Week 8 Predictions: BCS Top 25

Posted: October 21, 2010 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football
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For all the faithful readers, you might have noticed that AP Top 25 changed to BCS Top 25. That is due to the fact that, like it or hate it, the BCS is the only thing that matters when it comes to college football from here on out.

Lets take a glance back to last week‘s good and not so much.

Iowa over Michigan
McNeese State vs LSU

Florida over Miss St…whoops
Air Force over San Diego State…yeah no, that didn’t happen either.
Texas A&M over Missouri…and strike 3

Not a great week last week for me so I need a rebound right here. Swingin for the stars.

This week is gonna be HUGE. Auburn/LSU, Wisconsin/Iowa, Nebraska/Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma/Missouri just to name a few. I cannot wait.

Duke at #25 Virginia Tech – The Hokies are on a tear after starting 0-2 and have worked themselves back into the top 25. Duke has quite the passing game though, and could surprise VT…but I don’t see it. Hokies win 38-24.

UAB at #24 Mississippi State – Mississippi State is coming off a huge win over Florida last week. UAB has been able to outgain Mississippi State, yards-wise, but Miss St. has actually outscored UAB so far this season. Hopefully for Florida, Miss St. doesn’t slip this week. Miss St. 28-21

Mississippi at #23 Arkansas – Luckily for Arkansas, the 2 hardest challenges on their schedule (Alabama and Auburn) are behind them. Unfortunately for Mississippi, that also means Arkansas wins this game 35-21.

#22 Kansas State at Baylor – Upset alert! Both teams enter 5-2. Baylor hasn’t looked great this year, but they are improved. Because they are at home, I give the edge to Baylor 28-27.

#21 South Carolina at Vanderbilt – South Carolina has hit a speed bump here and there, losing to both Auburn and then upset by Kentucky just a week after beating #1 Alabama. They win on the road 31-14.

Syracuse at #20 West Virginia – These 2 teams, on paper, are almost identical on offense, averaging the same amount of rushing yards per game and within 15 yards of each other’s passing average. Gotta favor home field advantage. Mountaineers win 28-24.

Iowa State at #19 Texas – Its been a rough couple weeks for the Cyclones, losing to Utah 68-27 and then to Oklahoma 52-0. Texas on the other hand, is on a rebound right now, finding itself back in the top 25 after a 2 game skid ousted them. Texas should win easily here 38-10.

Washington at #18 Arizona – Arizona took a step backwards losing to Oregon State 2 weeks ago. They were able to rebound, but Washington seems to have found their groove, beating both USC and Oregon State the last 2 weeks. With home field advantage, I think Arizona’s defense can keep Washington in check. Wildcats win 31-24.

#16 Nebraska at #14 Oklahoma State – I didn’t see OK State coming this season. Through the first few games, Oklahoma State hadn’t beaten anyone great. Well, here’s their chance. We’re gonna see what type of team they have this week I think. I give the edge to the team that’s averaging 49.5 points a game…that’s OK State. Cowboys win 28-27.

#13 Wisconsin at #15 Iowa – Oh man, this should be quite the game. Iowa’s only loss came in a game where 3 big plays for Arizona equated to 3 TDs and Iowa couldn’t complete the comeback. Since then, they’ve been great. Of course, Wisconsin is coming off a huge victory  over then #1 Ohio State last week. I think Wisconsin will have enough sense not to let it go to their heads with a loss under their belts already. Iowa wins a close one 35-31, possibly on a last second play.

Washington State at #12 Stanford – I gotta say, whenever Washington State shows up against a top 25 team, and that’s quite often with how the PAC-10 is playing this year, I only concern myself with HOW bad they’re going to lose. Because they’re at Stanford, I think the damage will be somewhere in the neighborhood of Stanford winning 45-17.

Purdue at #10 Ohio State – I would really hate to be the Boilermakers this week. If you saw Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel’s face while Wisconsin had the Buckeyes behind the woodshed, you’d agree with me. Because of the hell week of practice that face foreshadowed, Purdue will be spending Saturday afternoon behind Ohio State’s woodshed. Buckeyes win 38-14.

Colorado State at #9 Utah – This will be Utah’s last cupcake of the year before hitting the Air Force, TCU, Notre Dame, and San Diego State gauntlet. This will be a great opportunity for Utah to put up gaudy numbers and grab attention before hitting that stretch. The Utes have Vegas’ respect as the Utes are a 31.5 point favorite. (The Utes were only 23 point favorites against a much worse New Mexico team). Utah wins easily 42-17.

#8 Alabama at Tennessee – Last week, Alabama started its comeback tour by beating Mississippi. Tennessee hasn’t looked great, and if Alabama can look as good as ’08 Florida did, after losing to Ole Miss, they might make a case by the season’s end for a National Championship bid. Bama wins 38-10.

#7 Michigan State at Northwestern – Northwestern started the season 5-0 but were obvious pretenders as they lost to Minnesota a couple weeks ago. Michigan State has beaten quality teams and should walk through Northwestern 35-14.

Air Force at #5 TCU – Keep an eye on this one. “But Air Force lost to San Diego State last week!” Pipe down. Air Force was the one team last year, during the regular season, that almost beat TCU. Although I think TCU can handle Air Force’s rush game, (TCU held BYU to -1 rushing yards in the first half) they could find themselves losing to a ticked off and highly motivated Air Force team. TCU should win 28-24.

#6 LSU at #4 Auburn – This is gonna be a rough day for LSU. I’ve said from day one, LSU has a great defense. Their offense is garbage. Beating Florida 2 weeks ago suddenly doesn’t seem like such a big accomplishment as the Gators have lost 3 straight. Auburn has the type of offense that can score on anyone. I think the Auburn Tigers win 28-21.

UCLA at #2 Oregon – I think Oregon got shafted with Oklahoma jumping them in the first BCS rankings. Oregon may not have played as hard of an out of conference schedule as the Sooners, but they also haven’t had as many games be decided by a 1 possession score…0 in fact. Oh, and what’s the lowest score Oregon has registered through 6 games? Yeah…42 points. And that was a game where they struggled against Arizona State, against Stanford, 52 points. Yes, UCLA is in big, big trouble. Oregon wins this one at home 56-17.

#1 Oklahoma at #11 Missouri – Another battle of unbeatens here. Oklahoma has showed that they are able to play challenging out of conference games, so, for that, I must give credit. That being said, beating Utah State by 7, Air Force by 3, and Cincinnati by 2 does not merit the #1 rank in the nation. Best case scenario, Oklahoma beats Missouri, Missouri loses to Nebraska, Nebraska loses to OK State, OK State loses to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma loses to Missouri in the Big 12 Championship. That way, it’s utter chaos and Oklahoma gets knocked off RIGHT before the national championship. Got that? Sooners win 42-35.

Inactive this week: #17 Florida State and #3 Boise State.

There ya have it. Leave comments on upset picks of your own.

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