“Favre”-rum Shocking

Posted: August 5, 2010 by Dan Condie in Brett Favre, NFL
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First Round of Retirement

Let me throw this out there…is anyone in the entire world surprised about the Brett Favre news lately?

News leaked that Vikings QB Brett Favre sent a text message to select teammates stating “This is it”.

THIS IS IT?! This text message obviously means that Brett Favre is retiring! Send out all field reporters to Mississippi! Get every person Brett Favre knows on the phone for an interview! And for the love of all things NFL, create a page on ESPN.com exclusively covering Brett Favre’s every movement and let’s call it “Brett Favre Retirement Watch”.

Come on people. I understand it’s your job to cover sport stories that the people are interested in but we’ve been down this road before.

Not only did the text turn out to be highly controversial (Favre denied sending any text message and teammates now plead the 5th regarding said text)

Since 2003-04, Brett Favre has used retirement as a bargaining chip (and used it well). The fact of the matter is that Favre does not want to attend training camp. He had one of the best statistical seasons of his 19 season career (and that’s saying a lot) after not attending any type of preseason camp last season. Why on earth would he all-of-a-sudden decide that this off-season would be any different.

The man is holding out (whether his recovering ankle would restrict him from action or not) until the last possible minute. Why? Because he can.


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