Oh my my my what a week in college football. Upset after glorious upset. Lets see if we can find a way to shake out 5 things to remember and forget.

5 Things to Remember

1. Remember, Oklahoma took the #1 spot in the first BCS rankings this week. Lets see how long they can stay there with that target. They already have close calls against Air Force, Cincy, and Utah State. Oklahoma State and other Big 12 competition should be able to knock em off. If not, Oklahoma will be one of the most overrated teams to play in the national championship game and the uproar will be crazy.

2. Remember, if Arkansas can put up 43 points on the board and lose by 22, Auburn, playing with that offense, cannot be stopped.

3. Remember, Boise State destroyed San Jose State and Ohio State lost. Sounds like a perfect situation for Boise right? You’d think so. But no. Oklahoma and Oregon are now ahead of the Broncos. Get used to the leap frog act Boise.

4. Remember how Florida, USC, and Texas ruled the charts the last decade? Yeah, now, nowhere to be found.

5. Remember Alabama is now in prime position to pull an ’08 Gators by lossing while ranked high and  working their way back into the national championship game. ESPN and the rest of the national media love them enough to get the hype going.

5 Things to Forget

1. Forget about the Cornhuskers finding themselves back in the national championship. Their season of dreams is ended once again by the Longhorns. Could Nebraska still win the Big 12? Absolutely. But forget the NC.

2. Forget Boise in the National Championship. I thought they might, might have had a shot with big teams going down. But with voters willing to jump Boise State as if they aren’t there…Nevada was their last chance and that’s ruined thanks to Hawaii of all teams.

3. Forget “fitting the mold and reloading skill positions” at BYU. There is a direct correlation between BYU’s offense production and Robert Anae’s (offensive coordinator at BYU) willingness to adapt his offense to the team he has now. I realize that rebuilding the offense and creating new schemes and looks to match your strengths and weaknesses sucks…but so does your team right now. Start playing BYU football! It’s sad a Ute fan is needing to voice this.
(and don’t tell me it’s inexperience working the kinks out. BYU’s defense was far worse off than the offense and we all saw what happens when you do your job. I’m looking at you Bronco)
4. Forget about looking ahead the next few weeks if youre Utah. I realize the 5 game stretch of Air Force, TCU, Notre Dame, San Diego State, and BYU is coming up after CSU. But…the Rams dropped 43 points on UNLV last week, a number the Utes fell short of by 5 when the Rebels came to town. Utah will absolutely win the game against CSU if they play to 80% of their potential. But we don’t want a repeat of the ’08 New Mexico game right Utes fans?

5. Forget about the ACC and Big East. Holy cow these guys are not on the radar. At the rate we’re goin in college football conference trends, there will be 3-4 non-AQ teams, that by the BCS rules,  qualify for an at-large BCS bid.

Something to remember this week is that it’s only good to lose early in the season if your gonna lose. Voters have 4 week memories and will forget to look at the overall season. This is, in all likelyhood, the last week a top 2 team could lose and make it back.


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