Equal rights? Pump the brakes…

Posted: September 23, 2010 by Dan Condie in NFL
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I understand this topic (to avid sports fans and women’s rights activists) has been beaten to death this week, but I thought it was worth writing about.
I want to preface this article by saying I am 100% behind equality, diversity, all of those things. That being said…
Recently, there has been an uproar in the media regarding an incident in the New York Jets’ locker room following their Monday night loss to the Ravens where a reporter was disrespected. Although she admits nothing sexual was said, there were cat calls, ogling, and whistling from players.
The media uproar was obviously split on the topic and if you happen to be blind and missed the picture above, go ahead and scroll up…yep, that’s the reporter.
Her name is Ines Sainz and that outfit she’s wearing, if you google her name (which I do not recommend), is not only her occasional dress but a very modest picture of the woman. Which is what media members, taking the players’ side, are using as justification for the incident.
Now, I think we can all (men and women) agree that Sainz dresses provocatively…interesting that the base of that word is provoke, which is exactly what happened! Her outfit provoked a response. Does that justify her being disrespected? No, absolutely not. She, and all other women, deserve respect like anyone else. I just think her reaction is surprising. This woman clearly knows how she looks to others, particularly men.
The issue that got the most uproar in the sport community was whether or not women reporters should be allowed in the locker room after games (yes, men are naked in there).
On the one hand, you have those who think that players being forced to walk around in front of the opposite sex, while naked or indecent, is a violation of their rights.
On the other hand, you have people of the opinion that because it’s their job to get a postgame interview, not allowing women reporters into the men’s locker room is sexist and the women reporters should be treated the same as the men.
To those people, I say this. Sports is an area in life where things are not equal and never will be. Im sorry! That’s just the way it is. And to the people who scream for equal rights and treatment in sports, you’re full of it!
You absolutely do not want equal treatment in sports, and I intend to shed light on that.
You want equality across the board? 100%? Fine. Starting 2012, women athletes will now be required to qualify with and compete against the men in the olympic tryouts. I would have said “in the olympics”but not a single female would qualify. And by the way, if you find that statement to be wildly inappropriate and untrue, I challenge you to find an olympic event that is identical for both women and men, (400M dash, boxing, high jump, etc.) Where the women’s record is more impressive than the male counter-part, and I will gladly retract it.
But why stop at the Olypmics? WNBA? Gone. All women’s college athletic teams with corresponding men’s teams? Gone. Same teams in High Schools and down? Gone. The only female athletes that would have an advantage are pubescent 6th grade girls that tower over the boys.
I understand and agree that this is not equality. Why? There are biological differences in men and women that allow for athletic discrepancies. Which is why the WNBA champion Seattle Storm (bet you didn’t know that) would lose to the New Jersey Nets 200-30 (assuming the Storm hit 10 long 3 pointers).
The same is true of the locker room. There are biological differences that come into this equality question. Think the locker room situation is unfairly advantageous for men? Challenge the postgame interview protocol so that interviews are only permitted outside that setting. Or, interview them on the field, court, etc. or at the press conference after the players are dressed.


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