Highlight of the Day 12/12

Posted: December 12, 2010 by Dan Condie in Colorado Avalanche, NHL
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So, I threw out some love to college basketball with the last highlight post.

I’m gonna go a little off the beaten path here and talk hockey. A small minority of Americans understand the rules of hockey. But everyone knows what this video is about:

Man, that is epic. I had no idea peewee hockey was so intense. I love how this 9 year old kid is skating out this penalty shot in spot lighting, and really is incredibly, depressingly, sad to watch.

This highlight is devoted to the best shootout goals by professional hockey players. Obviously, it works out better for them than for young Gordon Bombay. You watch closely at this stick work and control and see if you aren’t amazed.

Once college football is done, NBA and NHL will be highlighted on the blog. I suggest learning to like hockey because my Colorado Avalanche are looking good this season!


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