Its getting harder to find things to remember so I’ll dig deep.

5 Things to Remember

1. Remember Oklahoma beat Utah State, Air Force, and Cincinnati by an average of just 4 points and is ranked #8 in the nation. Im not convinced yet.

2. Remeber Texas went 36 straights poll releases ranked in the top ten before falling this week to 21 after being embarrassed by UCLA.

3. Alabama better remember that they aren’t out of the woods yet. They may have beaten Arkansas, but they have to deal with Urban Meyer’s Gators next week.

4. Remember that Utah has beaten its last 3 opponents by an average of over 41 points per game. Yeah…that’s just margin of victory. Their offense averaged 50 points over those 3 games as well.

5. Remember that this is the AP top 10 teams along with the (currently) ranked teams remaining on their schedule;
1. Alabama- 4
2. Ohio State- 4
3. Boise State- 1
4. Oregon- 3
5. TCU-  1
6. Nebraska- 1
7. Florida- 3
8. Oklahoma- 1
9. Stanford- 3
10. Auburn- 3

5 Things to Forget

1. Forget Oklahoma in the top 10 next week. They have to play an angry and embarrassed Texas team that has eaten their lunch 4 out of the last 5 years.

2. Forget about Arizona winning the PAC-10. They have to play @Stanford and @Oregon in November.

3. Forget about Boise State for the next 7 weeks as the most talented team they will play in that span will be Fresno State at home. After that, they end their schedule playing @Nevada and finishing with Utah State at home. You can remember them then, once 5 teams have jumped them.

4. Try hard to forget BYU’s record. They should win the rest apart from TCU, Utah, and possibly Utah State if they still have unanswered questions with their offense and defense.

5. Finally, forget about parity in the former Big XII. It’s Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma. No Missouri or Kansas threat in the North. No Texas Tech or Oklahoma State threat in the South. I don’t think we’ll see a national championship contender come from the former Big XII this year. Unless Nebraska gets back to their game.

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Watch for” Q&A with Utes Safety Brian Blechen” coming soon.


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