Reggie Bush Jr.

Posted: December 8, 2010 by Dan Condie in Auburn, NCAA Football, USC
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Hands down, he was the most electrifying player on the football field all season. He lead his team to the national championship game and had the ability to take any game on his shoulders and make magic happen. He required a spy on defense every play to ensure he didn’t run all over your defense.

I am of course referring to Cam Newton.

You thought I meant Reggie Bush? Interestingly enough, in 3 years time, I think these two explosive campus legends will be inseparable in the minds of college football fans. Just as the name Barry Bonds is tied to Roger Clemens, Mark McGuire, and Sammy Sosa.


Because those men have all admitted to or have been accused of cheating in baseball through steroid use.

Reggie Bush’s final year at USC ’05-’06 was surrounded by rumors that he had accepted money under the table from agents.

That season, Reggie Bush also received an overwhelming majority of the Heisman voters’ 1st place ballots.

After 3 years of Bush playing in the NFL, the NCAA concluded their investigation into whether or not Reggie Bush and the USC athletic director, football program, and coaching staff were in compliance with NCAA standards regarding player eligibility. They deemed USC out of compliance and made an example out of the them by revoking post season eligibility for 2 seasons. USC also forfeited 30 scholarships over that two season span.

After these bans and sanctions were placed, Reggie Bush returned his Heisman Trophy to the Heisman Trust and made mention, during the accompanying press conference, that he was returning the Heisman and apologized for covering for his family, referring to the money scandal.

Well, all signs point to that same situation repeating itself.

Cam Newton will go in the late first round or early second round of the NFL draft (I could see Miami taking a chance on a mobile quarterback with an arm to fit their system). After the NCAA concludes its investigation on the Newtons, Mississippi State, and Auburn, we will once again be dealing with a Heisman Trophy winner with his skeletons dug up and on display. Maybe even a tainted 2011 national championship will enter the conversation.

Will Cam get up to the podium and return his Heisman in 2013, after the NCAA places sanctions on Auburn like those USC received (including return of its national championship), and apologize for covering for his Father Cecil Newton’s attempts to solicit a bribe?

I hope not. But I see it coming people.

  1. Zach Barney says:

    Agreed. It is pretty ridiculous that the NCAA can’t learn from its mistakes and Auburn can’t learn from USCs mistakes.

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