Boise State: The MWC Busters!!!

Posted: August 3, 2010 by Dan Condie in Boise State, BYU, NCAA Football, TCU, USC, Utah

A long overdue congratulations is in order.

Boise State Community College has been the winningest football team in the FBS over the last decade. They have busted the BCS bowl party twice (tying Utah’s previously set BCS record of 1-0 and then 2-0 respectively).

They have a non-human home record of 59-2 as well as the uncanny ability to match their uniforms almost exactly to the blue turf they play on (which I am positive has nothing to do with their home record).

Boise State year in and year out dominate their WAC schedule that features such heavy hitters as San Jose State, New Mexico State, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Utah State, and other conference foes that fill the warm up game spots for the Utah’s and BYU’s and USC’s of Div. I.

To their credit, though, they always seem to be able to get that one good win against a legitimate team in a BCS conference to give ESPN analysts something to cling to while they justify Boise State’s rankings throughout the year.

Speaking of ESPN, they love to take the small town nobody’s out of Boise and make them famous for each little victory since the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. With the highlight reel of unbelievably risky plays late in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma, who wouldn’t want to revisit that team and keep an eye on whether or not we see another outrageous game.

In fact, Boise State reminds me a lot of Vince Carter. Carter was always extremely talented and high octane on the court. With his beastly leap-frog dunk over 7’2″ tall French center Frederick Weis in the 2000 Summer Olympics and his dominating performance in the 2000 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, Vince Carter was a super topic when it came to basketball.

Boise State has been deemed the “poster child” for non-AQ BCS busters, which I can only attribute to the highlight reel ending of the Oklahoma game because they have been far less than dominant in their BCS history winning both games by a combined margin of 8 points. Hardly impressive when put up against, oh…I don’t, let’s say Utah’s BCS record of 2-0 winning those games by a combined margin of 42 points, 66-24 (averages out to be 21 points per win).

Well congratulations Boise!!! You’re football prowess (and only football prowess) has earned you an invite into the MWC. You’ve crashed the top non-AQ Conference party!!! Good luck playing 2 perennially top 25 ranked teams in TCU and BYU each year. Those might be a little bit harder than Fresno St. and Nevada but we’ll see what you do with the opportunity.

And I can say in all seriousness and with complete sincerity, I hope you slap BYU around every year.

Good Luck!

  1. Austin Nilsson says:

    Pet peeve of mine: adding up point differentials from different years against different teams is about as close to irrelevant of a statistic as there is. In your example, you’re saying Utah beating an 8-4 Pitt team in ’05 is better than beating 10-2 Oklahoma in ’07, because it was “more dominant.” While I will say Utah got robbed and had to play the most boring bowl game ever (I even went to it), Boise pulled out one of the most incredible upsets ever. Sports is the entertainment business, and boy did they entertain!

    I give them credit for just winning. Yeah, their conference is full of “warm-up” schools….but last I checked, the majority of the MWC fills that same role. They struggle to schedule quality opponents because no one wants to play them, because when they do, BSU usually wins.

    Which is a total flaw in the VC argument. VC is a guy who hasn’t ever won anything besides a dunk contest. He crumbles under pressure, disappears under the bright lights. Boise always comes through in those situations. They are the opposite of Vince Carter.

    • Dan Condie says:

      The reason I add point differentials is not to compare the 2 teams individually but to show pure dominance in bowl appearances. At no point in either of the Boise State BCS games was the game out of reach. Boise State had to come back from being behind late in the 4th and then against TCU had to fend off the comeback score through the 4th quarter. Both games went to the bell.
      Utah’s dominance in both BCS games were such that the games were done after the 1st quarter. And while I do agree that 8-4 Pitt team was less than impressive, apart from Florida, you won’t find a more impressive team than the Crimson Tide from ’08 and we man-handled them as well.
      The Vince Carter reference was merely to demonstrate that both he and the Broncos gained popularity from acrobatic and athletic stunts and gimmicks. Although Boise State has used that fame to continue in the spotlight and Carter hasn’t, the comparison is still fair.

      • Austin Nilsson says:

        The VC comparison still doesn’t hold, in my mind. Didn’t MJ elevate to fame using “theatrics”? He didn’t win a championship until year 6, so what made him famous before that? No, they aren’t the MJ of college football, but Boise’s rise to fame and performance under bright lights is closer to His Airness than VC.

        The main reason Boise gets more hype and is the “poster child” is not a conspiracy against Utah, but simply because they have always had the best shot at playing in a BCS game because of their conference. BYU, Utah, and TCU all have to play each other, so it is way more up in the air. Whereas with Boise, you can ride the wave all season because you pretty much know they won’t lose. I mean, if you had to hedge your career and your business on one team last year, who would you have picked at the beginning of the season?

        Utah was breaking in a lot of new faces and had BYU, TCU, and Oregon on the road.

        BYU had to play Oklahoma, so they were ruled out in preseason just for that.

        TCU was the safest MWC pick, but they still had to play BYU, Virginia, and Clemson on the road.

        Boise had Oregon at home….and that’s it.

        So who would you pick? Boise all the way. It’s a business decision, that’s all.

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