My BCS Soapbox

Posted: September 7, 2010 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football, Utah
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Utah had to bust the BCS first (hardest accomplishment ever considering you HAD to be ranked top 6 as a non-AQ team).
That paved the way to Boise getting a chance in 06. They weren’t as dominant as the Utes a couple years before but they were exciting and raised that much more attention for the non-AQ conferences.
So much so, that everyone overrated the non-AQ teams and let an average Hawaii team into the BCS. What happened? They got KILLED by Georgia and everyone says “See?! Non-AQ doesn’t belong” then Utah has to claw back AGAIN without hype or respect and they outdo the first time beating a national champion calibre Alabama Crimson Tide. And the cycle starts all over again but this time bigger than the cycle prior. Utah busts and paves the way for Boise State who wins a close game against a good team that probably should have beat them (oklahoma and then tcu) and ESPN goes crazy and the media and coaches overreact by ranking a team way too high the year after. It all starts with Utah when it comes to non-AQ and the BCS but Boise State rode the coat tails to the NC and that is why I am bitter.
Boise State is not a BCS buster. Utah busts the BCS, Boise State is a coat tail rider. Both years Utah busted the BCS, they were ranked above 20th (unranked in 2008). Its not busting when you’re ranked #3 before you play a snap. That’s my soapbox

Written by Dan Condie


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