Oh man, what a week! I love college football.

This week had so many shake-ups and big stories, the articles are basically writing themselves.

5 Things to Remember

1. Utah DESTROYED Iowa State. They put up 68 points. Methodically, they ran successful drive after successful drive, while the defense picked 2 passes, and the special teams return squad was unstoppable. Utah is looking like a top 5 team right now. Remember the date Nov. 6th. This is when TCU comes to Salt Lake.

2. Remember 2008. Florida lost to Ole Miss and tore through their remaining schedule to battle back from a #9 ranking to beat #1 Alabama in the SEC championship game and beat Oklahoma in the National Championship game. If Alabama can win out from here, with a lot of help from teams ahead of them, they could end up in the same position. Just remember.

3. Remember newly named #1 Ohio State has to play #18 Wisconsin next week in Madison. This will be the second big test for Ohio State this season (Miami in week 2 was the 1st). Also, ESPN Gameday will be there.

4. Remember Michigan State shut down Denard Robinson. Michigan State has won the last 3 meetings between the rivals. The Spartans’ one big remaining challenge will be playing Iowa on the road Oct. 30th.

5. Remember Florida State has only one loss this season to #6 Oklahoma. They have BCS aspirations now that their biggest conference challenge Miami is in their rearview mirror. Look for the Seminoles to make a huge splash in the ACC.

5 Things to Forget

1. Forget Utah State making a bowl game if they lose one more game. I really thought last week’s victory would carry over into their game at LA Tech.

2. Forget about a clear cut winner by season’s end. There are probably 4-5 teams that can reasonably end the season undefeated. Could get interesting.

3. Forget about USC. They won’t need to argue their bowl eligibility when you’re talking Emerald Bowl range.

4. Forget about a non-AQ team playing in the National Championship game. Voters have showed they are willing to play the jumping game. Oregon, and Nebraska have already jumped TCU. Just Oregon has jumped Boise State but will likely stay there.

5. Forget about Michigan finishing in the top 25 if they can’t get back to the offensive production they had the first 4 weeks. They still have Ohio State’s defense and Iowa’s as well. Its gonna be interesting watching the rest of the Wolverine’s year.

Remember not to punt the ball, kickoff to, or even let Utah’s return men touch the ball, or you can forget anything but the name on the back of the jersey.


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