Josh McDaniels

Posted: September 4, 2010 by Jeff Craig in Brett Favre, NFL

On my day off this week, my wife came home from work and saw me in my Broncos hat. It was a gift that her little sister gave me for Christmas last week, I wear it all the time. She looked and me and smiled, and said, “Wow, that gift was right on the money for you.” To which I responded, “Oh yeah, I’m a die hard  Broncos fan, and I bleed orange and blue. The only other sure thing for me is that I’ll die a BYU fan too.” (Don’t worry, not another post about BYU)

The Denver Broncos have finished their preseason play, 1-3. Not a great record but that is pretty much unimportant seeing as the Lions finished 4-0 and then in the regular season didn’t win a game two years ago. What I am interested in is new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, and what he brings to Denver. My favorite quality is the quarterback guru-ness that Denver fans can’t live without. We had Elway for years, and if it means trading away our first string QB and WR, we’ll get a QB that can preform. I love what McDaniels did this year in bringing in a 3 headed monster at QB, because it insured competition for first, second and third team QB’s. Say what you will about Tebow, but I think he’s a QB genius, and knows what he’s doing.

I also love the fact that he is NOT Brad Childress in the matter. Sorry, not to knock on bald guys that sport mustaches, but I think Brad Childress is going to get fired at the end of this season no matter how well the Vikes do.  Looking at the offseason, the Vikings had opportunities to draft a big named quarterback, and instead they traded out of the first round. Okay, I can deal with that, there was alot of question about this years quarterback class, and most GM’s don’t have the nerve to risk a QB like Tebow (Josh did though). He also had a chance to get McNabb, which would have been a pretty good move in my opinion because he 1) Wanted to go to the Vikes, and 2) Isn’t turning 41 this season. Nope, Childress put all his chips on a QB who didn’t even want to come back, and made a spectical of the locker room in the process.  McDaniels is the opposite. Not only do I love the football knowledge he brings to the team, but you would never, in a million years, see him grovel, or put anyone else above the team. In fact, he’s gone to great lengths in order to make sure the team is the highest priority for everyone.

I know there’s alot of speculation about the Broncos, and we have been injury ridden, but I’m telling you, it’s going to be a big season this year. We found some young talent this year in the draft, and are going to pull some (what will be known as) Vintage Josh McDaniels with a surprise season again. Stay tuned.


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