Its ok Iowa State, you’ll be alright buddy…

Posted: October 10, 2010 by Dan Condie in Alabama, Iowa State, NCAA Football, Nebraska, TCU, Texas, Utah
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Man, that kills. How do you explain away a 6 touchdown loss?

Utah came into Ames, IA after their bye week. Iowa State was coming off of a huge 52-38 victory over conference foe Texas Tech.

I’ll admit, when I saw what Iowa State did to Texas Tech, I was a tad concerned….I shouldn’t have been.

Utah is the best team in America week 6. Period. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what you think. You find me a team that’s performance outshines Utah’s, this week. Is Iowa State the caliber of Alabama? Absolutely not. But did South Carolina absolutely destroy Alabama on the road? No. They beat them comfortably by playing a perfectly executed game…at home.

Utah, adversely, stumbled out of the gate with clear and obvious bye week rust, fumbling on their first drive and throwing an INT a few drives later. Both those turnovers equated to Iowa State touchdowns. Yeah, half their points were given to them and Utah was trailing 14-10 after the first quarter.

You can argue all you want that this win is not as impressive because Iowa State isn’t a high caliber team.  The fact of the matter is that Iowa State is clearly capable of winning games against good teams. The fact that Utah can beat a team like that more efficiently  than against past, weaker opponents on the road says numbers about how good this team is. The Utes have now put up so many points in every game so far this season that if the Utes scored their current average points per game every week, their opponent could score 48 points, and they would lose. But not only do they have the most scoring-capable team, but they are top 10 in points allowed as well.

Every single aspect of this Utes team is phenomenal. Find a weak spot. I dare you. The punting issues…fixed. Shaky’s issues…can you say heisman campaign? Even the kicker is flawless on FGs and PAs.

The best part about this victory, is that it sets a perfect standard for judging the Utes. Iowa State goes to Norman next week to face Oklahoma. I would bet every single possession I own that the Sooners don’t beat Iowa State by 6 touchdowns. Iowa State will also face Texas and Nebraska. See if Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska can put their 3rd string offense and defense in the 4th quarter.

The scary thing for everyone else on Utah’s schedule is that Utah has yet to play to their potential. They always leave some gas in the tank or hit turnover speed-bumps. Lets hope Utah plays that best game against TCU on Nov. 6th.


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