BYU Pumps the WAC Brakes

Posted: August 19, 2010 by Dan Condie in Boise State, BYU, NCAA Football
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Written by Dan Condie

  1. Brad Randall says:

    BYU seems to have single-handedly destroyed the dreams of 2 conferences?

    Oh, Daniel, I’m sorry but you are gravely mistaken in that request, and the article you posted proves that more and more.

    As a Utah fan, I’m sure it’s hard to see that Utah’s abrupt move to the Pac-12 was what caused the scramble we are in now. With the joining of Boise State in the MWC, the MWC actually held barganinig and a political potential of becoming an automatic bid conference. However, with the departure of Utah, all political chips and appeals were practically thrown out the window, As noted in an ESPN article yesterday by Andy Katz. I am happy that Utah was able to make the move, don’t get me wrong. They have had a strong program and deserve a shot.

    However, the potential of BYU Football becoming independent is a bold move that has the potential to really bring some added exposure and additional money to the program. The notion that BYU has destroyed two conferences is wrong because negotiations with Nevada and Fresno took place before BYU even released they may go independent. The firestorm between WAC and MWC started months ago with Boise State, not with BYU.

    Is it the best decision for BYU to go independent right now? I can’t say that. However, considering the snub from Pac-10 and the inevitable fact that an automatic bid to the BCS for the MWC is most likely 5-10 years away, if at all, how can you blame a program for wanting to get a bigger piece of the pie?

    The real goat in this scenario is the BCS, not BYU. Utah moved to the Pac-10 because of the BCS, BYU may leave the MWC because of the BCS. That is my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it my friend.

    Yours truly,

    Cougar Blue Fan Brad 🙂

  2. Dan Condie says:

    Brad, thanks first of all for the input. And in reply to your comments, I’ll say this,..
    I know its hard for you Y fans to use logic as most all debates regarding BYU end in a reference to a season 26 years ago but first, Utah did not start the scrambling as you put it. Utah’s move did not shatter any conference. Some of my more “special” BYU fans seemed to think Boise state made up for losing Utah and put the MWC back on even footing.
    Second, BYU hinting at independence is what triggered the MWC inviting Nevada and Fresno state as a counter move to strengthen the MWC and weaken the WAC and make it more appealing to stay. Just as they did bringing Boise state as a precaution for Utah leaving for the PAC-10.
    You can sit there and say Utah is to blame because BYU are a bunch of followers and just reacted to Utah’s moves but their move is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The MWC without Utah but with Boise state is still relevant. Without Utah AND BYU? Not so much.
    And the WAC with Utah state, Hawaii, LA Tech, New Mexico state, San Jose State, and Idaho is a poor excuse for a conference that BYU will likely want no part of now that Fresno and Nevada are gone (and that’s the Y’s fault)

  3. Dan Condie says:

    When all is said and done, BYU does not care about football. BYU does not care about money, BYU does not care about the BCS. BYU cares about exposing the Church’s name and beliefs and would cut the entire athletics department at the drop of a hat if it thought somehow it didn’t benefit the Church. The only thing that kept BYU tied to a conference was Utah. Now that they’ve left. BYU’s athletic department can coast on my tithing.

  4. Jeff says:

    Well, the WAC is praising BYU right now so I guess the term, “destroyed 2 conferences” is relative. BYU last week told the WAC their plan to move independant and join the WAC. The WAC accepted, and BYU warned them that if they do this, the Mountain West will try to snag some more of their talent. So the WAC turned around and suggested that to keep the conference together they create (for lack of better term) 5 Million dollar early exit fee. All teams unanomosly agreed, verbally in the conferences. (Verbal agreements are binding contracts except in real estate, Dan can tell you that one.) Therefore, the exiting Nevada and Fresno St. teams owe 5 mill a piece to the WAC, thanks to BYU. Pretty sure the WAC commissioner would not agree with the arguement that BYU has ruined them. Pretty darn sure.

  5. Austin Nilsson says:

    Dan, your last post was right on, except for the tithing part. The athletic department and all athletic scholarships are totally self-funded. BYU has a ton of wealthy boosters. They sell out a 65,000 seat stadium. They make a ton in merchandise. If they go independent, they stand to immediately make more money, not less. Tithing doesn’t enter the equation.

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