…and the winner is……

Posted: August 28, 2010 by Dan Condie in BYU, NCAA Football
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No one. No one wins.
One of the biggest stories in the BYU off-season has been who would fill the shoes of hate rant legend Max Hall. The reason this story has been so big falls mainly on the fact that the 2 competing for the job are so evenly matched.
Contestant #1 – Riley Nelson. Riley’s credentials are fairly solid. He played #2 to Hall last year as a sophomore and did a great job going 7-10 for 99 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT but more impressively, rushed for 122 yards (att unknown) and 3 rushing TD’s.
Contestant #2 – Jake Heaps (aka Max Hall Jr). Heaps was the #3 high school recruit at the QB position in the 2009 class. Many expected him to start as a true freshman because let’s be honest, this is the best recruit BYU has ever landed. He is however unproven in college play and BYU could benefit a lot by starting Nelson and having Heaps ride the pine and gain knowledge of the system while saving a year of eligibility by red-shirting him.
Either way you look at it, there are basically an equal number of points on the pro and con sides of starting each player.
Through camp, Heaps seemed to be more productive, yards-wise, but also threw for more INT’s than Nelson. Like I said, Max Hall Jr.
So camp ends (and funny enough, by this time, the QB battle is the least interesting of all BYU rumors/stories) and Coach Mendenhall needs to name his starter. Drum roll please…..ba da ba da ba da bum!!!
Both! BYU will use both QB’s in their system. Riley Nelson will take the first snap and then Bronco Mendenhall will have effectively tipped all the defenses they will face on how to defend BYU’s offense. Just look at the QB.
“who’s in at QB? Nelson? Great! Stack the box. Oh now its Heaps? Nickel package.”
Well, at least no one can blame Mendenhall for hurting anyone’s feelings. Church basketball with the 12 year olds. Everyone gets to play!

Written by Dan Condie

  1. Zach Barney says:

    Dan I love ya bro but this is obviously biased. Pretty sure Utah had the same thing going last year…

    Heaps is great, but not the Ys best recruit ever. That would be Ben Olsen. The total bust who transferred to UCLA. He was not only the number 1 qb but number 1 recruit in the county…

    • Dan Condie says:

      Dude, you thought that was biased, you should have read the uneditted version which delved deeper into reasons why Jake Heaps deserves the nickname Max Hall Jr.
      I call Heaps the greatest recruit BYU ever got for potential reasons. Just like any talented point guard and power forward in Sloan’s system will get huge assists and points respectively. Heaps will flourish in BYU’s system like Utah turns out defensive ends and line backers.
      And no, Whittingham said he would NOT use a 2 QB system and would start either Cain or Wynn. He started Cain and stuck with that choice for 7 games. Wynn never played a snap before taking over as starter against wyoming in the second half. Not the same situation.

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