Another BCS Soapbox

Posted: November 4, 2010 by Dan Condie in Alabama, Auburn, Boise State, NCAA Football, Ohio State, Oregon, TCU, Utah
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I absolutely cannot convey how enormous this week in college football is. The theme of this season, or I guess I should say main theme this season, is “Non-AQ: Worthy or Unworthy”. With Boise State starting out the season ranked #4 in the AP Polls, (highest ever preseason ranking for a non-AQ team) the resounding consistency in every college football discussion every week has been mention of any chance of a non- automatic qualifying conference school like Boise State and TCU deserve to be in the national championship.

Well, this week, #3 TCU and #5 Utah face off in the not only the biggest game in each of these 2 schools’ histories, but, depending on how the rest of the season plays out, could end up being the most important college football game of the decade.

The winner of this game will most definitely finish the season as the highest ranked non-AQ team (Boise having too weak a schedule to outshine this game). Not only that, but it could mean the difference between an invite to the national championship, and the Las Vegas Bowl perhaps.

The funniest part about all this is that last year, when TCU and Boise State both finished undefeated, the BCS chickened out and had TCU face off against Boise State. Many believe it was due to the 2 teams having played the year before in a close game and could spin the “rematch” story. I believe, however, that the BCS matched them up as damage control. No matter the outcome, 1 of the 2 non-AQ teams will lose, and the team the winner defeats is not a BCS school. The game proved again to be exciting and came down to the last series but I think both teams were hosed.

What will the BCS do when Utah, TCU, and Boise State prove this season that they belong in the national championship race? I don’t think there’s a soul in the country that thinks a Big East or ACC champ deserves a spot in a BCS game over any of the 3 non-AQs. Maybe, not even a Big 12 champ or a Big 10 champ either.

I have said from the very first week of the BCS polls, (which is when I think the polls should start in the first place) that Oregon is the best team in the nation followed by a 3 way tie for second with TCU, Boise State and Utah being equally good. Then, either Auburn or Alabama and Ohio State. These are the teams that are balanced, well coached, and have been through the refiner’s flames. This is not Boise State’s, TCU’s or Utah’s first rodeo by a long shot and I challenge you to find 3 teams as consistently at the top the last 6 years and you can start to understand the caliber of these teams.


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