5 Things to Remember and 5 to Forget: Week 3

Posted: September 19, 2010 by Dan Condie in Air Force, Alabama, Boise State, BYU, Florida, Fresno State, NCAA Football, Nevada, Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford, TCU, Utah, Washington
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This week definitely shed more light on teams truely talented and those who were faking. After sifting through all the games and news, here’s week 3’s 5 things to remember and 5 to forget.

5 Things to Remember
1. Remember only 2 teams in the top 25 lost this week, and one of those losses was to a ranked team. Looks like either everyone in the top 25 had an easy team, or the voters are getting it right! We’ll see.
2.  Remember Ryan Mallett, Arkansas QB. The guy can ball. He led a perfect drive in the last minute of their game at Georgia Saturday to win 31-24.
3. Remember to play defense Michigan!!! Michigan has a new feel. They are no longer the typical Big Ten smash and run type team. These guys are fast! But they aren’t gonna score 40+ a game on Big Ten defenses but they will put up 40+ on what Michigan calls their defense. Clean it up Rich.
4. Remember the Nevada Wolfpack. This is by far the best offense in the WAC and best team on Boise State’s schedule. By the time Boise State plays them, at Nevada as well, the Wolfpack will have faced and probably beaten Cal, BYU in Provo (not an easy task), and Idaho & Nevada on the road.That’s a lot of experience against good teams and I doubt Nevada will be intimidated by the Broncos (who could be top 2 by their meeting).
5. Remember next week’s marquee games include Oregon State @Boise State and Alabama @Arkansas.

5 Things to Forget
1. Forget about Notes Dame’s return to prowess. Improvement…yeah it seems like they are better than with Weis but at 1-2 with Stanford coming next week, yikes.
2. Forget overrated Iowa.
3. Forget about a non-QB winning this year’s Heisman trophy. With Robinson, Locker, and Mallett in the conversation, its almost a lock.
4. Forget anyone but Oregon winning the PAC 10 this year.
5. Forget the TCU/Utah/BYU trio at the top of the MWC. Air Force has taken BYU’s spot this season.

In closing, remember personal hygeine or forget your social life.


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