Rivalry Week 2010

Posted: November 25, 2010 by Dan Condie in BYU, NCAA Football, Utah
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You hear it talked about all around you, feel it in the steadily colder air. It makes you feel love toward strangers and hatred toward your own friends.

Rivalry week.

Rivalry week is “no holds barred” week. Rivalry week is “pull up the painful past” week. Rivalry week is “prove why your team/university is the best week”.

In the spirit and honor of all those things, I am going to shed some light on the history of this rivalry and take it to the team down south. Otherwise known as the TDS.

The problem here, is that you can’t ever talk rivalry with a fan of the TDS because they revert back to their glory days of ’72-’92 and throw the national championship around (that’s another topic for another day).

In order to take bias and stat twisting out of the equation, the ENTIRE rivalry statistics will be called into play here. (Including the years when the team down south was actually the “team down south academy” )

The rivalry between the University of Utah and the team down south has been an ongoing battle for in-state supremacy going all the way back to 1896.

Overall record in the rivalry – Utah 53, TDS 34, 4 ties

Overall points scored in the rivalry – Utah 2046, TDS 1676

Most points scored in one rivalry game – TDS 70 1980, Utah 57 1988

Most lopsided victory in the rivalry – TDS 56-6 Utah

Average margin of victory over rival – Utah 18.1 pts, TDS 17.5 pts

Average points scored in the rivalry – Utah 22.5, TDS 18.4

Number of times shutting out rival – Utah 17, TDS 3 (twice in 1897)

Make no mistake about it. No matter how you look at it, the team down south is the little brother in this rivalry. There was a time, early on, when big brother beat up on little brother like he was a speed bag. As little brother took his whoopings and learned and grew, he was able to become dominant over big brother for a while.

Now, things have become very equal between the two teams. Each have had their own victories at the other’s expense. Each have lost heartbreaking games that could have or should have been theirs.

At the end of the day, Utah will always have the upper hand and reserves the right to lay a whooping on little brother.

Go Utes!!!

  1. Tanner says:

    Well you know what the BYU fans say about the lopsided victory for the Utes: You have had more home games then us.

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