Collie gets Sunday bells rung…again

Posted: December 19, 2010 by Dan Condie in NFL
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Turning to the Colts/Jaguars game this afternoon, I saw Austin Collie had had a stellar first half in his first game back from his devastating concussion against the Eagles. It was pretty scary.

Again, Collie was having an amazing game, having caught 8 passes for 87 yards and 2 TD’s.

Early in the 3rd quarter, Peyton Manning threw to Collie on a comeback route that hit Collie right off the chest and bounced away incomplete. The very next play, Peyton threw deep to Collie on a slant route over the middle…sound familiar?

The craziest part is that Collie stood up and walked off the field after the last hit. Again, he was diagnosed with a concussion…really…

Steve Young had to retire with gas in his tank due to multiple concussions. Let’s hope Collie stops getting called over the middle, or he will retire with a full tank.

Peyton, I hope there’s a fruit basket and apology note at Collie’s home for that attempt on his life.


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