6 Days!!!

Posted: August 27, 2010 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football, Pittsburgh, Utah
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6 days Utes fans!!! I am so utterly stoked for the beginning of this 2010 football season I can’t see straight.
Recently, I was listening to the local radio talk show “Bill and Spence” (on ESPN radio KALL700 AM weekdays 2pm-6pm) and they got on the topic of irreplaceable players. They went back to Alex Smith being the most irreplaceable in ’04 but posed the question “who, of the Utes line-up is most irreplaceable. I went through the Utes offense and defense and honestly could not think of one single player. Bill suggested that he thought Justin Taplin-Ross (S) would be the most irreplaceable.
I think that’s definitely as good a choice as any but brings up a great thought. Although the Utes will have a few positions that are unproven like the line backers or even elite like the defensive line and running back core, injuries to single players in any group will not destroy any of them. Hurt, but not destroy.
The Utes start their 2010 campaign at home against the Pittsburgh panthers Sept. 2nd.
Pittsburgh will begin the season ranked 15th in the AP. Utes enter the season ranked 24th in the coaches poll and unranked in the AP. I can’t help but compare this season to the 2008 season. (its a great standard)
Like 2008, the Utes will start the year against a prestigious BCS school in Pittsburgh. Contrary to ’08, this season opener will be at home against a much higher ranked opponent.
Similar to ’08, Utah will face conference rivals BYU and TCU at home in November.
Between those games though, Utah will face a likely much improved Notre Dame team at South Bend.
And finally, another similarity to 2008 is that I did not think at the beginning of the season that the Utes would go undefeated. Here’s to being pleasantly surprised again!
Go Utes!

Written by Dan Condie


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