Barner have to be ready to step up and I think they will put on an amazing show.

DC – What are you gonna do when Utah and Oregon face off more regularly?

MD – (laughs) Everyone asks me that. I’m a student and athlete here at the U, but I’ve been a Duck fan since the womb, so I have to roll with my pride. I’m a die hard what can ya say?

DC – I’m that way with my Utes. How long can Oregon stay on top?

MD – This is just the beginning. It’s amazing that they made it to the “natty”! We just signed the number one linebacker in the nation to fill in for leaving outstanding senior Casey Matthews, along with signing many more top recruits. Thomas will be back, along with “LaMike”, who decided to stay instead of leaving for the NFL draft. They will be stacked and supported by amazing coordinators and head coach of the year! Can you yell O?!

DC – So in other words, you’re gonna be the USC of this decade.

MD – Minus the Reggie Bush scandal and punishments SC is facing.

DC – Hopefully. Gotta be careful with all the Nike stuff so close. Easy for Oregon players to access representation.

MD – Phil Knight has been a massive contributor. Nike started there (at Oregon) and built itself to where it is today because of Oregon. Plus, Nike and the University are much smarter than to let that happen. No need to be jealous of our amazing jerseys!

DC – So when Kelly is out for the NFL, then what?

MD – You could’ve asked me the same question two years ago when Mike Bellotti left to be an ESPN analyst, and then a new coach was hired with even more success than before. Chip is under contract for at least the next few years, but I have full confidence that another positive replacement will be made. You should know that about the Utes.

DC – And as the last question, what will be the final score?

MD – No prediction. Whoever is holding the glass football at the end is all that matters. My faith is in the Ducks.

DC – So whatever the score, the Ducks will have more you think.

MD – (laughing) You sound like a true sports writer trying to pry things out. Just have to watch tomorrow’s game live! SCODUCKS!!!

DC – You know I will. Thanks so much for the time.

MD – No worries!

Prediction or not, this girl is on top of her Duck knowledge. I did pick the Ducks over Auburn myself and hope like with Utah/Alabama in ’09, speed and agility will win out over power and size. Like Mckenzie said, just gotta watch live. The game will be Monday Jan. 10th at 8:30 pm ET.


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