It’s a bad time to be the #1 team in the country. Alabama goes down last weekend, and then, Wisconsin beats up on Ohio State in Madison.

Wisconsin was able to hold Terrelle Pryor to below average numbers rushing and throwing. He threw for 156 yards and ran for another 56. He had 0 TDs and 1 INT. Oregon should find itself securely atop the AP polls come Sunday morning. No better way to take advantage of Ohio State’s show of vulnerability.

But the Buckeyes were not the only vulnerable top 5 team, it appears. Nebraska also failed to get the “w” when they hosted the Texas Longhorns.

Texas was able to contain Huskers QB Taylor Martinez all game long. Martinez, who averages close to 150 rushing yards per game, was held to just 21 yards rushing. Along with that, he was limited to 63 yards through the air. A smothering performance from the Longhorns’ defense.

To round out the top ten upsets, South Carolina lost a heartbreaker in Kentucky. Kentucky went up 29-28 on a 4th and 7 conversion TD pass from Mike Hartline to WR Randall Cobb. They then converted the 2 point after to go up 31-28 with 1:15 left to play.

South Carolina stormed down the field and got the ball to red zone and well within field goal range. With 10 seconds left, they had time for just two more plays.

Steve Spurrier will never be accused of being conservative. Instead of running the ball on a draw play, in order to center the ball for the game tying, overtime-forcing, field goal, the Gamecocks threw to the endzone for the game winner. And it was…for Kentucky. DB Anthony Mosley intercepted the ball and the Kentucky Wildcats were the victors.

Other noteworthy upsets this week; Miss St. over Florida, Hawaii over Nevada, San Diego State over Air Force, and Washington over Oregon State.

Auburn and Arkansas had themselves a good old no-defense shootout. Auburn came out the winner 65-43. Game note- Ryan Mallett exited the game with an injured knee in the first half.

Non-AQ, BCS hopefuls TCU, Utah, and Boise State all beat up on their respective cupcakes this week.

Boise State hammered San Jose State 48-0.
TCU crushed BYU 31-3.
Utah handled Wyoming 30-6.

After this weekend, there should be a lot of movement. 3 top 10 teams lost and there were 6 upsets in the top 25 overall. What better time for ranking disarray, than the first weekend of BCS rankings? Many experts are expecting Boise to claim the #1 rank in the first poll.

Through the first 7 weeks, here is my list of the best 10 teams in the country, ranked in order of talent as a team;
1. Oregon
2. Boise, TCU, Utah
5. Auburn
6. Alabama
7. Michigan State
8. Oklahoma
9. Wisconsin
10. Ohio State

I can’t wait for a big week 8 that will feature LSU/Auburn, Wisconsin/Iowa, Air Force/TCU, and Oklahoma/Missouri. Watch for the week 7 edition of “5 Things to Remember and 5 to Forget”


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