5 Things to Remember and 5 to Forget

Posted: September 12, 2010 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football
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After an amazing week 2 full of blockbuster games, upsets, and solid performances, it’s time for 5 things to remember and 5 to forget.

*5 Things to Remember
1. Remember the name Denard Robinson. Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez finally found his Pat White, or should I say Michael Vick. This kid is a record setting, offensive fireball. Look for him to lead Michigan to contend for the Big 10 championship.
2. Remember the Air Force Falcons’ triple option. Last week, BYU came into Colorado Springs for their conference opener. Just a background, BYU eats Air Force’s lunch every year, winning by an average of 19 points since 2006. Well, not this year. Air Force put up 409 yards rushing and absolutely flattened the Cougars 35-14. They threw down a 59-0 shut out the week before and look very good.
3. Remember James Madison High School (sarcasm) beat Virginia Tech….at Blacksburg, VA. Also remember that this is the same “great” Virginia Tech team that Boise State beat last Monday night and was regarded as the most challenging game on Boise’s schedule. Now at 0-2, Boise State’s win doesn’t seem half as impressive.
4. Remember #1 Alabama has not given up a TD so far this season. Look for them to continue that streak @Duke next week.
5. Remember not to let Miami(FL) or Oregon players field punts. They will burn you and it will cost you at least 6 points.

*5 Things to Forget
1. Boise State can forget about their chances of playing in the national championship game (and forget every one of the #1 votes they got last week) unless Virginia Tech wins the remainder of their games 50-0.
2. Forget about Michigan’s slump. This offense is explosive and “Rich-Rod” has his QB.
3. Forget all Big 12 teams outside of Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Wish I could say otherwise but it seems losing star players has little affect on these teams.
4. Forget the ACC (specifically Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida State, and UNC)
5. Forget a Mark Ingrahm repeat as a Heisman candidate let alone winner.
But most importantly, remember, it’s only week 2 so forget about what you think you know cuz the landscape of college football can change at the drop of a hat.

Written by Dan Condie


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