Rantings of a Crazed Ute Fan

Posted: September 8, 2010 by Dan Condie in Boise State, BYU, NCAA Football, Pittsburgh, TCU, Utah
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Ok, so I’ve been thinking more and more about how the Boise State Broncos ranking could possibly be a good thing for the University of Utah football team.
I can’t tell you how bitter I was hearing the praises of out of conference, indirect rivals, Boise State on sports radio, ESPN, deseret news, everywhere!!! The hype built around the Boise State vs Virginia Tech game skyrocketed when the rankings placed Boise State at #5 and #3 while Virginia Tech was #6 and #10. ESPN hyped the game for obvious reasons (contracts with Boise State and airing that game on the open stage of Monday night…) really guys, we want the games over by Saturday so we can speculate starting Sunday. Don’t hang games out just for money.
After Boise State beat Virginia Tech, every reporter and sports talk show hosts’ opinions were pro Boise State (whether or not they believed they would/should play in the national championship game) The majority of the upper ups are downing the Boise koolaid saying they are the best thing to ever happen.
So how could this be a good thing for the Utes? Well, let’s take a look at 2008 and 2009.
In 2008, Utah and Boise State both ended the season undefeated and were neck and neck in a race for the BCS at large bid. They were at times literally 1 spot apart. But, Utah edged Boise and they had to settle for the Poinsettia Bowl against TCU (each team would have represented the non-AQ teams well in a BCS bowl)
Then, in 2009, Boise State STARTED the season ranked higher than any other non-AQ team in the low teens. They had BYU jump them after just one game, BYU having beaten the preseason #3 Oklahoma Sooners in week one. BYU couldn’t hold after a loss to Florida State week 3 but TCU beat Utah at home and BYU on the road in Provo and that earned them a higher ranking to end the season than Boise State. They finished #4 and #6 respectively before the Fiesta Bowl.
You following me here? If everyone is saying Boise State is good enough to play in the national championship game and then the Utes run the table? (I am 100% aware of how difficult and unlikely that will be given the calibre of talent..) BUT… that’s why its called speculation.
IF the Utes run their table, that includes TCU (equal to or more talented than the Virginia Tech team Boise played), Pittsburgh (equal to the Oregon State Beavers talent) but then add a better looking Notre Dame AT south bend (way more difficult than ANY remaining teams on Boise’s schedule, Air Force AT Colorado Springs, and of course, the in-state rival and offensively reloaded BYU team.
There is absolutely no way an undefeated Boise team outranks an undefeated Utes team. And everyone is already saying (whether they support it or not) that Boise State will play in the NC If they finish in the top 2. Well, they’re at 3 right now and already getting #1 votes after winning a close game against a #10 Virginia Tech team and the Utes just beat a highly touted #15 Pittsburgh offense with a reloaded defense.
I just REALLY hope that Boise wins out sitting where they are now….until Utah loses a game, then ill cheer for their demise again.

Written by Dan Condie


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