Week 6 Predictions: AP Top 25

Posted: October 7, 2010 by Dan Condie in Air Force, Alabama, Arkansas, Boise State, Florida, Florida State, Miami, NCAA Football, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford, TCU, Texas, USC, Utah, Wyoming
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Last week was pretty rough. The upsets I didn’t pick, happened. The upsets I did pick, didn’t.

One upset called right – Washington over USC,

Upset called incorrectly – Texas over Oklahoma

Scores called closely – Nevada over UNLV, Michigan over Indiana, Oregon over Stanford, Boise State over New Mexico State, and Miami over Clemson.

Week 6 features 23 of the AP top 25 teams. There will be 4 games with both teams ranked in the top 25. Many teams will be facing the first really challenging team on their schedule this week (Utah, Michigan, and LSU).

Without further ado, week 6 predictions…

CSU at #25 Air Force Academy – CSU is…uh…bad. Air Force, the nation’s #1 team in rushing yards this season, (just ahead if both Oregon and Michigan) should not have any problems rushing on the nation’s 11th worst rush defense. In fact, this one had the potential to end ugly for CSU. Air Force should roll 42-17.

Colorado at #24 Missouri – I was very unimpressed with CU until they edged out a win against Georgia, with A.J. Green, last week. Similarly, I haven’t been impressed by Missouri either. I think the Buffs will continue on their streak and win 28-24.

#22 Oklahoma State at ULL – Oklahoma won a nail biter against Texas A&M last week. Louisiana-Lafayette is much worse than that Aggies team and Oklahoma State rolls 35-10.

San Jose State at #21 Nevada – Nevada will finally know what it feels like to be Boise State, benefiting from playing a weak schedule while staying ranked. Nevada should destroy San Jose State 63-14.

Minnesota at #20 Wisconsin – Wisconsin definitely got exposed last week against Michigan State but should be licking their chops to face Minnesota. Although this game classifies as a rivalry, Wisconsin should handle the Gophers 31-21.

#17 Michigan State at #18 Michigan – This is going to be a great game. Michigan is going to need an amazing offensive performance in order to even have a remote chance of winning this game. Their defense has proven already to be weak against much worse offenses than Michigan State’s. I believe in the Wolverines this season. I think Michigan wins in the “Big House” 49-35.

USC at #16 Stanford – USC was completely exposed and embarrassed by Washington last week. Stanford list to a legitimately better team in Oregon. I think Stanford will have a chip on their shoulders the rest if the season. Stanford wins 31-24.

#23 Florida State, at #13 Miami – Miami’s defense has been impressive thus far. They handled Pitt’s offense without problem and last week, beat Clemson. Miami wins this one 28-21.

#12 LSU at #14 Florida – LSU literally escaped last week against Tennessee. LSU fumbled the snap as the clock hit 0.0 against the Volunteers, losing the game…but wait! Tennessee decided to field 13 players and give LSU a second shot on the play. The rest is history. Florida had miscue after miscue I’m the red zone last week against Alabama. Look for them to look mean against LSU. Florida wins 21-17.

#11 Arkansas at Texas A&M – This game will showcase 2 great offenses but Arkansas has too much. Arkansas wins this game 35-28.

#10 Utah at Iowa State – Utah will face its first challenging team on the road. Iowa State put up 52 points on Texas Tech last week. Utah is the best team in the country in points for vs points against ratio. I think if the Utes don’t lose the turnover battle by more than 3, they will win. Utah 45-16.

Oregon State at #9 Arizona – Arizona’s defense is top notch. They are especially good against the run. They shut down Cal’s great run game and had their bye last week. If they can perform like they did against Cal, the Rodgers brothers shouldn’t be too much to handle. Oregon State will win, though, 24-21.

#8 Auburn at Kentucky – Auburn has faced a few challenges this season with Clemson and most notably, South Carolina, who I feel is highly overrated. Cam Newton is the real deal though. Kentucky will quickly learn that. Auburn rolls 35-17.

#7 Nebraska at Kansas State – Kansas State surprised a lot of people with their win over UCLA  in week 1. They are the most under the radar 4-0 team out there. But they also aren’t they great. If Nebraska from the first 3 weeks shows up, the Huskers win 42-17.

Wyoming at #5 TCU – After 2 rough games on the road against SMU and CSU, TCU will be happy to be back home. Especially now that other teams are starting to jump them in the rankings. TCU needs a strong performance this weekend so that voters don’t start losing faith. And with Utah on their heals, they need these conference games to be even more impressive. TCU should win easily enough 42-21.

Toledo at #4 Boise State – this could get ugly fast. With Oregon jumping them I’m the polls this week, look for Boise State to massacre Toledo to prove a point. Broncos win 70-10.

#3 Oregon at Washington State – The Cougars don’t have a chance here. They should be a little scared. Ducks fly away with this one 56-14.

Indiana at #2 Ohio State – If Indiana thinks they’ll be able to put up 35 points like they did against Michigan, they are in for a rude awakening. Ohio State has a mobile QB like Michigan, but its defense is head and shoulders above the Wolverines’. Buckeyes win 38-17.

#1 Alabama at #19 South Carolina – Alabama has clearly established itself as the #10th team in the country after they handled then #7 Florida 31-6 last week. South Carolina could pull a surprise but I don’t think so. Alabama wins 31-21.

So, that’s that. Nebraska starts the weekend off against Kansas State tomorrow night. Hopefully I’m not blindsided with too many upsets this week.

  1. Tanner says:

    Speaking of top 25… What do you think about BYU and San Diego State this week?

  2. Dan says:

    Tanner, the newest article gives my take on that game. Kind wondering why you prefaced your question with “speaking of top 25…” I can only assume you were talking about San Diego State because BYU is bottom 50

  3. cougarfan3 says:

    Exactly. But BYU is probably worse than 50 hah.

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