Posted: November 10, 2010 by Dan Condie in Auburn, NCAA Football
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If you watch the sporting news, especially in regards to college football, there’s a huge story right now involving Auburn starting QB Cam Newton.

Newton started his collegiate career as a backup QB for Florida, as a freshman, in ’07. Due to injury, he used a red shirt year in ’08.

After transferring to play for Blinn Junior College, Cam was one of the highest recruited players in the country, Mississippi State and Auburn being the 2 most active schools in his recruitment.

He landed at Auburn and has been putting up ridiculous numbers this season.

Well, recently, Mississippi State has reported to the NCAA that a man, claiming to represent Newton, communicated to their recruiting office that he could ensure a signature on a national letter of intent from Newton to play for Miss. St if they were willing to pay $200,000.00.

Newton and his father have denied these claims.

To make matters worse, since that story broke, accounts of misbehavior from Newton while at Florida have surfaced. Allegedly, Newton was caught for cheating 3 times, including one when he added his name to another student’s paper without that student’s knowledge.

The worst part for Cam and his father just recently came to light, though.

ESPN’s Joe Schad reported that the compliance department at Mississippi State has separate recordings of phone conversations with both Cam Newton and his father admitting Cam’s decision would be monetarily based.

Newton’s father said that Cam’s commitment would be based on “more than just a scholarship”. Cam reportedly called in upset stating that he was very sorry that he couldn’t sign with Mississippi State but the “money was too much”.

Auburn is denying all allegations that they paid Newton or his father for his commitment and stand firm in stating that Cam Newton is eligible to play for Auburn.

One thing’s for sure. Newton is in a lot of trouble. Maybe not this season, maybe not even for a couple years, but once the NCAA digs up enough evidence, it looks likely that they will determine Newton was ineligible for receiving money to play college football.

With Newton’s past with cheating at Florida, being arrested for knowingly buying a stolen laptop (also while at Florida), it seems that this was to be expected.

The difficulty of all this is that Newton is clearly the best college football player in the nation, and nothing has been proven to make him ineligible yet. Heisman trophy voters are in a sticky situation because with Reggie Bush recently returning his Heisman trophy after NCAA investigations found him to be ineligible his winning year, the last thing they want to do is give the trophy to another candidate that faces a similar fate.

Of course, it’s all rumors and allegations at this point, but given Newton’s past, and the information being reported from trusted sources, it doesn’t look good for Auburn or the Newtons.


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