I still can’t get over how big this week was for college football. There are tons of things to remember so I’l have to skim the best off the top. As far as things to forget, coming up with those seems to take more effort. If it’s worth forgetting, it’s been forgotten by now this far into the season.

5 Things to Remember:

1. 3 non-AQ teams are in the BCS top 5 rankings. This likely will never happen again!!! Not just in another season, but even after this week. Utah and TCU playing Saturday will drop another of the unbeaten teams . The non-AQ teams brought the heat this season. TCU, Boise State and Utah could handle playing any team in the nation. They’re doing their best to prove it.

2. Remember back when I said it was a matter of time before Boise started to slip back and even though talks of a national championship bid for an undefeated Boise State arose at the beginning of the season, TCU and Utah would both finish above them in the BCS rankings? Well, TCU jumped Boise State after beating a bad UNLV team in Vegas Saturday. Boise State beat up on LA Tech at home and slipped back to #4 behind now #3 TCU but still staying ahead of #5 Utah. Utah now has its foothold to launch over Boise State. If they beat TCU, the Utes would overtake the #3 spot (at the very least) and be in prime position to finish undefeated and maybe in the big dance.

3. Remember Cam Newton and LaMichael James Auburn QB and Oregon RB respectively. Why? Because they are in a staring contest right now. As 3 of the 5 remaining unbeaten teams are from non-AQ conferences, Oregon and Auburn represent so much more than their schools. They represent every BCS conference and school in those conferences. They represent the last hope for keeping a non-AQ team out of the BCS national championship game. No one will argue, including TCU, Utah and Boise State fans that an Auburn team that took out Arkansas, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, etc. and an Oregon team that beat Stanford, USC, Arizona, Oregon State, etc. don’t deserve to face each other in the national championship game. It’s when you start having 1-loss teams moving ahead of the undefeated non-AQ teams that drama arises. As long as Auburn and Oregon stay unbeaten, the BCS can avoid all that drama.

4. Remember to clear your schedule for Nov. 6th. Just as anticipated, Utah and TCU both enter their showdown unbeaten. TCU is #3 in the BCS polls and Utah is #5. Sports has a way of exaggerating every important to make it seem like the biggest game in the history of games. I can honestly say, this is the biggest college football game ever to be played. The reason is, the winner of this game stands a better chance at playing in the national championship game than any other non-AQ team before them. Neither Utah nor TCU have ever been this highly ranked mid-season, and never has either team been shown so much respect in the national media. This is absolutely 100% the biggest college football game of my lifetime and I have a ticket.

5. Remember to keep an eye on the rearview mirror if you are in the top 5. Auburn and Oregon control their own destiny, but with Alabama, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin jockeying for position, it’s possible that they could move ahead of an unbeaten non-AQ team…aka Boise State. Especially with the Nevada game being devalued thanks to Hawaii, they’re in trouble.

5 Things to Forget:

1. Forget about Texas. Baylor? I don’t wanna hear “Baylor is really good this year!” because no, they are not. TCU beat Baylor 45-10. Baylor took advantage of bad conference foes before facing Texas and Baylor’s success is a direct reflection of their conference’s failures. Oklahoma is down, Texas (UT, A&M, and Tech) are all awful, and in their down year, they can’t beat a Baylor at it’s peak.

2. Forget the Big East and ACC. Miami got smoked by Virginia. That alone, is reason enough for Miami to just quit the rest of the season. Every year it’s the same story with Miami, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, etc. That story starts out with high hopes for program success and regaining the glory days of their respective programs. How does the story end? With numerous losses to horrible conference opponents and a default Orange Bowl game that no one watches because it features two 7-5 champions from these joke conferences.

3. Forget about fairness when it comes to the rankings. Alabama lost to #19 South Carolina (who lost to Kentucky the next week) Stanford’s only loss on the other hand, was to #1 Oregon on the road, and they are ranked #13 compared to Alabama’s #6 ranking. There are plenty more examples of that; Wisconsin, Missouri, etc. When the national media decides that you are the best before the season starts, it takes a Texas sized faltering to sway them.

4. Forget the experts’ opinions. When the current #2 and #5 team in the nation started the season #25 and unranked respectively, there is obviously something wrong with their expertise.

5. Forget anything but the Utah/TCU game. I know I am a homer here and anyone who has ever met me knows this Saturday is going to be the biggest day of my life, but if you seriously sit and think about what this game means (apart from how amazing the game should be with these 2 teams anyway), you’d understand that this could alter college footbal forever. Utah busted down the BCS defense in ’04 and now, they’re fixing to storm the castle.

Remember, I think Utah will be the underdog in this matchup and will be heartbroken but not surprised should the Utes lose to the incredible Horned Frogs. That being said, forget about sending hate mail and taunting comments in my time of depression. They will be ignored.

  1. Jason says:

    Utah TCU – Biggest game ever.

  2. Tanner says:

    Alabama is ridiculous. People have more problems putting an undefeated non AQ ahead of one loss Alabama. Apparently people didn’t learn anything when the Utes smoked them. It’s a bummer Boise is playing at the same time as the UT TCU game. I gotta say Utes 34 TCU 31

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