A-Rod hits 600 (On a more exciting note, I found 3 dollars!!!)

Posted: August 5, 2010 by Dan Condie in MLB, Yankees
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Alex Rodriguez Hits 600th HR

Lets face it, apart from avid Yankees/Rodriguez fans, no one is excited for A-Rod’s 600th HR.

Rodriguez had been sitting on 599 HR’s for upwards of 50 at bats. It seemed like people were more excited each time they got the news that he had gone “HR-less” that outing than when he eventually did hit big 600 and we all know why.

Last season, Alex Rodriguez admitted to previously using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) early in his career (for heck knows how long).

Gone are the days where we sit on the edge of our seats while the Mark McGuire’s and the Sammy Sosa’s step up to bat to break hitting records. With all the exposure and scandal involved with MLB players, the sports audience does not trust a record set by anyone who played in the “steroid era”. Every achievement is under a microscope. Behavior and actions scrutinized and questioned. It certainly doesn’t help that sites like facebook and twitter have given everyone 24/7 access into the lives of athletes.

ESPN’s coverage of Alex Rodriguez’s at-bats and HR-less streak seemed to dominate the baseball discussion whether it was TV, radio, internet, whatever. And now that he has hit #600, no one cares and they [ESPN] have moved on to the next full-time-coverage-worthy story, Brett Favre.

Through all of this, the sad thing is that I bet A-Rod is happier about the fact that he doesn’t have to see the headline “Still 599” than he is about reaching the milestone.


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