Estrogen Corner: Rebecca – Broncos Edition

Posted: November 4, 2010 by Dan Condie in NFL
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It’s what everyone has been waiting for. The newest edition of Estrogen Corner will feature my great friend Rebecca Roberts.

Rebecca is a huge Broncos fan among numerous other sports. She, like Morgan, knows her stuff. Rebecca danced on the Utes “Crimson Line” and also knows her Utes  football (foreshadowing). This is the interview with her:

Dan Condie – First question, How do you feel about Josh McDaniels’ style of coaching?

Rebecca Roberts – It’s embarassing. Honestly, if we weren’t still paying Shannahan, I think McDaniels would have been out after the Raiders totally demolished us. He does not give up on a play. No matter how many times Maroney or Moreno are brought down in the backfield, he runs that same play over and over and it drives me insane! We have one of the best passers in the game right now and he does not properly utilize him. We try and rush in 3rd and long situations every game, and it is so frustrating to watch. I do like what he is doing with Tebow, but now the other team always knows that when he comes in, it’s a QB sneak up the middle. So, I wish on long yardage downs, he would bring Tebow in and have him throw to throw off the other team. I mean, we didnt pick him over Dez Bryant to get 10 rushing yards per game from him. Right? I would really love to see him work on our running game and work on more big yardage throws from Orton.

DC – If you were offensive coordinator, what’s the first thing you’d whip into shape?

RR – We have got to do something about our running game. After the Shannahan era, I think Broncos fans have always expected to have hugh quality RB’s, but we keep giving them away. Hillis for pretty boy Quinn, give me a break! Im very pleased with our O-line and passing but we have to find a way to get our running backs out of the backfield, because they rarely make it past the line of scrimmage and defenses have caught onto that, so it’s almost like they know now what to expect and we’re getting destroyed because of it.

DC – How much is the inexperienced O-line to blame for Denver’s slump and lack-luster first half of tte season?

RR – I think they are hardly to blame. Orton is rarely rushed to get the ball off and if you watch the games back like i do, you’ll see how many times the RB just does not follow their blocks, many times they even run into their blockers, it baffles me. Sure, there have been a couple fumbled snaps, but i think what is really missing, is communication…which I also blame on the coach.

DC – The Broncos showed signs of being very good on defense but have struggled the last few weeks. How do you think they can get back on track?

RR – I think our biggest problem is run defense and penalties. It’s so frustrating when we make an amazing play on pass defense and then are penalized for grabbing a face mask or holding. It seems to happen at the worst time, (ie the Jets game!) Teams run all over us and it’s like our defensive just steps aside and lets them pound the middle. I think if we could pull together our run defense and make them throw we would have some more wins.

DC – If you had the #1 draft pick today, who would you pick?

RR – Like from the current college players or are you talking if we did this years draft all over again?

DC – Current college players.

RR – Given our terrible running game this season, I think we would need to draft a RB that we could make into an elite player. I hate Oklahoma, but I really like Demarco Murray right now.

DC – A RB?! Do the Broncos do anything but select RBs in the draft? What about the need for a DE?

RR – We used to select running backs, back in the Shanahan days that I miss so dearly. I am never very optimistic about a DE as a first round pick, but i suppose if they choose to go that way, I would love Adrian Clayborn. However, knowing McDaniels, we’ll probably just keep racking up the QB’s.

DC – Last question, who on the Broncos has the most breakout potential between Thomas, Tebow, and Moreno?

RR – Thomas. He has already had some great plays and shows potential. Moreno is injury prone and Tebow, well, don’t get me started on Tebow.

DC – Ok Becca, what do you want to say about your Utes? The floor is yours.

RR – Ah the Utes, thank goodness for them or this entire football season would have been a bust for me! I love them, I think watching them play is so exciting. This weekend is going to be tough, but I really feel, win or lose, we have proven the kind of football team that we are. I just love that we are a complete football team and not all centered around one player. We’ll be good for many years to come, unlike that other team down south. I am so excited for next season. All i can say is look out PAC-10, we’re comin for ya!!

DC – Thanks so much!

There it is folks. Rebecca Roberts. Real, live, girl that can go toe to toe with the NFL network’s best. Top tier in all her fantasy leagues. This chick, is the business.

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