Alright, ladies and gentleman, this edition of “5 Things to Remember and 5 to Forget” will feature the 5 games among the BCS top 25 teams that you can’t afford to miss and 5 that you can forget and just expect a blowout.

5 Things to Remember:

1. #6 Missouri at #14 Nebraska – Remember to watch this game. Both teams are coming off of huge games this past weekend. Missouri beat then #1 Oklahoma at home, and Nebraska beat then #13 Oklahoma State on the road. In all likelihood, the winner of this game will win the Big 12 North this season and can play…most likely Oklahoma, but as the standings currently sit, Baylor for the Big 12 Championship. Huge BCS implications in this game folks.

2. #5 Michigan State at #18 Iowa – Again, HUGE game as far as BCS eligibility goes. Because Michigan State does not have to play Ohio State, this game is a double edged sword. On the one hand, if they lose, Ohio State could win out and take the Big 10. Or possibly Wisconsin (even though Michigan State defeated them). On the other hand, if they win at Iowa, the Spartans will have an excellent shot at running the table and jumping the non-AQs should Oregon or Auburn lose(which is actually very likely for the Tigers).

3. #8 Utah at Air Force – Remember, in 26 games these 2 teams have played each other, 19 points separates them. Total…yeah. Both teams get up every year for this matchup. The last time either team was able to win by more than 1 possession was in 2004, when the Utes were absolutely tearing through every team on their schedule by scoring outlandish amounts of points. Even THAT year, Air Force got closer to beating the Utes than any other team that year (they only lost by 14 points). Last year, Air Force took Utah to overtime at Rice-Eccles last season where the Utes “D” had to step up big to stop the Triple Option on 4th down to win 23-16. With TCU having played the Falcons last week, Utah wil need to win at least half as convincingly to stay put or move up in the polls.

4. #2 Oregon at USC – I think every single person who follows college football knows that USC may not be clicking right now. At the same time, every person who knows college football knows that USC on reserve talent alone has the potential to beat any team out there. They have a great QB, great WRs, and always have talent on defense. You CANNOT look past these guys. Losses to Washington, Stanford, etc. aside, Oregon has a target on them and will be getting every team’s best shot. I tend to think USC is a little bitter about Oregon taking over their throne that they have come to enjoy this decade. Great recipe for a great game.

5. And…#25 Baylor at Texas – I never thought I’d see the day where it’s ranked (#25 yeah, but ranked) Baylor against an unranked Texas Longhorn team coming off a loss at home to Iowa State. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I’ll be honest. I am not counting Baylor out of this one…at the same time, I think last week against Iowa State was a little fluke-ish and Texas just can’t lose in consecutive weeks at home to Iowa State and then to Baylor. Can they? I don’t know what to believe in. Must watch this game.

5 Things to Forget:

1. LA Tech at #3 Boise State – Boise State does a few things well. Winning games, winning games at home, and winning games at home against weak WAC teams such as Louisiana Tech. This will be a massacre. And it will earn Boise another back seat to 2 BCS teams(possibly soon to one with a loss). They need to win this game 100-0 and they just might. Don’t bother watching. It’s not an accurate judgment.

2. #4 TCU at UNLV – UNLV was at the bottom of many preseason Mountain West Conference polls. This is the same conference that boasts New Mexico and CSU. UNLV wil enter this game 1-6 and will leave it a little more embarrassed and a little heavier in the loss column. Horned Frogs will put the hurt on the Rebels and possibly shut them out.

3. Colorado at #9 Oklahoma – Oklahoma is going to be a little more than upset and looking for revenge after last week’s loss to then #11 Missouri on the road last week. Oklahoma is good enough at home to beat good teams, CU should be very scared when they look at what Ohio State did to Purdue the week following their loss to Wisconsin (Buckeyes won 59-0). Colorado could get that same post loss rage from the Sooners. Forget this one. It’s Oklahoma 100%.

4. #11 Ohio State at Minnesota – Ohio State will try to notch another lopsided victory over a weak in-conference foe Minnesota. Minnesota has struggled all year, and really the last few years. Forget about this game as the outcome is going to be close to that of last week’s thumping of Purdue 59-0.

5. Vanderbilt at #19 Arkansas – Well, plenty of people have jumped off the Ryan Mallett band wagon. Even without Mallet’s play, Arkansas wil still beat a low Vanderbilt team at home. It just wont be worth watching without Mallett in the lineup. Don’t bother watching this one.

Alright guys, there ya have it. This week should feature more games with upset potential and its what keeps us on the edge of our seats as college football fans. Say what you will about the Bowl System, but you only complain after all is said and done. During the season, everyone just wants to soak in the drama of needing to go undefeated to earn a spot in the big game (huh, kinda like the NCAA basketbal tourney).

Forget about titles and non-AQ or BCS conferences, the BCS games people will remember forever are not necessarily the national championship games, but the Utah/Alabama games and of course Boise State over Oklahoma will ring in memories forever

  1. cougarfan3 says:

    I know I will be watching Boise State and Louisiana Tech. It’s the only game on Tuesday. I bet you’re pretty excited with Iowa State beating TX.

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