BYU’s “Decision”

Posted: August 11, 2010 by Jeff Craig in BYU, NCAA Football

BYU QB's compete at fall camp

It is that time of year again. College football fans are coordinating their work schedules’ with College GameDay’s lineup, and football players wakeup to the smell of fresh cut grass on the football field.
The season is just a couple weeks away, and football practice is underway. BYU fans have been waiting since last December to find out who will be taking this year’s snaps.

As far as anyone can tell it’s been whittled down to two finalists, Jake Heaps, BYU’s prize prep recruit, and Riley Nelson, from Cache Valley Utah.
The coaching staff at BYU has said for months that the best player to lead this team will play, and if the race is too close to call, than it’s always a possibility that they rotate two quarterbacks during the season. BYU has a rich tradition in quarterbacks, and this decision is definitely not being taken lightly by anyone. To break it down, let’s look at each QB.

1st Riley Nelson, the Utah State transfer who played behind Max Hall last season. He has a few good things going for him. For starters he’s got more reps under his belt as far as college football goes.  Also, he’s a scrambler quarterback, who moves well on his feet. Seeing as how we lost star running back, Harvey Unga, this could be a great help towards our ground game, that needs all the help it can get.  Plus, being older, one would assume that in a pressure game against Florida State or Washington, would have the maturity and confidence to lead the team to victory.

2nd Jake Heaps. He’s no secret weapon of BYU’s. This kid can play. He’s a little bit smaller than your average quarterback, but you gotta admit, this guy has a gun. Plus, he’s the reason we even had such a great recruiting class this year. With such a young team in place, it would be smart to let him start leading them to victory and earning their trust. I know he’s just a freshman right now, don’t forget about Matt Barkley’s season last year, with a nice little win over Ohio State. Freshmen have something to prove which could turn out for the better. Plus, starting this kid for 4 years, he could break Ty Detmer’s career passing yards record, which I think all BYU fans would like to see happen (we of the new generation at least).

You want my opinion? As much as this pains me to say, (especially cause my wife is a Logan-ite) Heaps is the answer to our BCS Busting problems. Giving him the extra reps as a freshmen could pay out big dividends in the future for BYU. All the hype surrounding this kid, would also help our case in the BCS battle. Also, the philosophy I would go by as a coach would be that putting in a freshmen QB, would create an extra need for the rest of the team to step up, and they could develop other weapons (like defense) to win games, other than just a gun slinging quarterback and a couple good receivers.  I say put Heaps in, and watch a winning team emerge from the rear view mirrors of TCU and Boise St. as the leading non- AQ teams.


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