No News Is Good Grief

Posted: August 23, 2010 by Dan Condie in BYU, NCAA Football
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Well?! We’re waiting….
Rumors seem to be the theme this summer. In all honesty, as a writer, I love it. All the speculation and rumors give me a constant topic.
Its been almost a week since rumors and “news” about BYU going independent leaked. The end of last week was a media frenzy full of “news” from quoted “sources” and yet I can’t help but notice, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.
As an avid college football and especially Utah Utes fan, I consider myself fairly invested when it comes to rival BYU. I believe BYU going independent is a great move for them. Risky, but overall smart.
Its known that the faces of the MWC overall are easily Utah and BYU. Utah has had the greater peaks the last decade as far as national spotlight goes. On the other hand, BYU (excluding the Crowton years) has had arguably the more consistent success in the same span.
Now, with Utah gone, BYU is left the loan ruler of the MWC….but they seemingly don’t want the title, and for good reason.
BYU stands to make a lot of money breaking off from the pack and broadcasting through ESPN and BYU-TV. We have heard every argument as to why they should/shouldn’t go independent. But the longer it goes without any news regarding BYU’s decision, I find myself wondering if maybe the WAC crumbling is what caused the delay, or if its actually Utah State’s surprising loyalty and declination of the MWC invite to join for the 2011 season that’s causing BYU’s silence.
As previously mentioned in the “aggies save the day” article, I’m thinking the MWC, BYU included, expected Utah State to accept the invitation to join the MWC along with Nevada and Fresno State, making the MWC 12 teams strong and in position to make a bigger BCS splash.
Its now being said that Utah State is trying to work its way back to an invite into the MWC (which leads me to believe the WAC has thrown in the towel)
All I know is that SOMETHING is holding decisions back and I’m ready for some solid news on the situation.

Written by Dan Condie


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