Week 9 Predictions: BCS Top 25

Posted: October 28, 2010 by Dan Condie in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Boise State, Florida State, Louisiana Tech, Miami, NCAA Football, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford, TCU, Texas, UNLV, USC, Utah, Utah State, Washington
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Oh my, oh my, what a week we have coming up in college football! So many big games with potential to shake up the BCS race. Now, Last week was far from flawless I’ll admit. I went for a few upsets that didn’t happen and vice versa. Here’s the good and the not so much from last week

Oregon vs UCLA
LSU vs Auburn
Alabama vs Tennessee
Baylor vs Kansas State
Mississippi vs Arkansas
UAB vs Mississippi State

Oklahoma vs Missouri
Wisconsin vs Iowa (only the wining team was wrong, everything else was spot on)
Nebraska vs Oklahoma State
Iowa State vs Texas (no one saw that comin)

So, without further ado, the picks for week 9!!!

#25 Baylor at Texas – Oh man…what a dilemma I have here. On the one hand, Texas should win. On the other hand, they should have beaten Iowa State too. Baylor is a much improved team, but to this point, the best team they’ve played so far, is Kansas State. I think it would be dumb to think Texas will lose at home twice in a row to less talented teams, but…I’m kidding. Texas will win 28-24.

Utah State at #24 Nevada – I love the Aggies, love Coach Anderson, but they just do not match up well here. The Aggies could only hang with Hawaii for a little more than a quarter before it got out of hand. On the road, I think they go down to Nevada 42-14.

#22 Miami at Virginia – It’s games like these that make Miami glad they are in the ACC. Virginia has been consistently pretty terrible for a few years now. Miami wins on the road 38-24.

Kentucky at #21 Mississippi State – Kentucky has proven that it can win big games against good competition. They played well against Auburn and beat South Carolina a week after they beat then #1 Alabama. I like Kentucky on the road 21-17.

Tennessee at #20 South Carolina – Gone are the days of great football in Tennessee. They are the Washington State of the SEC. Even Vandy has a win in conference play. South Carolina wins at home 38-21.

Vanderbilt at #19 Arkansas – Speaking of Vandy, Arkansas will host them and ultimately, beat them. Even without Ryan Mallett, it’s hard to think the Razorbacks don’t have enough firepower to coast against a team like Vanderbilt. Arkansas wins 34-17.

#17 Oklahoma State at Kansas State – Kansas State was beaten last week by Baylor while Oklahoma State fell to Nebraska. Oklahoma State has way too much on offense for this game to go anyone’s way but the Cowboys’. Oklahoma State will pour it on after the heartbreaker last week and win 49-24.

#16 Florida State at NC State – Upset alert. I know the Wolfpack haven’t been extremely impressive this season, but they did start out 4-0 and did show they were capable of making big plays. That being said, if Florida State plays their game and executes well, they will win 35-24.

#15 Arizona at UCLA – UCLA was the first to expose the highly overrated Texas Longhorns, but since, have not done anything of note except lose big to Oregon last week. Although it won’t be quite as bad as last week, Arizona’s defense will prove too much for the Bruins. Arizona wins 28-13.

#13 Stanford at Washington – Well, this will finally showcase Jake Locker and Andrew Luck. Both quarterbacks are expected to be drafted in the early first round of the NFL draft next year. Both have cannons for arms and can make any throw. The one thing Luck has that Locker doesn’t? A defense that can back him up. Stanford wins comfortably 35-21.

#11 Ohio State at Minnesota – You thought last week against Purdue was ugly? Wait till you see what Ohio State does when they get their hands on Minnesota. Actually, I doubt they will outperform their 59-0 thumping they handed out last week, but lets go with that same score. It sounds about right. Ohio State wins 59-0 over Minnesota.

Colorado at #9 Oklahoma – I am so grateful for many things. For one, Oklahoma was finally exposed for the pretenders they are. Their defense looked atrocious against Missouri. Although they only fell to 9th in this week’s BCS Rankings, I believe they will find a way to fall some more. Colorado is awful and the Sooners should handle them 45-10.

#8 Utah at Air Force – I hate this game. I swear, every year, this game wil give me an early death by way of aneurism, heart attack, stroke, etc. In the 26 times Utah and Air Force have squared off, they are only separated by 19 points…TOTAL. This game is always close. Even in 2004, when the Utes were winning by astronomical figures each week, they only managed to beat Air Force by a mere 14 points. Since then, the game has been decided by 1 possession. Last year in Salt Lake, OT. This year, I’m hoping Utah can win by that 14 point margin. I’m gonna say the final score will be Utah 42-28.

#6 Missouri at#14 Nebraska – What a game! This could be the best game of the week right here. Missouri is coming off their very impressive and convincing win over Oklahoma last weekend. Nebraska is still trying to read the vanity plate of the truck that blindsided them a couple weeks ago (it says “HOOK’EM” by the way). With Nebraska putting up huge numbers in a shootout win against Oklahoma State, I think Nebraska will be playing smarter, faster, and, of course, at home. All these things combine to equal a victory for Nebraska 35-31.

#5 Michigan State at #18 Iowa – Iowa is coming off of a heartbreaking loss against Wisconsin last weekend. Poor clock management by the Hawkeyes, among other issues, gave the Badgers the “W” but you can bet that Iowa is out for blood. Michigan State, while perfect, has really only 1 marquee win under its belt. That came against Wisconsin a couple weeks before Wisconsin defeated Ohio State. Not only will Michigan State be tested to the fullest, Iowa will pull the upset 38-28.

#4 TCU at UNLV – TCU seems to have found their stride and have cruised past the last 4 opponents after struggling a few times earlier this season. UNLV lost to CSU 43-10. That’s…not good. TCU rolls 56-0.

LA Tech at #3 Boise State – Since Boise State is an attention needing, spotlight snatching media “woman of the night”, they played their game already Tuesday night…ensuring they would be the only team on that night. Too bad they couldn’t beat Louisiana Tech by 50, now they’ll inevitably be jumped by other BCS conference hopefuls. Boise State won 49-20.

#2 Oregon at USC – Normally, this would be a great game to circle. This year, it’ll only still be that game to circle if you hate USC. Oregon killed USC last year and will look to do the same this year. Nothing Oregon’s offense or USC’s defense have done so far this year make me think the score won’t be 35-7 by halftime for Oregon. Ducks win 56-28.

#1 Auburn at Mississippi – Ole Miss seems to find itself in the spoiler role quite often. Probably because they are in the SEC and every team with a winning record apparently is deserving of a top 25 spot so they face many highly ranked opponents. They blew their shot against Alabama and Arkansas the last 2 weeks but can redeem themselves here by taking out the #1 team in the nation. Then I woke up and saw Auburn had destroyed Ole Miss 42-24.

Inactive teams this week; #7 Alabama#10 Wisconsin, #12 LSU, and #23 Virginia Tech.

There you have it. Top 10 upset potential is running high this week with Oregon, Michigan State, Missouri, and Utah all facing tough opponents on the road. One thing I can say with surety, 1 will lose for sure….

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