First BCS Rankings Released: Another Soapbox

Posted: October 19, 2010 by Dan Condie in Boise State, BYU, NCAA Football, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, TCU, Utah
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Ok, so the first rankings came out for the BCS polls and not only are people yapping about the Utes at #9 being too high, but Boise and TCU got jumped by Oklahoma.

The argument against Utah is that they have not played anyone great. Utah might not have played any great teams but they are hanging 50 points a game on the teams they do play. The national media doesn’t have issues kissing Boise’s butt for doing the same thing. They won a close one against a struggling Virginia Tech team themselves. Pitt hasn’t been what they were expected to be, but neither have a lot of past great teams.

Utah, TCU, AND Boise State could play with any of the big teams and they’ve proven it. TCU and Boise got shafted last season having to play each other in the Fiesta Bowl, but I think that game showcased 2 of the best teams in the nation and the score showed how evenly matched they were 17-16.

BYU and Utah blasted Cal and Oregon State in their bowl games. I’m glad Utah will finally ascend to the platform of staying in the top 10 discussion with a loss to your name.


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