Estrogen Corner: Morgan – Jazz Edition

Posted: October 25, 2010 by Dan Condie in NBA, Utah Jazz
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Background on Morgan Butler – Morgan is a ballerina at the University of Utah. She has been dancing, both professionally and for college, since she was 17 years old.

This girl is the most knowledgeable girl I’ve ever met when it comes to the Utah Jazz. She, and numerous others of the females I choose to surround myself with, inspired the newest of my article ideas. “Estrogen Corner”.

I will interview these ladies on their own special sport of expertise. Here is the interview with Morgan:

Dan Condie – How do you think the additions of Jefferson and Bell will help the Jazz this season?

Morgan Butler – I’ve already been to two games this preseason plus a team scrimage where I got to really see these two in action. Jefferson’s size will give us a competitive edge that, in my opinion, is way better than what Booz gave us. Ha. Speaking of [Boozer], he is out, if you haven’t already heard. The season hasn’t even started and he is already out. Poor Jazz of the East. Anyway, Bell has already proven with our team that he knows how to play the “Sloan” way. He is a terrific player who runs the court and made a couple pretty solid 3’s in the last pre season game against the Kings.

DC – Who will be the biggest surprise player to step up this season?

MB – I am going to have to say Evans. That number 40 has got some pretty sick moves. I know it was just preseason and Sloan has his hierarchy, so Evans most likely will not get much playing time, but the kid is amazing! He is a lightweight, but fast, and can maneuver around everyone in the paint and get the ball in. Plus he has some pretty fancy shots that he was showing out there, which was impressive to see from a 2nd round draft rookie.

DC – What do you anticipate from Millsap this year?

MB – I expect some good D from Millsap. He is big and knows how to get the job done but, for some reason, the refs always get him. He always gets this face that is like, “you have got to be kidding me.” But I think the fouls are worth it. Get new refs, NBA, because Millie isn’t even doing anything wrong. What did he ever do to them?

DC – Where will the Jazz rank at the end of the year if they can keep a decent number of players healthy for once?

MB – I think we will be number two in the west. Possibly even number one. We want to stop the Lakers cause they always are going to the finals representing the West, and I’m sick of it. Always root for the underdog and that team and their leader Kobe are much too cocky for their own good! Plus, I’m convinced that if Kobe were an animal, he would be a turtle. Seriously thoug,  take a look at his face next time it’s on your HD flat screen tv.

DC – Speaking of looks, who will be your heart throb now that Kyle Korver is gone?

MB – Ronnie Price, of course. He is def[initely] the best looking. Too bad he’s married though… I guess from the bachelor list, Hayward is pretty cute. I mean, he is no Ashton Kutcher look alike, but he is an attractive guy!:)

DC – When will Sloan let Williams off his scoring leash?

MB – Well it’s his job to pass the ball and let others score. This is what makes him such a great Point Guard! He always delivers in crunch time and that’s when his scoring abilities count the most. Sloan knows what he is doing, and D Will respects that.

DC – Ok but don’t tell me you don’t get a little upset with Sloan when he acts system first, talent second and it costs the game.

MB – Yes I do get upset. I remember two seasons ago, we were in the playoffs last game against the Lakers. None of our first string players were healthy. We played bench players that whole series. When Sloan finally put Price in, he led the team incredibly and brought us forward so many points when we were so behind that game. I think that game Ronnie gained the respect of a lot of fans and Sloan himself issued a formal apology for not utilizing him more during the season.

DC – What will be the Jazz’s weak point?

MB – It’s too early to say. We are undefeated so far, so in my mind, we must be doing something right. I would say sometimes we get a little sloppy and have too many turnovers from stupid things like not paying attention. Cough…FES.

DC – Well FES shouldn’t get the ball too much I wouldn’t think.

MB – Well I feel like with as much time we have invested in him, this is his year to prove himself. Otherwise, Sloan will want him gone.

DC – Ok Morgan, what do you wanna say to about your Jazz or Kobe or LeBron? The stage is yours.

MB – The NBA should watch out for the JAZZ this season. We’re bigger, stronger, healthier and we are a threat in the West. I cannot wait to take on some of the greats like Kobe and LeBron. We have beat them in the past and we have the tools to do it again. This will be one of the best seasons yet and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

So there you have it guys. There are girls out there that are up on their sports. Hopefully this puts the spotlight on em.

If you know any ladies that are more than just a pretty face and think they would be good for the next “Estrogen Corner”, email me at


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