Its time again! Even though there’s no Thursday game featuring a top 25 team, I figured it would be ok to do the predictions every Thursday morning regardless.

Week 5 is all about “5”. 5 games with both opponents in the Top 25, 5 ranked teams have bye weeks, and it’ll be 5-0 for a lot of champion contenders.

As always, let’s reflect on last week‘s predictions.

First off, the “not so much” picks. Gladly, I’m in good company with these. First and foremost, UCLA at Texas. Yikes. Way to show up Longhorns.

Miami at Pitt was another unexpected outcome. I thought Miami would win but good grief. Miami’s defense is outstanding.

PEAY at Ohio State was interesting. I guessed the spread pretty much dead on, but missed the scores by 2 TDs each.

Now, the money picks from last week.

Penn State vs Temple, Ball State vs Iowa, Stanford vs Notre Dame, San Jose State vs Utah, and the crown jewels from last weeks picks, Oregon at Arizona State and TCU vs SMU.

Without further ado, this week’s picks!!!

#25 Nevada at UNLV – I’d like to extend a special welcome to the Nevada Wolf Pack into the top 25. It’s been a little over 50 years since they were last ranked. Im hoping they can stay for a while and beat Boise at seasons end. For now, let’s just focus on this week. Nevada wins easily 42-21.

Virginia Tech at #23 NC State – NC State based on the last few weeks? Or, Virginia Tech based on tradition, talent, and hype? Russell Wilson (NC State QB) is the real deal. NC State wins 31-28.

#19 Michigan at Indiana – It may be a battle of unbeatens, but Indiana has beaten nobodys. Worse than that, they’ve beaten nobodys unimpressively. Michigan wins comfortably 42-28.

Washington at# 18 USC – This is it. This is the week USC falls out of the top 25!!! Washington desperately needs a victory right now or they’re done. After being completely embarrassed by Nebraska in the 56-21 loss (at home), Washington has had time to to just sit and get more angry. You lose to BYU by a mere 6 points after blowing your lead and comeback drive, only to watch them go 0-3 their next 3 games. You get trashed by Nebraska in your own house, then watch them struggle against South Dakota State AT HOME! Trust me, Washington has something to prove and they better do it this week, or roll over. Washington wins 42-35.

#22 Penn State at #17 Iowa – Man tough game to call. Both teams are 3-1 with tough road losses to ranked opponents. Penn State hasn’t been impressive enough to give a road win to. Especially when Iowa lost a fluke game to overrated Arizona. Iowa wins 35-17.

#16 Miami at Clemson – If Miami brings the defense from last Thursday against Pittsburgh to Clemson, they will be leaving 3-1. Miami 38-21.

Tennessee at #12 LSU – LSU’s offense hasn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders but with their defense, firing on 2 or 3 has earned the “W”s. The same holds true this weekend as the face the awful Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee needed double-OT to beat UAB at home. LSU gets the “W” 31-10.

#11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State – Michigan State almost snuck into the Top 25 unnoticed, except for their thrilling victory over Notre Dame in OT in South Bend. I thought Wisconsin looked weak early this season and thought this could be the first opponent to turn that weakness into the Badgers’ first loss. However, I don’t care if it was PEAY, 70-3 is rape. Wisconsin wins a close one 35-31.

Louisiana-Monroe at #10 Auburn – A funny thing happens in the SEC that doesn’t happen anywhere else. Auburn was ranked #17 last week heading into their game at then #12 South Carolina. SC was greatly overrated but because they are in the SEC, that happens. Well, after the #17 ranked SEC team beats an overrated #12 ranked SEC team, they move inexplicably to #10, becoming the next overrated SEC team. Fortunately for them, ULM lacks the talent to expose that fact. Auburn destroys 42-13.

#21 Texas vs #8 Oklahoma – I doubt the Red River Rivalry has meant less in the last 10 years. Both teams are rebuilding (not reloading), both teams have ranking mistakes (Texas should be high teens at season’s end while Oklahoma is lucky to be ranked). #8 is a joke. And not a funny joke. Not even a pity laugh joke. A #8 ranking for this Oklahoma team is that offensive, baby-killing, puppy drowning, get fired from your job for uttering it at the water cooler type joke. The saddest part is that beating Texas proves NOTHING, yet, the media will praise them and push the National Championship campaign should they win. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Texas should win 31-28.

#5 TCU at CSU – CSU is garbage and will finish 2-10/3-9 at best. TCU rolls the Rams 49-10.

#9 Stanford at #4 Oregon – Man! This game is going to be electric. Stanford has the defense to slow Oregon and the offense to score a lot of points. But can they put those things together at Autzen Stadium? I don’t believe they can. Oregon wins 42-31.

#3 Boise State at New Mexico State – Boys and girls, this is the first backward step Boise State will take this year in the rankings if Oregon beats Stanford (unless Boise can win 100 to -50). Boise State will win 63-6.

#2 Ohio State at Illinois – This will be OSU’s first road test. It will also be their first road victory this season. Ohio State wins 35-17.

#7 Florida at #1 Alabama – Anyone else have the chills? I thought so. This is like early Christmas! You know Coach Meyer and the Florida Gators have had one single thought since last December and that’s October 2, 2010. They will have their shot at revenge for being beaten handily by the Crimson Tide last season in the SEC conference championship game. The Gators spent the entire season, prior to that game, ranked number 1 and they are improving quickly this season. Alabama just might be too strong on defense and they win 35-24.

There you have it. Can’t wait for week 5 football..

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